Stranded Deep
  • Ironman2
    Kijött a 0.11,új craftolható Shelter (The Forest),az alvás funkció is bekerült,figyelni kelll ezentúl a fáradságra is,mert ha lemegy akkor lelassulunk,néha nem árt aludni egyet,vagy pihenni (ez csak arra volt jó hogy lassítsa az amúgy sem gyors játékmenetet).A vizesüvegtől,és a késtől amit alapból kaptunk el is búcsúzhatunk,craftolni kell őket is! Van már viztárolónk is,és lehet füstölőt készíteni a hordóból,belerakni az ételt,és lassan romlik meg (ARK:Survival Evolved)

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    Ezúttal láthatjuk magunkat is kivülről,és a testrészek is kölcsönhatásban vannak tárgyakkal,természettel.Az óránkat is körbejárhatjuk,elég bizarr lesz majd a törött,és fertőzött kezet végigjárni.D
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    0.10 is kijött azóta,én ma meg is vettem a gamét.Ezúttal már lehet farmolni is a szigeteken!

  • Caliph
    simán kipróbálnám
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    Egy lány megtapasztalta milyen egyedül túlélni egy szigeten:

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    Régen volt szó erről a remekműről,ma jött ki a 0.0.9-es változat! Egyébként van már a játékban pályaszerkesztő is,elég komoly,van mentés rendesen,ablakok,ajtók is vannak már,és a mai nap jött a vitorlásépítés lehetőség! Ez viszont sokat dob az utazáson.Természetesen nem lesz könnyű megtalálni az alkatrészeket hozzá!!

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    Hi guys,

    The latest experimental build (0.04.E2) is now live with a a lot of fixes for bugs found in the initial upgrade process. All the UI has also been moved over to Unity's native UI system now. We're mid-way through integrating SpeedTree as well so all the foliage visuals are WIP and a bit broken at the moment.

    Stay Alive!
    :: Beam Team

    0.04.E2 CHANGE LOG

    Bug Fixes
    Watch – Fixed watch screen not rendering.
    Input– Fixed input menu key bindings setting to “None”.
    UI – Fixed scaling for different aspect ratios to scale proportionally to any resolution now.
    UI – Fixed missing gradient from controls.
    UI – Started cleaning up and optimizing hierarchy to reduce draw calls.
    Urchin – Fixed material rendering without transparency.
    Wollie - Fixed material rendering without transparency.
    Cloth – Fixed rendering as pink from missing shader.
    Rain – Fixed rendering as pink from missing shader.
    Raft – Fixed jittery raft when paddling.
    Ocean – Fixed foam lighting error with additional lights.

    WIP and New Content
    Steam – Started to add in functionality to support Steam stats and achievements. The “days survived” counter on the main menu should now display correctly after you save the game from now on.
    Shadows – Added grass and foliage shadows for “Ultra” quality setting.
    Shadows – Increased resolution for “Ultra” quality setting.
    UI – Converted inventory UI to new UI system.
    UI – Converted general HUD elements UI to new UI system.
    UI – Converted notifications to new UI system.
    UI – Converted watch UI to new UI system.
    Lighting – Moved ambient lighting LUT creation offline.

    Pink Shaders – There may be a few pink shaders about. Feel free to post them in the bug reports section, EXCEPT for objects that are obviously meant to be glass. We haven't written a glass shader compatible with the new BRDF yet.
    Shaders – A few objects are missing their proper normal and specular maps. We’re in the middle of consolidating all our shaders at the moment, so we’ll be getting to them. ALL tree and foliage shaders are not complete or plain broken. We’re working on tying these up asap.
    Shadows – We’re seeing some annoying artefacts with the shadow system we use. We’re looking into it.
    UI – All the UI has been moved over from our old system to UGUI. All of the UI elements are works in progress, but are functional.
  • Ironman2
    Bejelentették az experimental változatot,állítólag steamról tölthető is!


    How to Opt Into the Experimental Branch

    1. Open Steam and go to your games library.
    2. Right click on Stranded Deep and select "Properties"
    3. Navigate to the "Betas" tab and select "experimental" from the combo box.
    4. Close the properties window.
    5. Done :)

    Stay Alive!
    :: Beam Team
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  • KiruHoshino
    Köszi. Már kérni akartam :D
  • Ironman2

    SPOILER! Kattints ide a szöveg elolvasásához!

    ezentúl itt keressétek,ne zaklassatok vele priviben!


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  • Ironman2
    0..03 update:

    Bug Fixes
    Cloth – Fixed spelling mistake in description.
    Cloth – Fixed bug with crafting trigger not activating.
    Paddle – Fixed a bug with paddle buoyancy flying to the surface.
    Foundations – Hard to replicate but hopefully fixed Items falling through foundations. Time and player feedback will tell with this one. Only other thing is possibly destroying order of things?
    Context Menus – Fixed context menu spam and using items when closing menus spam.
    Context Menus – Fixed a bug with the context menu interacting collider.
    Context Menus – Fixed a bug where constructing combos options were getting cut off with a long list.
    Crafting – Some improvement made to lag when equipping a hammer to switch between building and crafting modes with large collections and buildings. There’s a lot more work to be done here, but it should be better.
    Building – Improved foundation collisions. You can now walk underneath foundations and place on rocky terrain. This does allow the ability to do silly things like placing structures inside rocks, so beware.
    Doors – Fixed shipwreck door collisions.
    Doors – Fixed all door colliders moving player when opening.
    Medical Supplies – Fixed bug with infinite medical supplies.
    Airtank – Players seem to be a bit confused with this one so we reworked the functionality to make it less confusing and more consistent. Previously, the airtank had a set capacity and would refill your air deficit. Now it just has a set number of uses so make sure you get the best out of them.
    Fire Spit – Now displays the attached cookable’s name.
    Ocean – Fixed a bug where the ocean would turn red during weather events.
    Trees – Fixed a bug where cut down connected tree trunks where loading back as logs not trunks.
    Doors – Door model now indicates which way the door opens when placing.
    Steps – Building materials have been adjusted. Previously the steps were a ‘luxury’ item. Now they are a requirement for accessing second stories, so the material requirement has also been adjusted. Steps are now 4x stick, 2x Rope.
    Beds – Reduced size to fit inside a single foundation.
    Bubbles – Fixed bug where bubble markers were disappearing.
    Shipwrecks – Plane shipwreck now has bubble markers.
    Boat Motor – Fixed fuel gauge only updating when boat motor was running.
    Player – Changed crouching mechanic. You now have to hold the crouch key to remain crouched.
    Bucket – Fixed the “portal/stargate” bug.
    Coconuts – Fixed a rare occurrence of a missing reference.
    Whale – Fixed constant whale noise spam.
    Crabs – Fixed a bug where crabs weren’t being parented to the right node for re-centering and saving.
    Boat Motor – Reduced the lawn mower’s volume from 0.7 to 0.4.
    Effects – Fixed a bug with incorrect god rays appearing underwater (big orange blob).

    New Content
    Sea Forts! – You can now explore a series of connected sea forts/military bunkers that provide great shelter and can contain various loot and supplies. Sea Forts are procedurally generated in the sand plains biome. Please note that we are working on a much more improved billboard system for the future so sea fort transitions may be jerky/sudden when loading biomes at this stage in development.
    Multistory Building! – Official multistory building. This system is a work in progress and is in alpha stage and will be constantly evolving. There are currently a very few edge cases with unrealistic placements that will get cleaned up as the system progresses and finalizes. There’s no limitations on stories for now, so we can’t wait for the mega tower screenshots! We’ll be incorporating things like structural material limitations and more advanced destruction in future updates.
    Interacting – New mechanic for interacting with objects! To interact with interactive objects like campfires, consoles and containers, hold the left mouse button down momentarily when the new interacting icon appears. Similarly, the crafting context menu icon has a new look.
    Clicking with the left mouse button will use your current item on the object you’re looking at, as normal.
    This mechanic opens up the ability to be able to destroy interactive items like campfires and doors, which has not been possible until now.
    Steps – Steps functionality has been changed. When placing, you can rotate the orientation of the stairs to point in the direction you want. However, stairs can only be placed adjacent to a foundation.
    Windows – You can now craft a Windowed Wall
    Torch – The torch functionality has now changed. When found, it will be permanently equipped and can be toggled with the torch key (default is [R]). Any torches that already exist in the game world will be destroyed, so you will have to find a new one for this to take effect. Please note that this will eventually be incorporated into a left hand item, so don’t worry die-hards - no floating torches here ;)
    Player Audio – A variety of new unique player character effects.
    Fish Trap – You can now craft a functioning Fish Trap. At the moment it only catches fish, but we will expand on this in the future with crabs, crayfish, etc. What fish you catch is on the environment and where you place the Fish Trap.
    Bucket – The bucket can now collect rain water.
    Easter Egg – Small “Land Shark” related easter egg.
    Crafting – You can now toggle whether the crafting highlight is displayed for increased immersion.
    UI – Some UI redesign is in progress so some things may look a little different and incoherent. We’re playing around, seeing what works so it’s all still a work in progress at this stage.
  • Bohusek
    Lehet, hogy igazad van, én minden esetre a 0.02(H1) vrzióban nyersen etetem túlélőkémmel a krumplit és nem lesz rosszul tőle, hanem két krumlitől egy osztást emelkedik a jólakottsági szintje, igaz nem tart sokáig. Talán épp ez lehet a különbség a sült és a nyers között, hogy meffig tart a hatása.
  • Bohusek
    Üdv, Ha a hátizsákod nincs tele (tab) akkor javaslom, klikkelj egy üres cellára. Ekkor nem lesz előtted semmilyen tárgy, amit fogna a karaktered.
  • Ironman2
    Igen,meg kell már sütni a krumplit is.Idáig nem kellett,de most már igen
  • sárkánylovag
    Tibbor írtam privibe olvasd el.
  • sárkánylovag
    ÁÁ Találtam hozzá magyar videót is.

    Az tényleg igaz hogy a nyers krumplitól beteg leszel ?
    Mihez kell az hogy üres legyen a kezed ?
  • Tibbbor
    Még csak tegnap próbáltam ki a játékot. Azt melyik gombbal lehet elérni, hogy ne legyen semmi a kezemben, de nem a tárgy eldobására gondolok.
  • sárkánylovag
    Na majd este kiprobálom köszi
  • Ironman2
    F gombbal!
  • sárkánylovag

    Van ennek a videonak 4 része én ebbol tanultam meg mindent a játékrol
    FOLEG hogy már most ossze lehet rakni a motoros csonakot
    Az oras kezet milyen gombbal hozod elo ?
  • Ironman2
    0.02 HOTFIX!

    0.02.H1 CHANGE LOG

    Bug Fixes
    Bed - Fixed disappearing beds. The disappearing bed bug was actually a blessing in disguise. This highlighted a rather large problem of an edge case where a biome’s items weren’t being saved properly. So a big problem has been fixed for not only the beds but every item (reports of sticks disappearing, etc).
    Bed – Fixed backwards compatibility issue with flying beds.
    Construction Objects – Increased culling distance.
    Loading – Fixed an issue with new content and previous saves.
    Ocean – Fixed graphical error in tutorial scene.
    Potato – Can attach to Fire Spit.
    Raft – Fixed some physics issues. Please note that these changes will not apply to existing saved rafts!
    Sharks – Fixed jiggly shark soft bodies.
    Sharks – Fixed the issue of being unable to move after a shark attack.
    Sharks – Fixed an occurrence of the player marked as "being attacked" which prevented sharks attacking you.
    Sharks – Players should no longer go under or become stuck in the terrain after a shark attack event.
    Sharks – Minor tweaks to aggressiveness and crazy speed values
    Sharks – Sharks will build aggression when attacked
  • Ironman2
    váóóó! alakulgat ez kérem szépen!
  • Ironman2
    0.02 update:

    Bug Fixes
    Key Bindings – Removed secondary key bindings which was interfering with AZERTY keyboard users.
    Menus – Fixed Audio Settings volume not applying when changed in-game.
    Menus – Fixed Mouse Sensitivity settings not applying when changed in-game.
    Menus – Fixed Input Menu’s scroll window position.
    Inventory – Adjusted force when dropping items.
    Intro – Disabled dropping functionality for tutorial items to avoid confusion.
    Crafting – Fixed a bug where splitting an object with the dragging mechanic could stall the crafting system.
    Crafting – Fixed the possibility of saving mid-craft/build and reloading with the ghost item stuck on-screen.
    Cooking – Fixed cookable item’s display name “Cooking” status spamming on every reload. Note: any previously saved cookables will still display as “Cooked Cooked Cooked", etc.
    Divers Slate - Fixed the Divers Slate holding position.
    Coconuts – Adjusted the coconut spawn amount.
    Coconuts – Coconuts viewing distance increased.
    Coconuts – Fixed a bug where you couldn't crack a coconut on another island.
    Fire Spit – Fixed a bug where if your inventory was full when picking something off the spit and then you made room and tried again, the item would not remove from the spit.
    Bed – Is now a normal craftable item. You can now drag it around into your home.
    Raft Motor – Fixed raft motor rotating further down with each reload.
    Raft Motor – Fixed various bugs with durability and speed.
    Raft Motor – Now has a fuel gauge.
    Airtank – Fixed infinite Airtank.
    Various – Fixed various item display names (goggles, flippers, martini, etc).
    Various – Fixed flying with dragging objects.
    Shadows– Fixed all construction objects that weren't displaying shadows.
    Harvestable Plants – Adjusted regrowth time.
    Bucket – Adjusted tipping angle, cooking time and fixed various cooking bugs.
    Lantern – Fixed a lighting bug with the lantern’s LOD and lighting masks.
    Watch – Minor rendering optimization and moved closer for easier reading.
    Land Sharks and Land Whales – Fixed.
    Sharks – Adjusted spawn amount.
    Sharks – Improved AI. Different shark species will flee from more dominant species. More aggressive in general.
    Sharks – Improved AI. Adjusted curiosity; Sharks tracking velocity increased. More aggressive stalking behavior.
    Sharks – Improved AI. Species are now more dependent on height, i.e: Great Whites will lurk below, Tiger sharks will roam on the surface.
    Sharks – Fixed a large bug with the sharks biomes.
    Sharks – More intense and aggressive attacking player animations,.
    Crabs – Adjusted the crab population amount.
    Crabs – Adjusted crab calories vs. coconut calories.
    Crabs – Adjusted cooking time.
    Fish – Fixed incorrect starting biomes. Fish species should now be correct for the current biome.
    Fish – Improvements and fixed a large bug with the fish system’s bounds checking.
    Audio – Higher bitrate rain sound.
    Audio – Adjusted Paddle sound.
    Audio – New drowning sound clip.
    Loot – Fixed duplicate loot items.
    Shipwrecks – Boat of doom no longer spawns on the shore.

    New Content
    Menus – You can now choose to display temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
    Temperature System – Stranded Deep now has a completely new temperature system running in the background. It’s based off real world values for the Pacific region. It takes the time, day, month, year and humidity into account when calculating the current temperature and apparent temperature (how hot it feels). The ocean temperature falls off with depth based on real-world values that have been scaled to the game world. This system is still fairly fresh and will be incorporated more fully with your statistics in a future update (taking into account your exertion, whether you’re in shade, wet, etc).
    Inventory – The inventory now displays the property of the first item in a slots stack, i.e: health, durability, servings, etc. (Please note there’s a lot of different attributes for items so it’s possible some might not prioritize the right attribute).
    Turtle – New creature!
    Sting Ray – New creature!
    Blacktip Reef Shark – New creature!
    Lion Fish – New creature!
    Fish – New creature! Clown Trigger Fish.
    Shipwrecks – New shipwrecks! Plane and ship bow.
    Door – New buildable item! You can now construct a door for your home, similar to a wall.
    Cloth – New item! You can now find cloth. This item is very much a placeholder and will be generally improved and integrated into more crafting combinations in the future.
    Crude Bandage – New item! You can now craft a Crude Bandage.
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    Ezt próbáljátok ki amúgy:

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    Amúgy van topikja:

  • Ironman2
    Azt azért nem csináltam meg,mert nem tolom.Aki akarja megcsinálhatja a topikját
  • 2Pete
    Te Iron, Subnautica topik van már? Ha nincs csinálj egyet, ez a craftolos, túlélős téma fekszik neked úgyis.
  • janik
    azt vágjátok hogy lehet benne "repülni" ?? :D
    Ha kivágsz egy hosszú fát és úgy viszed RMB-vel hogy előtted legyen a fa rákell ugrani sprintelve mi közbe viszed. Olyan mintha felfutnál rajta folyamatosan csak alattad tartod :D
  • Ironman2
    AZ a baj hogy minden a roncsokban található:


    ezeket nem is lehet craftolni
  • Aragorn831109
    Leteszteltem én is. Már voltam az 5. közül az egyik szomszédos szigeten. Nálam már nincs gond a félúton eltűnő tutaj/mentő csónakkal. :)
  • Aragorn831109
    Szigonyozásban a profi vagyok amúgy. :D
    Az előző mentésben azzal szedtem össze a rákokat és a vízben a halakat. Menő volt! :D
  • Aragorn831109
    Most nem esik, de leszállt a köd. Kicsit lecsökkent a látótávolság, még jó hogy nem a nyílt vízen ért ez. Nem is tudnám mi merre van. Főleg ha még egy cápa is kilöki alólad a hajót.

    Jó lenne már végre kötszert találnom... :(

  • Aragorn831109
    A baltával könnyebb szerintem cápát fogni. :D
  • Ironman2
    Amúgy szigonyt próbáltad? Bár avval nehéz cápát fogni azt irják
  • Ironman2
    Szerintem csökkeni fog,kajától nem hiszem hogy meggyógyulsz
  • Ironman2
    Az gyorsan termelődik,az előzőben viszont a yucca nem termett gyorsan.Az egyik szigeten meg nincs rák,a másikon meg hemzsegnek a rákok
  • Aragorn831109
    Jól megcsócsáltak a dögök, de szerencsére túl éltem a két cápával való találkozást. Ha nem találok kötszert folyamatosan csökkeni fog az életerőm?

  • Aragorn831109
    Nem tudom, hogy bug-e vagy sem, de elég gyorsan újra termett a krumpli és yukka a trópusi eső idején. Ez egy napi termésem.

  • KiruHoshino
    Rafts - Fixed the “Bermuda Triangle” bug. Rafts no longer disappear when travelling.

    Lehet, hogy csak az én verzióm szar de nekem még most is eltűnik a raft alolam miközben egy másik szigetre tartok. A Cápák viszont tényleg agresszívebbek lettek.
  • fantomvampire
    talaltam bekalabat :D meg szemuveget meg a motrbol mar csak egy dolog hianyzott me meg sok mindent es veletlen bezartam a jatekot es nem mentettem :D xD