• NEOreg3
  • Jim Morrison
  • Aquir
    Állítólag win xp-s probléma.
  • NEOreg3
    sajnos nincs erre univerzális megoldás, ha a neten leírtak nem segítenek, akkor magadra maradtál :\
  • bentex10
    Sziasztok. Lenne egy olyan problémám ,hogy: Amikor szeretnék egy szervere felmenni TF2-ben akkor Valamiféle insecure mod-os problémát ír. Pontosabban:"you are in insecure mode. you must restart before you can connect to secure servers." Ezt így mint angolul értem de semmit nem tudok tenni. Már sok mindent probáltam, pl.: szedjem ki a -insecure ott az inditási menüből, töröljem a cfg mappát, rakjam újra , ellenőrizem van e a tfre VAc Bannom(nincs) stb stb stb. Persze ezt már mind próbáltam de semmi. Modolni nem módoltam csak hud-ot raktam be meg hitsoundot, mivel mondták hogy nem jó a teljes custom mappát töröltem. Szeretném segítségeteket kérni.
  • Rage47
    pont most akartam postolni :D
    durva, nem gondoltam volna, hogy butult

    kár, hogy nem tolták ki új generációs konzolokra is ezt a game-t.
    hiányzik overwatch-ból a spy :(
    Utoljára szerkesztette: Rage47, 2017.06.28. 21:59:42
  • Jim Morrison
    Régen mindenjobbvót'

    TF2 Then & Now

    Utoljára szerkesztette: Jim Morrison, 2017.06.28. 19:09:26
  • Jim Morrison
    nagy update

    SPOILER! Kattints ide a szöveg elolvasásához!
    The Meet Your Match Update has arrived!

    Added Casual and Competitive Matchmaking modes
    Additional information available on the website ( http://www.teamfortress.com/meetyourmatch/ )
    Casual mode replaces Quickplay
    Added the Heavy vs. Pyro war
    Additional information available on the website ( http://www.teamfortress.com/meetyourmatch/war.php )
    3 new community maps
    Added 3 new community taunts
    The Balloonibouncer (Pyro only)
    Disco Fever (Spy only)
    The Fubar Fanfare (Soldier only)
    Added 1 new official taunt
    The Carlton (Scout only)
    Added the Perfect Stranger crate

    Reworked the main menu
    All play-related buttons are now accessible by clicking the "Find a game" button
    Moved the Workshop and Replay buttons down the bottom group of mini-buttons
    Enemies killed by energy weapons now play a special sound as their body dissolves
    Improved stopwatch UI to help better communicate game state
    Added new sound vo files for Competitive Mode
    Added sounds to all attacks where the target player resisted a part of the damage
    Added Prinny promo items for purchasing Disgaea: Prinny Hat, Prinny Pouch, and Prinny Machete
    Added AsiaFortress Cup Mercenaries Cup Season 7 medals
    Added TF2Maps 72hr TF2Jam Summer Participant medal
    Added Random Acts of TF2 medals
    Added check to prevent players with P-REC loaded from participating in matchmaking
    Prevents P-REC crashing which results in players receiving abandon penalties
    Updated the Demo Support feature
    Added an option to only record matches that are played using Tournament mode (mp_tournament)
    Added an option to auto-delete matches that don't have any events recorded
    Fixed a bug where tickcount values were being noted incorrectly
    Options can be set using the Adv. Options menu
    Updated model/materials for the Bonk Boy, Dr's Dapper Topper, The Sole Saviors, and The Dark Falkirk Helm
    Updated the localization files
    PASS Time update
    No longer in Beta!
    New Items Available
    An Early Participation Pin will be awarded to everyone who played PASS Time during beta
    Two new achievements with item rewards
    Tune Merasmus's Multi-Dimensional Television
    Map Changes
    All maps are tweaked, polished, and out of beta
    Renamed pass_pinewood to pass_timberlodge
    Renamed pass_warehouse to pass_brickyard
    Added a new city-themed map, pass_district
    An updated pass_template for level designers will be released on http://www.escalation.com/news
    Game Mode Changes
    Changed the score limit from 3 to 5
    Tweaked various JACK throwing parameters
    Pack Running
    The JACK no longer heals the player carrying it
    A player carrying the JACK with no nearby teammates is marked for death
    Teammates near a player holding the JACK will be slowly healed, and can run as fast as the fastest nearby teammate
    JACK Power
    Passing the JACK increases a power meter
    The power meter will decay over time
    Filling the power meter unlocks a special goal worth extra points
    Art Changes
    New view model animations
    The HUD provides more information about goal type and status
    Player pips for Spies will reflect cloak and disguise status
    Misc Details
    Added cvar tf_passtime_scores_per_round
    Added tf_glow entity that can be used to enable the glow effect on any entity
    Updated trigger_passtime_ball FGD entry to hide unimplemented features, temporarily
    Spawnflag added to func_passtime_goal to indicate to the HUD that a goal is unlocked by JACK power
    Bug fixes

    Fixed being able to repeatedly activate taunts before the current one had ended while underwater
    Fixed disguising with the Conniver's Kunai while spotted by a Sentry causing the Sentry to ignore the Spy
    Fixed class change notifications appearing to the enemy team for a period of time after teams swap sides in Competitive Mode
    Fixed a case where players would sometimes see other players carrying the wrong weapon(s)
    Fixed a bug where the Engineer couldn't remove the Sapper from a linked teleporter if was building (not active)
    Fixed a bug where the Engineer was able to heal a linked teleporter while it was building. This now matches the behavior for the other buildings.
    Updated several hats to fix the Sniper not removing them while taunting
    Fixed hiding the Pyro's head when using the second style of the Fear Monger
    Fixed using the wrong ozfortress medals for divisions other than Premier
    Fixed a few UGC tournament medals using the wrong names
    Fixed the Engineer's missing pelvis hitbox
    Thanks to Justin G., aka sigsegv, for these reports
    Fixed airblasts sometimes sending reflected projectiles toward friendly players, buildings, and projectile shields
    Fixed demo record/read stringtables not writing/reading past 512kb
    Fixed inconsistency between items that use mini-crit buff (TF_COND_ENERGY_BUFF)
    Fixed multiple Mann vs. Machine bugs caused by bot AI functions being executing after the bots have died
    Fixed a bug related to lunchbox items, where the ammo bar can be drained in cases when it shouldn't be
    Fixed Medics sometimes instantly reviving players in Mann vs. Machine

    Fixed several cases of loading and rendering hitches that would cause abrupt changes in FPS
    Improved Flamethrower flame performance in Mann vs. Machine on clients and servers by up to +500%
    VGUI .res files are now cached after loading, reducing framerate hitches. Custom HUD authors can disable this by setting vgui_cache_res_files to 0.
    Improved rendering performance of zombies
    Improved VGUI font performance
    Custom HUD Versioning

    In order to reduce crashing and broken UI elements after updates, custom HUDs now must explicitly specify the version of the TF UI with which they are compatible
    Custom HUD files must now be installed as add-ons under the tf/custom/ folder. Loose .res files extracted to the game directory will not be loaded
    Custom HUDs must now contain a file named "info.vdf" in their root folder, with the key "ui_version" set to the TF UI version with which they are compatible
    The current TF UI version is 1
    Non-HUD add-ons under tf/custom/ will continue to work without an "info.vdf" file, but may not load .res files
    Mann Co. Store

    Added the Competitive Matchmaking Pass
    Added new class starter packs
    Added new key-less cosmetic crates
    Revamped main store pages
    Added a spotlight item
    Added ability to mouse over and preview items in a bundle/crate/collection
    Adjusted some weapon prices for consistency


    Added new ammo pack locations in final and yard areas
    Clips and blockbullets added to stairs

    Final cap point capture time increased to 2 seconds (from 1 second)
    Clips and blockbullets added to stairs

    Reduced ammo kit in final cap entry room (attackers' side) to medium
    Slightly reduced attacking team's spawn time when working on final

    Fixed an exploit where players could sometimes build sentries in the cliffside by capture point 3

    Fixed the first and second cap points of stage 3 each awarding 2 points to the capturing team instead of 1

    All official maps now set Mannpower mode without requiring the use of the tf_powerup_mode convar
    Game Balance


    Added Marked-for-Death debuff for 2 seconds after the buff effect expires
    The Soda Popper
    Added "On hit: build Hype"
    Removed "build hype by running around"
    Added an Alt-fire attack -- reach out and shove someone!
    Removed +healing bonus
    Reduced pushback vuln to +20% (from +40%)
    Sun on a stick
    Take 25% less damage from fire while deployed

    The Righteous Bison
    Fixed a bug causing players to be hit by the same projectile multiple times, causing the damage dealt to vary wildly
    Per-shot damage has been increased to compensate, resulting in slightly more damage on average
    Point-blank deals 54 damage (previously 20-80)
    Maximum range deals 24 damage (previously 14-56)
    Slowed projectile by 30%
    Projectile damage reduced by 25% for each enemy penetrated
    Updated projectile impact sound
    The Disciplinary Action
    Reduced duration of speed bonus on teammates to 2 seconds (from 3)
    The Rocket Jumper
    Updated model/materials and sound

    Cozy Camper
    Now requires a full charge to gain flinch resistance
    The Sydney Sleeper
    When fully charged, or when making a headshot, now applies Jarate in a radius
    Scoped shots now extinguish teammates
    The Cleaner's Carbine
    Removed hidden +10% damage taken multiplier while under the effects

    Natascha and Brass Beast
    20% damage resistance now only applies when spun up and below 50% max health
    Huo-Long Heater
    Added -10% damage
    Added +25% increased damage vs. burning players
    Reduced ammo drain to -4/sec (from -6)
    Reduced pulse damage from Ring of Fire to 12 (from 15) due to increased damage vs. burning
    Buffalo Steak Sandvich
    Fixed "damage taken" multiplier accidentally being +10%, instead of the listed +25%

    Max speed increased to 320 (from 300)
    Attacks pierce resist and absorb effects from all sources

    All Flamethrowers
    Added: Direct damage reduces Medi Gun healing and resist shield effects by 25%
    Medics hear a "healing interrupted" sound when this is happening to their heal target
    The Manmelter
    Removed (hidden) 20% fire rate penalty

    All Mediguns allow the Medic to match the speed of their heal target
    Previously only available on The Quick Fix
    Quick Fix
    ÜberCharge rate reduced to +15% (from +25%)
    Increased movement speed bonus to +20% (from +10%)
    Increased damage penalty to -15% (from -10%)
    Dropped Mediguns
    Stored ÜberCharge begins to decay over time after coming to rest

    All boots now require a shield to activate any move speed bonus listed on the item
    The Iron Bomber
    Decreased the fuse time to 1.4 seconds (from 2.0)
    The Quickiebomb Launcher
    Increased charge time reduction to -70% (from -50%)
    Increased damage bonus for (max) charged shots to +35% (from +25%)
    Increased clip size penalty to -50% (from -25%)
    Removed "Stickybombs fizzle 4 seconds after landing"
    The Sticky Jumper
    Updated model/materials and sound

    Level 1 teleporters now cost 50 metal (previously 125)
    Damage increased +10% when attacking the same target as your sentry
    Eureka Effect
    Reduced "50% less metal from Dispensers and Pickups" to 20%
    Added "Teleporters cost 50% less metal"
    The Short Circuit
    Base projectile attack is -10 metal (hit or miss) and then add -5 metal for each projectile destroyed (sometimes a buff, sometimes a nerf)
    The Pomson
    Fixed an exploit with shooting through your own buildings
    Increased close-range damage to 72 (from 62)
    Reduced long-range damage to 32 (from 42)
    Updated projectile impact sound

    Utoljára szerkesztette: Jim Morrison, 2016.07.08. 10:57:37
  • Jim Morrison
    Valaki próbálta már az MM et?
  • Jim Morrison
    LMAOBOX PREMIUM felhasználókat elkapta a vac :)
  • Jim Morrison
    Jön a rangsorolt MM! Azt hiszem ideje újra elővenni :)
  • Jim Morrison
  • Aquir
    Gondolom éppen ezért mert közelre volt erős más fegyverekkel, leszedték a távolabbra vonatkozó utánégését.
  • SzirmosSzisza
    Hát, azért a Degreaser sose w+m1 fegyó volt, inkább gyors váltás shotgunra/flaregunra/postaládára.
  • Aquir
    legalább több sebzése van most közelről, elvileg ebben volt jó úgyis
  • SzirmosSzisza
    Degreaser tényleg annyira op lett volna, hogy nerfelni kellett?:s
  • Jim Morrison
    +, egy matchmaking jobb lett volna.
    Jelenlegi megoldasok (ha meg megvannak) kicsit korulmenyesebbek.
  • NEOreg3
    valamivel életben kell tartani a játékot

    mondjuk egy matchmaking bétának jobban örültem volna
  • Jim Morrison
    Csak nekem boki a csorom, hogy ide is bejottek a skinek?
  • NEOreg3
  • koni016
    okés, köszi a választ.
  • vegicsek
    Sosem lesz tradelhető, de Gift Wrap-ba becsomagolva lehet tradelni. (Bocsi, nem tudom hogy fordították le). Árulják is páran, jellemzően 1 kulcsért plusz a csomagolópapírért. Hozzáteszem nem igazán kapkodnak ezekért a cuccokért.

    edit: bocsi, lehet hogy cserélhető a cuccod, ez esetben valószínűleg nem kell a csomagolópapíros baszkódás, de a marketre valószínűleg akkor se lesz lehetőség felrakni.
    Utoljára szerkesztette: vegicsek, 2015.09.27. 12:21:49
  • koni016
    Csoki mindenkinek. Van egy Fura kísértetjárta vámpíros viselet nevű skinem a medichez amit még pár évvel ezelőtt kaptam haloweenkor.
    A kérdésem hogy ezt ellehet adni a steames piacon ha kijön a kövi haloweenes patch? mert eddig azt írja hogy nem értékesíthető.
  • Jim Morrison
    tf2 ben elég ritkán. Pub eleve nem nehéz terep, szóval minek csalni :D
  • NEOreg3
    múlt héten pont találkoztam egy aimbotos sniperrel, amúgy elég ritkán
  • Szerzetes89
    Ti mennyire gyakran találkoztok csalókkal?
  • Jim Morrison
    de azt meg nem mindig ha jól látom. Pontosan miért is csinálták meg így?
  • vegicsek
    Dehát emiatt dobnak a halottak ammo boxokat is, nem változott semmi, csak meg kell szokni a szemednek hogy a fegyver nem egyenlő lőszerrel.
  • Jim Morrison
    Elég rossz, hogy a fegyvereket már nem lehet felvenni ammoval. Darálok demoval, és mégis ammo boxokat kell keresgélnem. Ritka volt régen az ilyen...
  • Lokker
    Nem azt mondom hogy butaság, pl nekem a spy tetszett meg az egyik feladat során. Bonust meg alap hogy megcsinálom de az se nehezíti meg igazán inkább csak 1 körrel tovább tart a feladat. :)
  • vegicsek
    Pörgesd ki a bónuszt is, az néha macerásabb : ) Én amiatt is örülök ennek a feladatos rendszernek, hogy rákényszerített olyan classokra amiket nem csípek, és párat meg tudott szerettetni velem .
  • vegicsek
    Vasárnap is kellene kapnod egyet, nekem eddig mindig így volt.
  • NEOreg3
    vasárnap is szoktam kapni
  • Lokker
    Én minden szerda dél körül kapok egyet és szevasz
  • NEOreg3
    heti 2 feladat van, de attól még igaz
  • Lokker
    Elég karcsú ez a heti 1 feladat. Főleg hogy többségét 1 kör alatt vagy map alatt le lehet tudni.
  • NEOreg3
    ha jól tudom ilyen esetben fel lehet tölteni annyit, amennyi pont elég a vásárláshoz, mivel meghaladja a minimum 5 eurós összeget a tranzakció
  • SzirmosSzisza
    Mert, akkor vehetnél 0.01 eurós szarokat is kártyáért, ami meg nekik nem érné meg.
  • Lokker
    5,49 euró tárcába meg 5, 10, stb eurót lehet tölteni. Miért erőlteti ennyire ezt a steam? Nem jó neki ha kártyáról fizetnék közvetlen, büdös nekik az a pénz?
  • NEOreg3
    cserélhetsz is, kb 2 kulcs az ára (csak tippelek)