Kelet - Indiai Társaság
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    Hmmm, amazonon tényleg holnapra írták :) reméljük igazuk lesz :P
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    Elvileg holnap fog megjelenni!
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    Aranylemezen van! Pár új kép!

    East India Company is developed by Nitro Games, and is scheduled for release in North America on July 31, 2009 and August 14th in Europe.
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    FilePlanet használók előnyben, hétfőn bejelentették az Open Beta-t.

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    Azért egy demót kiadhatnának előtte...
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    Kim-től: "Recently we finally announced that East India Company is going to be moddable. "
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    PC Dome - Előzetes
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    Na, végre kinyögték :D

    "Megjelenés tehát július havának 28. napján, kizárólag PC-re."
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    Na végre már.
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    E3 Trailer
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    10 új kép + Trailer
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    Persze, lehet, hogy nagy csalódás lenne, de azért ki szerettem volna próbálni :)

    Sebaj, pár hónap és akkor mindenki kipróbálhatja. Remélem sandbox módot mégis beleteszik, és el lehet fogalani az egész világot :D
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    amúgy ősszel jön a gamma...
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    Hát nemtudom, elnézve a legutóbbi gameplay és devdiary videókat, nem vesztettél sokat :)
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    On behalf of Paradox Interactive I would like to thank you for taking the time and effort to apply to the East India Company -Beta group! It was great to see so many interested in contributing to make East India Company an even better game! Unfortunately we still had to pick out a core Beta group out of the many applicants and you were not selected. We encourage you to apply to upcoming games and hope to see you in our forums!

    Thanks again for your application and your commitment shown to Paradox and our games.

    The Paradox Team
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    Küldjenek már egy béta kulcsot! :D
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    Már lehet bétára jelentkezni:


    Illetve van fent egy interjú is némi ingame videóval.

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    East India Company is scheduled for release in Q3 2009 and will be published worldwide by Paradox Interactive and will also be available on leading digital distribution platforms.

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    GDC 09 Trailer
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    Na úgy tűnik, a Lighthouse hiába is megy csődbe, találnak másik kiadót a játéknak, és nem tűnik el a süllyesztőben.

    "Today leading Publisher Paradox Interactive announced that they have acquired the worldwide publishing rights to the naval war strategy game, East India Company.

    Because of this we've also moved the official East India Company discussion forum into new place. Please update your bookmarks."
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    Designer's Blog: Care to negotiate?

    Great soldier and military theorist Carl von Clausewitz said that War is extension to diplomacy. I could not agree more with Mr. von Clausewitz and so, as war is major part of EIC so too is diplomacy.
    Diplomacy in games has always been hard feature to tackle. Much too often "ground breaking" diplomacy turns out to be just bartering with gold, technology, money and alliances.
    Items on the table might not be wood, iron or fish, but it is obviously simple trading with different label. If you bitch about something, you should come up with better, or at least improved, solution.
    Because of this, we have put quite an effort into diplomatic negotiations in East India Company. The basic layout is very much the same as in Sid Meier's Colonization: You have your side of the table with your stuff and the opponent has his stuff on the other side.

    Diplomatic ingredients
    In East India Company you can build diplomatic offers from four different ingredients. These are money, trade items located at the warehouse of Company Home Port, ports themselves and diplomatic items.
    Money does not need explanation. Trade items have monetary value as well, but in addition you might want them for other reasons than just plain profit. Ports are very valuable and some are extremely so. Throwing Calcutta on the table as part of the offer is sure to swing the balance around.
    Diplomatic items are pacts and alliances, but you can also ask the other company to declare war to a third party. If you have lot to spend, this is good way to try and get rid of the competition without putting your own neck out on the harms way.
    This far all this is still just fancy trading with different label. What makes me proud of diplomacy in East India Company is the dynamic nature of it all.

    Enemy of your enemy is your friend
    AI takes into account multiple variables when deciding if your offer if acceptable or just plain madness. For example, if you are trying to pay the French to declare war to the British, they consider not only how much you offer but also what you offer.
    More importantly they take into account their relationship with both you and the British and the relative power of all three. If the British fleet outnumbers the French 10:1 you can be sure no amount of money or anything else will convince them to agree.
    If you are the big bully it is easier to demand things from others. You can also resort to threatening with war. I do not remember seeing threats in any other game before. That is until I saw it in Empire: Total War last weekend. Well, good ideas can surface at the same time, but it would have been nice to be the first game with that option.

    Anyway, you can't resort to threats or bullying based on your muscles all the time however. This is because AI companies have a memory. If one way or the other you force them to accept a deal they think is unfair, they will remember it and following negotiations are going to be that much harder. They do remember good deals too, which improves your standing in their eyes.
    The result of all this is diplomacy logic that gives player a lot of options to do multiple things in multiple different ways. Sometimes the reactions of your AI partner might seem irrational, but that is only because they act with reason. And that is realistic.

    Kim Soares

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    Szeretettel várom.
    Amúgy ez nem olyan gém lesz mint a total war játékok?
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    A weboldalán 2009Q1 van megjelenésnek!
    Gamespot: 2009 Q1
    Gamespy: 2009 Február 27
    IGN: 2009 Február 27
    Gamestats: 2009 Február 27

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    December-ben került fel pár kép, illetve hétről hétre felrakják a különböző hajótípusokat, amik a játékban leszenek, minden héten egy új hajótípust bemutatva.

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    Hát ennyi lenne:

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    Thx,.Majd csekkoljuk...
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    Gametrailers.com is hosting the new East India Company teaser exclusively on their website this weekend. Be sure to check it out when they release it!
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    Gondoltam, ha már feltették a blogjukat, akkor majd valami kis infómorzsákat csak elejtenek, de semmi. Nóó nyúz. :(
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    Egy pár augusztus végi kép a honlapon.
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    BBlackbeard által belinkelt videó.
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    ja, és új képek a honlapon :)

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    "Today leading computer software publisher Lighthouse Interactive and developer Nitro Games announced that East India Company will be releasing in Q1 2009. Originally scheduled for release in Q4 2008, both parties have decided to extend the release date in the best interest of fans and the game."
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    Hát ahoz képest, hogy 4. negyedévben jelenne meg, még mindig nagyon kevés infót szivárogtatnak ki.

    1 hónapja kitették a fejlesztői blogot 2 bejegyzéssel, ami azóta sem bővült. Azért remélem a játék jobb lesz a promójánál.
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    Remélem az új oldallal, és a bloggal kicsit felpörögnek az infók, és többet és többet és többet és többet tudunk meg a játékról.
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    Nézzétek a fórumot! Közvetlenül lehet kérdezni Kim Soarestől!
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    Élek még, láttam az új oldalt, egyelőre nem tudom frissíteni az oldalt, de majd megpróbálom!(Vistam van kényszerűségből és semmi nem jó rajta)
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    scheduled for release Q4 2008.
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    8 új kép
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    Valami infó morzsát szeretnék már látniiii :)