World of Darkness Online
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    The Grand Masquerade
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    amíg nem jön ki, addig is maradok a valódi, karilapos/kockás WoD-nál :)

    valyon az "új" WoD szabályrendszert fogják használni, vagy a régit ? illetve kíváncsi leszek, mennyire kontárkodnak bele a szabályrendszerébe
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    fakk akkor linkben:



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    Clearly these are ideas, concept art for the MMORPG. Pic 3 REALLY stands out, seems to be a snap shot of stickie dev notes they read as follows;

    Locations? (yellow)
    secondhand bookstore
    military surplus store
    salvation army clothing store
    illegal gun shop
    penthouse clubs
    pet store
    American city: gated neighborhoods, helter skelter (unsure) in every school, if you're black (??)
    European city: nude (??), pedophile clubs, soccer hooligans
    airplanes and helicopters flying overhead
    opera house
    dirty 7-11
    End of the world (??)
    huge libraries
    A gay club
    Old playgrounds in disrepair
    End of the world cults (???)
    Trash on the streets, piling up, flies, rats, (???)
    Lots of rats (???)
    Subway stops out of service and (???) inhabited by riff raff
    A large ferris wheel out of order
    European city: nude beaches, pedophile clubs, soccer hooligans
    American city: Gated Neighborhoods, Metal checker in every school, if you're black (??) double LOS
    Sanctified altar
    Hear arguments (?) when walking past a (???)

    Game mechanics/More locations? (pink)
    conversations overheard that lead to something
    death sentences
    "Times Square"
    able to enter every generic building
    half built houses, (??)
    swimming pools by (??)
    NPCs addicted to drugs while human
    overgrown gothic (??)
    atheists denying everything
    home for the retards lonely people (unsure)
    Amish families
    Underground mazes!
    Kittens =^.^=
    Space dragons
    Home for the retards (?) 2 crazy people (unsure too)
    Overgrown gothic garden (?)
    Swimming pools by mansions
    Underground mazes! Water pump, abandoned (???)
    Toxic waste (???)
    Archeological museum (?)

    Misc? (Orange)
    Identification papers
    "Venice" canals

    Note these 3 pics were uploaded about 3 weeks ago as of this news posting. So what has changed since these ideas, locations were being tossed about we don't know. However they do give some insight as to the direction and ideas they are gunning for. Feel free to post feedback!
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    naggyon beindúlt a project! ti meg itt alszotok bakker!:P:)
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    Underworld 3 nemkicsit ráhangol:) kár,hogy még vagy 2 évig várni kell ezzel:P:)
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    a lényeg:

    "After the release of Eve Online’s expansion in March, the company will focus on creating another multi-player game based on the popular World of Darkness fictional universes created by White Wolf"
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