Outlaws of the old west
  • Alanw
    May 14th - 1.1.7 Patch Notes

    Change log:

    Added gallows decoration item, craftable from player inventory.
    Fixed train tracks going into the ground when there is water nearby underneath the landscape.
    Added valid checks to some UI functions to improve client performance on certain windows.
    Clamped enemy item distance check to make it easier to place down the larger buildings.
    Fixed server crash when saving invalid crafting queue items.
    Increased gunshop vendor inventory size that was hiding a couple options at the bottom of the list.
    Fixed blacksmith furnace not showing progress on breaking down the newer guns.
    Fixed train track not recognizing connected tracks sometimes due to rotation.
    Town Signs can now be deleted.
    Windowed build parts no longer block traces, allowing players to sight out windows without seeing ownership information and not blocking iron sights/firing.
    Fixed last fuel item staying in fuel slot while burning that would then later change the visual of a different item when dropped on top of it.
    Made tool tip more opaque and shifted missing resource red text color. Hoping this helps overall readability and those who are colorblind.
    Fixed server error spam caused by sounds trying to spawn on the server.
    Added valid checks to AI spawn point and fish spawning volumes to remove errors from log.
    Fixed reload issue where server did not have the ammo class loaded intermitently.
    Updated horse follow distance to help prevent people losing horses that are following them.
    Added extra perception removal check when perceived enemy is dead.
    Chat messages from blocked players no longer show in the chat window.

    VFX & Assets:
    Updated Remington worn textures.
    Fixed animation issue with SAA Buntline pistol.
    Added 4 more color variations to horses available in the stable.
    Increased defualt health for all prefab buildings (saved buildings may have old health values saved if damaged).[/list
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