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    Epic store-ban a Remnant 2 Ultimate Edition csak 16.900 Ft. Steam-en ugyanez 27k.
    Ultimate-el 3 nappal korábban lehet játszani (szombat hajnal). A sima verza 12.000Ft

  • MerlinW
    Remnant 2

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  • hunbalee
    Next-gen frissítést kap a Remnant: From the Ashes

    Nem erőltették meg magukat ilyen látvány mellett csak 4K 30..
  • MerlinW
    Vótmá, de köszi.
  • Andriska86
    Epic Store-ban ingyenes...
  • MerlinW
    Nincs védelem a játékon, sima steamapp injection, 5 perces munka.
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  • JonasSandor
    Igen én is csodálkoztam rajta milyen hamar feltörték.
  • MerlinW
    Patch notes:

    SPOILER! Kattints ide a szöveg elolvasásához!
    [ GENERAL ]


    Resting at World Stones / Shards now refills Mod Power

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Worldstones and Shards refill Health and Ammo. Now they refill Mod Power as well. No one wants to die on a boss and then feel “weaker” on the next attempt because you no longer have any Mod Power. Fixed!


    Items/Perks/Traits that increase “Mod Damage” now affect Summons

    Health of Summon now scales with Weapon Level (of weapon it is slotted into)

    Summons can now Crit (player’s Crit value)

    Summons can now deal Weakspot damage (their own modifier)

    Iron Sentinel will now die when the player dies.

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Mostly quality of life fixes and one bug fix!

    Melee Weapons (General)

    Gained 10% Weakspot damage modifier (across the board)

    Proc Chance effects on special weapons (e.g. Smolder) no longer proc on basic strikes

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: While we didn’t want to give a full Weakspot bonus to Melee Weapons we decided a small buff would be worth the effort. We also removed the proc chance on all special melee weapon’s basic attacks while ensuring the charges were all 100% chance. The goal was to remove RNG and give the player a bit more agency as to when to apply statuses and effects.

    Liz & Liz / Root Mother

    Increased max health on Nightmare and Apocalypse

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: All these ladies have toughened up their resolve and are now a bit more challenging to kill on the harder difficulties!

    Buff Icons

    Buff icon colors changed for clarity

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: We’ve changed the color of buff icons to better represent what effect they have on the player. Red represents offense. Blue represents defense. Green represents a healing effect. Tan/Yellow represents utility (misc). Armor buffs use their specific icon so it’s easier to differentiate which buff is which on the buff bar.

    Corrosive Status

    Now grants “stacks” of damage reduction and is consolidated across all Corrosive gear

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: We reworked the Corrosive Damage Status to utilize the stacks system. Now, anything that applies Corrosive Damage applies stacks of the Corrosive Debuff (Corrosive Aura, Butcher’s Flail, Hive Cannon, etc). At maximum stacks, the damage debuff remains the same as before.

    Survival Streak Rewards

    Adventurer Goggles and Hero Sword can now be purchased from Rigs (Glowing Fragments)

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: We wanted to make sure these items were available to more players, so we conjured up an alternate method to obtain them. You’ll still need to complete the streaks to get the achievements, but the rewards are now more available.

    Perfect Dodge Effects

    Added a special effect to signify when a Perfect Dodge has been performed

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: To better facilitate Perfect Dodge gameplay that is less reliant on watching the buff bar for activation, we added a special VFX when wearing an item that utilizes Perfect Dodges.

    Lumenite Rewards

    Increased Lumenite Drop Chance on harder difficulties for Specials/Elites

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: We wanted to increase the drop rate a bit, so we did. Additionally, Specials and Elites on Nightmare and Apocalypse have a small chance to drop an additional Lumenite.

    [ TRINKETS ]


    Fixed an issue with unarmed charge melee attacks that prevented certain trinket proc effects.

    Heart of Darkness

    Reduces healing penalty duration from 60s to 30s

    Soul Anchor

    Increase per/summon damage buff from 5% to 6.25% (max 25%)

    Daredevil’s Charm

    Increases incoming damage penalty from 1% to 15%

    Brutal Mark

    Changed to 25% damage when enemy HP is below 50%

    Added “after 60s” requirement to buff (to prevent mid-fight ring-swaps)

    Talisman of Animosity

    Added 10% ALL damage buff for 10s after a Weakspot kill

    Storm Amulet

    Added 10% damage buff to all Shock Mods (Blink Token, Stormcaller, etc)

    Reduced damage buff from 20% to 15%

    Rock of Anguish

    Changed behavior to grant ramping buff for each 25% HP missing

    Butcher’s Fetish

    Added 20% Crit damage bonus to Fetish buff

    Reduced Crit Chance from 15% to 10%

    Galenic Charm

    Reduced damage buff from 30% to 25%

    Amulet of Epicaricacy

    Increased baseline Mod gen from 10% to 15%

    Increased w/ Status Mod gen from 25% to 30%

    Nightmare Spiral

    Increased Lifesteal from 2% to 3%

    Leto’s Amulet

    Increased stamina cost reduction from 10% to 15%

    Twisted Idol

    Added -15 Armor Encumbrance

    Cleansing Jewel

    Cleanse effect applies to all allies (no longer needs Elder Armor)

    Mender’s Charm

    Increased team healing effectiveness from 50% to 100%

    Ring of Supremacy

    Increased no-damage penalty requirement from 5s to 10s

    Empowering Loop

    Reduced Fire Rate penalty from 15% to 10%

    Grim Coil

    Reduced clip damage requirement from 60% to 40%

    Increased damage buff from 4% to 7% per stack

    Reduced total stacks from 5 to 3

    Hunter’s Band

    Removed range requirement

    Reduced Weakspot damage bonus from 30% to 20%

    Added 10% Ranged damage bonus

    Ring of Shadows

    Reduced awareness reduction from 40% to 25%

    Added 15% Ranged damage to unaware enemies

    Ring of the Mantis

    Reduced stand-still requirement from 1.5s to 1.0s

    Iskal Hunter’s Band

    Increased spread reduction from 35% to 40% (smaller spread)

    Hunter’s Halo

    Increased ideal range bonus from 4m to 6m

    Compulsion Loop

    Increased buff duration from 5s to 7s

    Gunslinger’s Ring

    Increased Fire Rate from 5% to 10%

    Celerity Stone

    Added 20% Reload Speed and 25% Weapon Swap Speed for 15s after using a Consumable

    Braided Thorns

    Added 10% base Crit Chance

    Reduced post-kill Crit Chance from 15% to 10%


    Increased Crit damage from 15% to 20%

    Akari War Band

    Increased duration from 10s to 20s

    Devouring Loop

    Removed from game (… JK)

    Band of Pollux

    Reduced Ranged penalty from 20% to 15%

    Band of Castor/Pollux Combo

    Increased encumbrance reduction from -15 to -25

    Added 10% Melee damage

    Ring of the Unclean

    Added a Flop damage modifier (what’s dirtier than Flop kills?!)

    Gift of the Iskal

    Reduced healing penalty from 25% to 15%

    Pillar of Stone

    Increased Sway Reduction from 50% to 60% (less sway)

    Increased Recoil Reduction from 25% to 30% (less recoil)

    Added 50% increased ADS (AIM) movement speed

    Ezlan’s Band

    Added 0.238 HP regen per second

    Blood Font

    Increased HP regen significantly

    Added 15% bonus to healing effectiveness

    Leech Ember

    Increased lifesteal from 2% base weapon damage to 2.5%

    Made lifesteal value visible

    Ring of Elusion

    Increased duration from 5s to 10s

    Aggressor’s Bane

    Adjusted/Increased aggro generation behavior

    Band of Accord

    Reworked scripting to ensure benefit to single-player and multiplayer (client and host)

    Provisioner’s Ring

    Increased stowed reload speed by 50%

    Soul Ember

    Excess summons will explode when another summon is used

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since the oldest summon is dying/expiring when resummoning an extra summon, we wanted to ensure that they would still explode properly. This should make strategic resummoning a fun option.

    [ ARMOR ]


    Power Transfer Set Bonus: Changed from 5 stacks of 5% to 1 stack of 25%

    Power Transfer Single Perk: Reduced ADS from 30% to 25%

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Void is one of the best all-around armors in the game. Conceptually, the Power Transfer mechanic was cool but we found that if you got hit once, the damage reduction wasn’t significant. You actually had to get hit too much for it to matter, and by then you were dead. Instead, we changed it to 1 stack. Get hit once, now you have full damage reduction. Don’t get hit for a while? Full damage has returned. Overall, this armor feels much better (and it was already good!).


    Harden Set Bonus: Completely reworked Set Bonus

    Harden Single Perk: Completely reworked Single Perk

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Carapace was designed around the idea that the shell hardens like a swamp creature. However, the original method required taking damage to become more effective but, like Void, ended up having similar problems. We changed the behavior so that Harden happens automatically after taking no damage for a short period of time – basically becoming “battle ready”. All stacks of Harden return at once. Taking damage removes a single stack. When all stacks are removed, the wearer gains a “Scurry” buff which increases movement speed by 10% for each piece of Carapace Armor you are wearing (up to 30%!). For the Single Perk, players will gain an additional 5% ALL damage buff for each piece they are wearing (so much for “single” perk!).


    Believer Set Bonus: Increased Duration from 10s to 20s

    Believer Set Bonus: Reduced ALL damage buff from 35% to 30%

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Elder is an incredible armor set and truly shines in multiplayer or with summoner builds. The damage buff is still probably a bit too high for multiplayer, but it does come with limitations – namely the Dragon Heart requirement. We doubled the buff duration to make it more viable in more cases as well.


    Challenger Set Bonus: Reduced ALL damage buff from 35% to 30%

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: After the last rework, the Scrapper Armor became an incredible tool for players that loved to get up close and personal. The damage buff was a tad too high so we reduced it slightly.


    Wanderer Set Bonus: Completely reworked Set Bonus

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Drifter Armor was always meant to be a utility-based option. However, end game it turned out to be mostly only useful for a single-piece. Since our goal was to make more armors viable at more points of the game, we reworked it! After sprinting for 1s, Evading, or Combat Sliding, the player will gain a stack of “Inertia”. Inertia grants increased Ranged and Melee damage for 10 seconds and stacks 5 times. An interesting facet is that stacks wear off one at a time instead of all at once!


    Opportunist Set Bonus: Increased duration from 10s to 20s

    Opportunity Set Bonus: Removed movement speed buff

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: We wanted to increase the viability of Akari Armor so we doubled the duration of the buff. Since the duration is now 20s, we removed the movement speed buff to compensate.


    Assassin Set Bonus: Added a 10s timer on post-reload buff

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: We didn’t want players holding onto the buff for too long, so we added a generous 10s duration. If you hold it for any longer than that, you probably didn’t need it anyway. This change does not affect the moment-to-moment gameplay impact of Slayer/Assassin.


    Sharpshooter Set Bonus: Completely reworked Set Bonus

    Sharpshooter Single Perk: Completely reworked Single Perk

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: One of the most-changed armors in the game, we’ve gone back and forth on Hunter Armor since day one. The previous Weakspot buff was loved by some and disliked by others, so we decided to meet in the middle. The Sharpshooter Bonus now grants both Ranged Damage AND Weakspot Damage with no range penalty of any kind. In addition, the Single Perk now reduces weapon spread, making Hunter’s the King/Queen of precision.


    Momentum Set Bonus: Increased the Crit Chance/Crit Damage buff from 2.5% to 3.0% (max)

    Momentum Set Bonus: Increased duration from 2.5s to 3s

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Once the best armor set in the game, Radiant sort of fell behind when we reworked the armors in a previous update. While it has never been “bad”, it was surpassed by the effectiveness and ease of use of other armors. We made the buffs a little stronger and we also increased the duration a bit more. It’s pretty crazy now!


    Regrowth Set Bonus: Completely reworked Set Bonus

    Regrowth Single Perk: Completely reworked Single Perk

    Regrowth Weight: Reduced from Heavy to Medium (!!!)

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Twisted was another set that suffered from different issues. Regeneration was nice but it didn’t help you kill the badguys any faster… it just made the fight longer. We wanted to keep the regrowth theme while incorporating damage into the mix. Twisted now gains “Bloom” stacks when at full health. Bloom increases total outgoing Melee and Weapon Mod damage (which includes summons now, BTW). Stacks 10 times. Taking damage removes 5 stacks. The Single Perk maintains some health regen at 0.334 per second (the old two-piece bonus!). Oh, and it’s also a medium weight armor!


    Power Surge Single Perk: Removed auto-loot (magnetized) effect

    Power Surge Single Perk: Added Mod Power refund on cast

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: The Labyrinth Armor was always about Mod Power so we felt the Single Perk of magnetized loot didn’t fit the theme quite as well as we had hoped. We changed it so that it now refunds a portion of the Mod Power used to cast the Mod which fits much better. This also stacks with other similar effects on other gear. Don’t worry, the magnetized loot option is somewhere else. =)


    Blood Pact Set Bonus: Completely reworked Set Bonus

    Blood Back Single Perk: Increased automatic Mod Power regen rate

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Cultist armor was great when you are starting out, but like other armors that had no damage increases, it ended up being a “wear one piece” type armor. We changed it so that it now grants extended duration to mods. This includes things like Mender’s Aura, Hotshot, Song of Swords, Swarm… etc. The idea is that we gave it “damage” without giving it “damage”. At the same time, it has excellent new utility!


    Freeloader Single Perk: Adjusted scripting behavior (to work better with other Ammo-items)

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: No major change here except that the behind-the-scenes scripting has been improved to give better synergy with things like Band of Discord. Otherwise, still a great armor!


    Juggernaut Set Bonus: Completely reworked Set Bonus

    Juggernaut Single Perk: Completely reworked Single Perk

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: One of the most interesting armors in the game, Leto’s was the only option that required all 3-pieces to be effective EXCEPT for wearing the 1-piece too boost your damage. We didn’t like how that was going so we decided to go “FULL JUGGERNAUT”. Leto’s is STILL one of the most unique armors in the game in that it now has a unique single, double, and triple perk. At 1-piece, it gains a massive 25% reduction to stamina costs. At 2-piece, it gains the old 3-piece stagger reduction bonus. At 3-pieces, it gains 10% damage reduction per 10% missing health, up to 5 stacks.

    [ MODS ]


    Projectile Mods that don’t explode on impact now deal 50% additional Weakspot damage

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Projectile Mods that didn’t explode were left behind with some of the new items added to Subject 2923. We gave them a Weakspot buff to help them out.

    Mender’s Aura

    Increased maximum charges from 1 to 2

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: A great utility Mod that’s now even better!

    [ WEAPONS ]

    Hive Cannon

    Primary now grants Corrosive Stacks

    Hive Shot (MOD) now grants Corrosive Stacks

    Curse of the Jungle God

    Tentacle Shot (MOD) now applies Overload Status to enemies

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: We wanted to buff this a bit more. So we did!

    Pride of the Iskal

    Increased travel speed of Beetle from 1500 to 1700

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: We have to go faster!


    Made lifesteal value visible in description

    Hero’s Sword


    DEVELOPER COMMENT: No comment!

    [ TRAITS ]


    Can be used without Swamp DLC

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since the Invoker Trait came with Swamps of Corsus DLC, it had an entitlement that disallowed use when the DLC wasn’t owned. However, it could be obtained without the DLC. We made sure this can now be used by anyone when unlocked, regardless of which DLC you own.


    Reworked grant additional mod generation when damaging an enemy affected by a Status

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: After reworking melee procs, Catalyst became a mostly useless Trait. By giving it the Amulet of Epicaricy effect, it still has a place in many builds, and, in some cases, is just outright better than the old Catalyst effect (we miss you, Devouring Loop!).


    Now affects the duration of Spore Shot and Hive Cloud



    Reduced max value from 25 to 20

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: A slight nerf. Stam Regen was a tad too crazy.

    Survival Recovery

    Reduced max value from 100 to 30

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Far too much infinite running in Survival due to both movement speed and the fact that stamina refilled almost instantly.

    Survival: Swiftness

    Reduced max value from 50% to 30%

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: I think most Survival players saw this coming. 50% was just a bit too strong and reduced enemy interaction to almost nothing. It’s still going to be strong… just not as bad!

    Survival: World Walker

    Reduced max value from 50% to 30%

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: This change goes along with the Swiftness and Recovery adjustments. The goal is to create a bit more interaction with enemies and reduce the effectiveness of just running by enemies,



    Reduced duration from 40s to 30s

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Because who needs to run that fast for that long?!

    Beetle Extract

    Increased value from 15 to 20

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Along with the Recovery nerf, this is to help make Beetle Extract a bit more enticing in normal gameplay.

    Survival: Beetle Extract

    Reduced value from 25 to 15

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Adjustment to require a bit less infinite running in Survival.


    Adjusted initial scaling curve to make the first 10 zones a bit more manageable

    Adjusted post 10 curve as well as harder difficulty scaling to make runs a bit shorter

    Added 8 new Traits to Survival (4 automatic, 4 purchasable via Vendor)

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: To add some new spice to Survival Mode, we made some difficulty adjustments. Additionally, we’ve added purchasable Traits that you can “opt into” (so they don’t thin out your main Trait pool automatically) and added 4 new Traits into the mix as well.

    [ MISC ]

    Wasteland Goodboy

    Secret, secret… I’ve got a secret!


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  • Gepiforditas2
    Megcsináltam a Remnant From the Ashes Gépi fordítását. A fordítás tartalmazza az összes kiegészítő fordítását is.
    Az alap játék most ingyenes epicgames -en, ha beteszed a mappádba örökre a tied.

    A Gépi magyarítás itt elérhető az oldalamon.
    Gépi Game Magyarítások
  • Gepiforditas2
    Az új részt előrendelésben meg lehet venni szerintem. Mert nekem már átadták. És kb 360 új sor van benne a nyelvben, szóval valószínű benne van. Csak még nem aktív.
  • darkSectorxxx #191
    Ez komolyan mondom vicc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1 héttel a megjelenés előtt....nem mintha offline rohadtnagy élmény lenne

    Utoljára szerkesztette: darkSectorxxx, 2020.08.16. 03:13:29
  • darkSectorxxx #190
  • darkSectorxxx #189
    Hát ez direkt ilyen loot-farmolós gridelős téma, és random, és rohadtnehéz, ez a lényege ennek a stílusnak. ;)
  • MerlinW
    Multiban még nehezebb. Időt kell fordítani rá, türelemjáték. A kimaxolás nekem 160 órámba telt. Ja és jön hozzá nagy kiegészítő nemsokára.
    Utoljára szerkesztette: MerlinW, 2020.08.07. 18:38:06
  • lammaer
    Höhö.. pont a héten tettem fel a virágbolti verziót hogy milyen .....

    Szinglében annyira nem jött be, eléggé szaladj ide, szaladj oda volt az eleje, utána meg túl nehéz, 2x-3x próbáltam de az első boss jellegű mob mindig kifektetett (lehet ciki meg béna vagyok, de mondjuk Dark soulsokkal nem volt bajom :)).

    Talán multiban jobban bejön...
    Utoljára szerkesztette: lammaer, 2020.08.07. 17:02:37
  • darkSectorxxx #186

    Utoljára szerkesztette: darkSectorxxx, 2020.08.06. 17:34:28
  • MerlinW
  • darkSectorxxx #184
    Játszom azonnal!
  • wedge31
  • darkSectorxxx #182
    Ja hogy erre a 12-re mondtad. :D
  • MerlinW
    Lent írtam. Hardcore és Survivor.
  • darkSectorxxx #180
    Jesszusom, de az a 12 cucc az a modokban vagy az adventure???? :)
  • MerlinW
    Igen. Consecutive - egymás után, Total - összesen.

    Viszont kiderült, hogy 12 cuccunk még hiányzik :) És vannak ott elég komoly gyűrűk /amulettek, mint pl. a Supremacy.
    Utoljára szerkesztette: MerlinW, 2020.05.11. 11:56:59
  • MerlinW
    Jelenleg ennyi cumó van a játékban:

    47 gyűrű
    22 amulett
    17 armor szett,
    40 fegyver
    33 mod
    40 trait
    15 emote
    Utoljára szerkesztette: MerlinW, 2020.05.12. 23:36:32
  • darkSectorxxx #177
    Ez akkor nem hiszem hogy egymás után 100 boss, hanem összesen 100 boss gondolom.
    Nem hiszem hogy 1 élettel.
  • MerlinW
    Hardcore mode rewards:

    Nightmare Spiral: Defeat Dreamer / Nightmare on Hardcore Mode.
    Amulet, Stat: Ranged hits steal 2.0% of base damage dealt as health. Consumable health regen effectiveness reduced by 95%

    Provisioner Ring: Defeat either The Ent or Singe on Hardcore Mode.
    Ring, Firearms reload overtime while stowed

    Akari War Band: Defeat either The Harrow or Claviger on Hardcore Mode.
    Ring, Perfect Dodging enemy attacks increases Crit Chance by 15% and Crit damage by 15% for 10 seconds

    Ring of Supremacy: Defeat The Ravager or Totem Father on Hardcore Mode.
    Ring, Increases all damage dealt by 20% after the wearer's health has been full for at least 5 seconds

    Empowering Loop: Defeat Ixillis on Hardcore Mode.
    Ring, Increases Ranged damage by 25%, but decrease Fire rate by 15%

    Band of Accord: High Five Emote another player.
    Ring, Ammo acquired on pickup is increased by 25% and is shared with other players.

    High Five Emote: Defeat Dreamer / Nightmare on Hardcore Mode.
  • MerlinW
    Survivor mode cuccok amiket megkap a karaktered:

    5 Consecutive Boss Kills: Adventurer Goggles
    A hiányzó fejes a szetthez

    10 Consecutive Boss Kills: Hero's Sword
    Desc: An ancient, quick, and versatile blade suited for almost any situation. It excels at controlling areas with its wide-arcing swings and fast recovery. Excellent against hordes of smaller enemies and perfect for dealing damage in a pinch

    50 Total Boss Kills: Loop of Prosperity
    Ring, Stat: Metal materials acquired on pickup are doubled

    75 Total Boss Kills: Daredevil's Charm
    Amulet, Stat: Increases Total damage dealt by 30% for each piece of unequipped armor. Damage received is increased by 1%

    100 Total Boss Kills: Black Rose
    Amulet, Stat: The wearer's chest armor set bonus is increased by 1 piece. It will not exceed the 3 piece armor set bonus.
    Utoljára szerkesztette: MerlinW, 2020.05.11. 11:43:30
  • darkSectorxxx #174
    Nemár. :D Az szép. Na majd az itemeknek utána kell néznem valahol neten. :)

    Boss-okat 2 van amit szerintem soha nem tudok megölni majd.

    Carapace ruhát nem találom az árusát hová kell vinnem a speciális itemet, mert egy darab item megvan hozzá már. :D
  • MerlinW
    Lett alternatív killje a kalapácsos daginak is, új melee fegyót ad :)
  • MerlinW
    Carapace armor kell hozzá
  • darkSectorxxx #171
    Őt akarom. ez van asszem a képen, az uj boltosnál uj fragmentekből 10 darabért vettem ehhez a sisakot és allulról a 3. volt.

    Mivel eltűnt a listáról nem tudom visszanézni hogy mi volt a neve már.
    Meg a kardja

    SPOILER! Kattints ide a szöveg elolvasásához!

    Van ez, vagy nem tudom melyik amihez meg kel fertőzzenek meg ilyenek, nem értem pontosan, de ez kell, meg van egy bogárhoz hasonló ruha barnás terepszínű páncéllal.

    Utoljára szerkesztette: darkSectorxxx, 2020.05.04. 22:43:24
  • MerlinW
    Leto armor? Az a földön van, az új (előző dlc) dungeon-ben.
    Utoljára szerkesztette: MerlinW, 2020.05.04. 22:25:26
  • darkSectorxxx #169
    Igazából egyértelműen megmondom nekem az árus által craftolt bogár ruha kell ahoz a bogár ruha skinhez. :) ezt kell valahogy megszereznem, vagy szeretném. :)
  • darkSectorxxx #168
    Ja elsőre megöltem akkor tüskével sikerült az megvan.

    Na várj, akkor lehet értem már, a fragment az a narangyos kristály, azzal megvettem a skineket de nem tudom használni, a sisak sincs meg semmi.

    Akkor ezek szerint az alap suit hiányzik nekem????
    Ja így értem már.
    Utoljára szerkesztette: darkSectorxxx, 2020.05.04. 17:32:15
  • MerlinW
    Új armor-t csak survivor módban láttam, alapjátékban nem, de lehet hogy vannak. A bossok fragmentet dobnak - fizetőeszköz - amivel tudsz venni skineket az árusnál, nem magát a skin-t dobják.

    Jaja én is hard-on toltam a queent, lenyomtam, de másodszorra már megint nem ment. Nagyon random a kiscsaj. Egyébként az alternatív kill az sokkal könnyebb, a második fázis elején a bal oldali tócsa déli pontján állva kell lőni, hogy az északi pontján essen el, majd a fejed fölött a tüskével kinyírni.
  • darkSectorxxx #166
    Huh akkor lehet rosszul értettem, ez a ruha téma nem látom át hogy megy, vagy skin, de tudom hogy új ruhák is vannak. :)
    Gyűrű meg ilyenek én is úgy láttam hogy csak Corsus.

    Többi mapon minden boss egy új skint adhat?

    Queen lement késő este. szoptam bőven. Jöttek be emberek, de mire találtam volna 2 értelmes segítőt lecsesztem egyedül, addig tanulgattam, addig próbálgattam, de szerintem volt vagy 4-5 óra legalább. :D Hardon

    Igen az a boss eszméletlen durva.
    Utoljára szerkesztette: darkSectorxxx, 2020.05.03. 20:07:35
  • MerlinW
    Ruhát nem, skineket vehetsz fragmentekből, amit minden boss dob. Új itemet (gyűrű, medál, fegyver, trait) eddig csak corsus-on találtam, nem tudom van-e máshol is.

    Iskal Queen boss-t imádni fogod :) A játék legnehezebb és legösszetettebb boss-a. Több, mint 2 órámba telt hogy lenyomjam :)
  • darkSectorxxx #164
    Szia. ;)

    Vagyis nem csak Corsus-on vannak új itemek? akkor most igazából minden mapon találhatok új ruhát?
  • MerlinW
    Az új itemek mindenhol eshetnek / világonként ahogy az alapjátékban. Bossok shard-okat dobnak, amikből skinek-et tudsz venni. Valszeg azt vettél te is, nem konkrét sisakot, azért nem látod az inventoryban. Survivor - ami tök jópofa egyébként - módban sokkal több shard esik a boss-okból.
  • darkSectorxxx #162
    Akkor nem emlékszem, de 5 fokozat van, nem tudom melyik az 5. :D