Fallout 4 (Konzol)
  • Rage47
    Ez olyan, mint egy Fallout 3 kieg.
    Ezzel nem követel el azt a hibát, hogy elkezdem aztán beleunok. Az összes Bethesda játékban szörnyű a lip sync és a modellek, ez sem kivétel sajnos, még mindig.
  • Totti5
    S akkor sincs semmi. Azt hogy milyen a gameplay, story, mélység és terjedelem nem tudja senki. S az a lényege. Azt hogy ez a banda nem Witcher 3 techet köhög ki meg nem meglepő, előző genben sem volt és most sem. Van ami sosem változik az pedig a szakértelem egy megszokott csapatnál, hiába lépünk generációt.

    Az biztos hogy a világ színes szagos változatos, élőbb mint az előző részben bármikor is. Ez jó alap, a többi majd kiderül akkor ha nyomjuk.
  • TDC Geronimo

    Hála égnek... Kékre át is rakom meg az opacityt minimumra
  • Ryanever
    Lehet hogy sokan csalódni fognak... túl nagy a hype, írom ezt minden rosszindulat nélkül
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  • TDC Geronimo
    Elnézve pár videót ez a kutya olyan hülye, mint a segg. Ha nem kell inkább nem viszem magammal :D
  • TDC Geronimo
    Karakterek kinézete nagyon gáz, mint a manöken babák :(
  • TDC Geronimo
    Itt legalább van árnyék 10 méterre tőled -.-
  • AntiHero
  • SlickAdam
    pöcö ultra. ez is konzolra keszult elsösorban.:)

  • SlickAdam
    "Do NOT read reviews the day before if you want to enjoy this game."

    de azert leirja, hogy "szar".
  • TDC Geronimo
    I've been spending some time on TeamSpeak with a buddy of mine that is reviewing the game. It's not terrible news, but the scores are going to be extremely controversial.

    Obviously I can't tell you his name or who he works for, but I promise this is legit. Do NOT read reviews the day before if you want to enjoy this game. Half of them will be able to see past the fact that the game does not live up to modern standards that games such as The Witcher 3 and even Fallout NV has set, while the other half will tear it apart. He is expecting the game to receive a bunch of 6-8 out of 10s. The game is fun, but it's not the masterpiece half of you expect and it really doesn't live up to modern standards. However, it is definitely Fallout, so of you enjoy the universe then you will enjoy the game.

    Nem tudom mi igaz belőle, de eddigi videók alapján pont ez jön le.
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  • SlickAdam
    id software segitett gameplay-be, ugy tudom.
  • TDC Geronimo
  • TDC Geronimo
    graf, lip synch, animok hát na... Viszont a gunplay jónak néz ki. Mondjuk nem volt nehéz abban előrelépni 3hoz képest :D
  • balee4
    Videók az Xbox One változatból:




  • orichalcos
    Xbox-om már régóta van, Fallout sorozatból lesz nekem ez az első. :)
  • R0GUE

    Bváhh....9 nap...:-O
  • SlickAdam
    kezdek hajpolodni. le kell addig zavarnom a Project Zero-t!
  • TDC Geronimo
    első benyomások

    The game, even though not so revolutionary, it doesn't look like in the captures but better, it's not really a bad game. Joined together the game world looks better than great, and the illumination is one of the best I've seen. It is true that it suffered some framedrops but, there is also much more on screen.

    - DIFFICULTY: Very easy, easy, normal, hard, very hard, SURVIVAL. They change damage, resistance of enemies and appearing rate of legendary enemies. Legendary enemies are harder and they have a chance of dropping a legendary item with unique characteristics like better critic chance or that refills AP when doing a critic. For now he has only specified that survival mode "makes healing slower".

    - HUD color will be customizable by RGB sliders.

    - Minigames for unlocking doors and terminals are exactly the same as in Fallout 3.

    - About the size of the map, is hard to tell a size because it's quite small on the pip-boy but it doesn't seem small at all, there is a lot to find on it. Probably Skyrim's size more or less?

    -COMBAT, WAY better. It is no COD but the FPS sensations are amazing, you notice every impact, the weapons recess, different characteristics between them etc makes it wonderful. There was a lot of place from Fallout 3 to improve so I was doubtful about what would they do, but you all can be calm about it. Also, enemy AI, without being super evolved or anything, it's way better. Enemies hide, get cover a lot, they go for you when you have little health or you're reloading (He's playing in hard mode). He says VATS it's completely not essential.

    -Animations are flawless. People's faces, even tough there are some similar (particularly raiders) there are a lot, and way different ones from each other.

    -He didn't like at all the dialogue system, and in 23 hours he's played almost no mission he was able to get out of just by dialogue. Although there was some "X person approved" like in Dragon Age/Mass Effect, there is no visible karma system, and that takes a lot of attractive to the diplomatic side of the game. He checked statics and he didn't see either nothing about reputations like in NV. He thinks it will probably work like in Skyrim and Oblivion.

    -SETTLEMENTS: A very important pillar on the game. Some will love it, some will hate it. He thinks that, even tough he likes this kind of "microgestion"aspects from RPGS he thinks Fallout's it's a little bit harder and deep than he likes. They give sooo many options about it, and missions, and objectives that he think they take out weight from the rest of the game. ABOUT HOW THEY WORK: There are a ton lot of red workshop tables all over the world, some free and other ones occupied. Once you get to them (if the people occupying it are good people you'll have to do the typical mission to help them etc) you can do all that was seen on the demo, destroy everything, and build. You'll have to maintain the little, or bunch of humans on it with food, water, energy and beds. When they're attacked you'll receive a message and have the option to go help. It is very complete and you can invest a lot of hours making it really cute, have there your base with all your people etc, but he thinks it might be a little bit overexploited.

    -WEAPONS: More about them, he has only seen like 12-15 base weapons yet, but he says that the weapons mods is crazy. Every weapon can easily have 25-30 different pieces that alter statistics.

    -LOADING TIMES: There are a lot of little houses that doesn't need a loading screen, but big buildings normally do. Loadings between buildings are normally really short, being fast travel loading longer.

    -POWER ARMORS: Used almost like a vehicle. You get inside, you use it, you get out of it and it stays on that place. It gives them a more OP feel, but it is also way less "comfortable" to use.

    -NARRATIVE: He says it starts a little bit weak, and it takes a little to get it up and running. In his almost a day of playing has only completed 4 because they're pretty long and full of things to do. Even though, he thinks the way the story is going can be very interesting.


    The fight, as I say, is far better. It has small imperfections like that I find exceedingly difficult scoring with small enemies (mole rats, poisonous flies, etc.) that seem to impact the box too small. Leaving that aside, it is a joy. For me, the best of the game. base Armas time I seen some 12-15 but modifications crazy. Each gun can easily have 25 to 30 pieces that alter your stats and one 10 mm gun. You may end up being radically different in all respects to another. What the game is specified that "slows healing." Will zones. The areas of "open field" are brown and roll Fallout 3, there are other radiation that are shades of green and others. Yes surprised me greatly to see the main city, next to Megaton, has colorful lot (hey, do not talk about colors to Viva Piñata, just what you see in any game realist). I greatly appreciate the variety and I think a tremendous step forward.

    24 hours (yes, I've been playing a tad now) and just found a 10mm pistol (the first gun that you see in the game) that looked and played like any other weapon of the game. I could not have created it because there are changes restricted to the level corresponding to the crafting of weapons (there are 4 levels) Perk and I have none. The progression and variety is crazy about. Of course, I do not like how it is implemented in the inventory. Example: If a gun is an improvement on the barrel and the stock, inventory listed as "[kickback Culata] [Long Canyon powerful] 10 mm gun." and when the screen Pip-Boy so small makes all weapons or pieces modified armor are cut, do not see your name and you have to give to R3 to see what specifically. Also, you can find 18 guns they leave very little in statistics but very different in name and aesthetic can roll over and lose time more than one account. It costs a little catch him point to the new system but little by little easier seeing what it's worth and what not.

    Answer to: Have you seen many bugs?

    The "typical" bugs no, no. Yes it happened to me that I had to swallow 2 or 3 times the same dialog or dialog options that put simply "Show?" and it had nothing to do with what he said (which lacked a system that I like very little). Little thing more.

    UPDATE 2!

    His answer to, Is the movement fluid?

    The movement, jumping and others is much more comfortable, yes. And the VATS is not essential. I think they have found a perfect point where FPS lovers can pull in that way and F3 and such by VATS. I use it because I love it but I think it is very viable to play without him but, of course, is something that makes things and, yes, at high levels see it very helpful. There is little to do but I will say that I love animations and sounds reload all weapons, much more elaborate and currados that F3.

    His answer to questions about the perks, hacking and picking locks

    A marvel. I do not miss in all the F3: this is much more comprehensive, deep and have constant feeling of improvement and change. You can overwhelm a bit and requires some planning but it seems a step forward in the making. Great. No. Both they go by levels (Basic, advanced, expert and master) and some can from the start but others need perks. That is, to access the expertise you need four points in that perk that, in turn, requires 3 or 4 intelligence. It's a shame but you can not access them without perks. Yes. There are many small houses that do not require any large cargo but the building itself. Loads from buildings are not too heavy but quick trip themselves are a bit heavier.

    His answer to a question about the armour system, power armour, weapons, etc.

    For now, as with weapons, I have not seen a huge variety but having so much differentiate modification. Of course, by the time I seem all very feuchas (as in F3, really). The system is not bad but can do something cumbersome and I think the moment of truth, does not contribute enough to justify that "additional complexity". Also, what I said above about the names of the modified weapons also applies here and see at a glance what each thing is impossible. In addition, there are pieces that are above chest but can get a boost and do not allow others to have that reinforcement and not specified anywhere, is much more cumbersome than it should. And the power armor seems very cool as functionality but I loved her as usual armor F3. Here are special suits that are used as a vehicle: you find them, you get in and you can use it but when you want to switch or leave salts thereof and leave at that particular site. It gives more power armor package to because it is more powerful and "unique" but remains waaaaay comfort.

    UPDATE 3!

    His answer to a request of an in depth description of the settlement system:

    They are an important pillar of the game. And this can charm many and greatly annoy others. To me, I love this kind of issues "micromanagement" in RPGs or adventure (Monterrigioni villa in AC II, for example) seems a tad more cumbersome and "deep" account. Mind you, I think phenomenal that many options are given but many missions and goals pass around subtracted weight to what I care of a one and RPG Fallout. On the operation: there are an awful lot of areas around the world that have a red table workshop, both occupied and free. Once you access the workshop (if you are occupied by good people, you have to make a typical mission to help with any problems) you can do what you saw in the demo: demolish everything you get it and build. I finished not convince you, in the completeness of the method, can remove houses and everything in a second and get a lot of materials. Leaving that aside, you have to keep many or few humans have with food, water, energy and beds. And it is not bad because a good defensive structure, still, some times you get so typical and cumbersome message "are attacking X" and you have to go take a cable (not mandatory). I say, it is very complete and if you find an area you like you can spend hours and hours to leave "cute" and take there your base, people and others but I think it is not implemented in the best way and perhaps exploited too . Any more specific question, I am here
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  • Tatyla
    mint a Witcherben ahol fő story van szép lesz a többi ronda de mondjuk engem nem zavar
  • Seth
    Részemről nem akarom olvasgatni majd megjelenéskor a grafikai beállításokat, .ini turkálásokat, kinek hogyan fut hozzászólásokat 10 oldalon keresztül. Mert ez lesz, mindig ez van
  • SlickAdam
    hat nemtom, megnyitottam, es az uccso hsz-ban maris gtx 970 meg mittomen mik vannak meg megemlitve, de alatta is beallitasok a tema, szal jovan ez igy szerintem. meg en jobban ismerem a konzolos arcokat.
    ettöl meg megvan az SG szeretet, ugyis kiderul, ha felesleges ez a topik.:)
  • Paranoia
    jöhettetek volna ide is nyugodtan...fallout topik akit zavar egy-két pc komment túl pörgeti...ha már egy játékért fanboykodunk akkor nem hiszem,h szükség lenne erre a klikkesedésre.egy közösség vagyunk vagy mifsz ?!:D
  • SlickAdam
    elso jatekod Fallout lesz X1-en vagy elsö Fallout jatekod lesz X1-en? :)
  • orichalcos
    Első Fallout játékom lesz X1-en, remélem jó lesz. :)
  • SlickAdam
    tenyleg felemasnak tunik a LATVANY. lesznek kakas, "homaly-zonak", meg full-hangulatos szakaszok is.
    sztori legyen vegulis jo es lehetoleg keves bug es nem lesz gond.:)
  • TDC Geronimo
    jpg képeket kihagytam volna :y
  • Totti5

  • SlickAdam
    pc-s settings hsz-okat kerulendo es hogy ne az XO/PS4 topik legyen teleszemetelve, itt egy konzolos Fallout 4 topik. gyertek radiation-junkie-k! :)