• darkSectorxxx
  • MerlinW
    Jó lett az új dungeon csak rövid. A boss meg meh:) De jó volt. Kaptunk új mod-ot, 150% max hp shield + no stagger 60 másodpercig és egy ultra heavy armor-t amivel hasra eshetünk és aminek hammer sebzése van :D
  • darkSectorxxx
    Na belekerült egy új gyűrű?
  • MerlinW
    Build Number: 215646

    Added Adventure Mode!
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Introducing Adventure Mode - A new game mode that allows players to re-roll individual worlds. You and your party can embark on an adventure through dynamically generated Earth, Rhom, and Yaesha, beginning at a single World Stone and ending once you’ve defeated their World Boss. Dungeon locations, points of interest, enemy spawns, and more may be different than what you’ve come to expect from the main campaign. Activated from the World Stone in Ward 13, simply choose “World Settings” and select the “Adventure Mode” option to pick the world you would like to roll. This will not replace your campaign progress and can be re-rolled freely without affecting your story. Any items found or traits gained along the way will be kept by your character. More content, including Corsus, will be added in the future!

    Dozens of system optimizations and stability fixes
    Lots of art tweaks, lighting passes, collision fixes
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: While this is the smallest section, it received the most amount of focus. We are always working on additional optimization and stability measures. For this update, we’ve done numerous passes on each area covering memory footprint, stability, lighting, collision, and a host of other fixes to help smooth out the gameplay experience.

    Fixed an issue with the Repulsor Banish description damage modifier showing the wrong info
    Adjusted interactive volumes on doors to prevent characters warping to the other side
    Players can no longer fight Ravager if they've already solved the Bell Puzzle
    Fixed a problem preventing status updates from showing on the Advanced Stats tab
    Minions can no longer trigger melee effects
    Blink Token can no longer avoid scripted "instakill" damage
    Fixed a soft lock if certain mods were used at the end of a melee attack
    "Untouchable" achievement is now unlockable in multiplayer
    Fixed an issue preventing simplified Chinese from showing up properly
    Told Ace she REALLY needs to stick around in Ward 13 (hopefully she listens this time)
    Empty weapons should begin auto reloading after using a Mod
    Switching weapons right before activating a mod will no longer activate the new weapon mod
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: In addition to optimizations, many smaller bugs have been addressed.

    Stamina no longer depletes when navigating through Ward 13
    Changed DELETE CHARACTER button to a HOLD
    Added additional analog dead-zone settings for Gamepad (can be set all the way to 0)
    Reduced the time it takes for input to become active and to deactivate
    Added inverse X option for aiming
    Added a VOIP volume setting for PC
    Added ability to disable subtitles in audio menu
    Additional matchmaking optimizations
    Dragon Hearts can be used at full health (for use with Elder set)
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Two of the biggest requests have been to make it harder to delete your character and giving more control over the controller dead-zone. We’ve addressed both and are working down the (huge) list of additional QOL features! A few additional fixes snuck into this update and we look forward to addressing more and more requests over time.

    General: Reduced Nightmare Mode enemy health scaling from 300% to 250%
    Wasteland Contaminator: Properly flagged as "elite" to allow Lumenite drops
    Nightmare: Fix to allow clearing array for selecting players if a player is knocked down
    Nightmare: Reduced Nightmare Boss base health from 2 million to 1.5 million
    Nightmare: Adjusted damage modifier in Nightmare Mode based on amount of players
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: General feedback has been that Nightmare Mode is a bit bullet spongey. We reduced the total amount of HP boost to help with this, but we know that with updated armors it will be less of an issue. We are working hard to update values across the board which work with new armors and item updates while still maintaining the challenge. Look for this to be worked on over the next few updates as we lay the groundwork for even harder difficulties (with rewards!).

    Hunting Rifle: Increased magazine size from 9 to 10
    Hunting Rifle: Increased total capacity from 45 to 50
    Hunting Rifle: Increased base crit chance from 5% to 10%
    Hunting Rifle: Added 5% weakspot bonus
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Hunting Rifle is in a good spot, but we wanted to give it just a little bit more love and home in closer to its intended identity.

    Hunting Pistol: Increased base crit chance from 10% to 15%
    Hunting Pistol: Added minimum crit range 5m
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Hunting Pistol is meant to be a very strong mid to long-range option, so we increased its critical chance while limiting the minimum crit range to 5m or farther. This allows even bigger hits at range and allows accuracy up close without becoming a single shot “shotgun”.

    Revolver: Increased impact scalar by 10%
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: The identity of the Revolver is massive staggering hits. It now has a bit more kick, but we are also monitoring the damage output and overall effectiveness of the weapon.

    Sniper Rifle: Base crit increased from 10% to 20%
    Sniper Rifle: Increased ammo reserves from 25 to 27
    Sniper Rifle: Increased reload speed by 10%
    Sniper Rifle: Increased unscoped Sway by from 0.5 to 0.75
    Sniper Rifle: Reduced unscoped Sway delay by 90%
    Sniper Rifle: Reduced unscoped Sway blend-in time from 2.0 to 0.75
    Sniper Rifle: Drastically reduced scoped Sway
    Sniper Rifle: Decreased initial unscoped reticle size by 50%
    Sniper Rifle: Increased minimum unscoped reticle size from 1.0 to 1.5
    Sniper Rifle: Increased minimum unscoped reticle size while moving from 1.5 to 1.75
    Sniper Rifle: Increased post-firing unscoped reticle decay speed
    Sniper Rifle: Added minimum crit range of 12.5m
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Sniper Rifle has also gone through many changes. We want to home in on the longer range and reduce the effectiveness up close. Pre-release we had a very inaccurate non-scoped reticle, but we knew it didn’t feel right, so we tightened it up. However, much like other long-range guns, it became another close-range shotgun which prevented us from buffing any of the stats without drastically reducing close range accuracy. We’ve made tons of buffs to the long-range functionality and doubled the crit chance while limiting the close-range effectiveness.

    Chicago Typewriter: Increased damage from 10 to 11
    Chicago Typewriter: Reduced initial reticle size
    Chicago Typewriter: Increased the per-shot reticle increment (shrinks faster)
    Chicago Typewriter: Reduced the minimum reticle size (gets more accurate)
    Chicago Typewriter: Reduced the decay speed (shrinks slower when not shooting but still in AIM)
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: All around buffs for the classiest of weapons. With the recent Assault Rifle buffs to accuracy / handling, the Typewriter was left behind. We’ve upped the damage, handling, and overall effectiveness to ensure its rightful place in your arsenal.

    Particle Accelerator: Increased base crit chance from 10% to 15%
    Particle Accelerator: Increased damage from 75 to 80
    Particle Accelerator: Increased fire rate from 1.4 to 1.45
    Particle Accelerator: Reduced post-shot decay delay from 1.4 to 1.3
    Particle Accelerator: Increased post-shot decay speed from 1.15 to 1.2
    Particle Accelerator: Reduced initial reticle size by 40%
    Particle Accelerator: Drastically reduced scoped Sway
    Particle Accelerator: Added minimum crit range of 7.5m
    Particle Accelerator Alt-Fire (Gravity Core): Now sucks more (many enemies can no longer run out of it)
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Along with the Sniper Rifle buffs; we didn’t forget about the Particle Accelerator. It received many similar changes making it very effective at mid to long range. Additionally, we increased the suck-factor of the Gravity Core to reduce the chances of more agile enemies escaping.

    Devastator: Reduced initial spread to better match reticle
    Devastator: Decreased post-shot delay time before auto-reloading by 50%
    Devastator: Base crit chance increased from 5% to 10%
    Devastator: No longer has 5x chance to proc Bandit Armor on a single target
    Devastator: Each unique target hit has a chance to proc Bandit Armor
    Devastator: Added minimum crit range of 5m
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: We talked about the Devastator / Bandit interaction in a previous update and we finally addressed it. Instead of removing the infinite-shot scenario completely, we changed it to require multiple targets, so it isn’t the go-to boss weapon, but the multi-proc gameplay still exists. We also gave the Devastator a few buffs on handling and mid-range effectiveness.

    Defiler: Increased ideal range from 10m to 12.5m
    Defiler: Reduced reticle size from 2.0 to 1.5
    Defiler Alt-Fire (Radioactive Volley): Power Requirement reduced from 350 to 300
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: While having one of the most potent alt-fires in the game, the primary fire of the Defiler still fell behind many other sidearms. We’ve tightened up the spread and increased the effective range while also making the alt-fire power up slightly quicker.

    Eye of the Storm: Increased base crit chance from 5% to 10%
    Eye of the Storm: Added 5% weakspot bonus
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since its little brother (the Hunting Rifle) got some love, we couldn’t leave Eye of the Storm out in the cold. A couple small damage increases to go along with the buffs from last update.

    Hive Cannon: Added 20 impact damage to projectile (which benefits from weakspot modifiers)
    Hive Cannon: Increased primary shot projectile size from 2 to 5 (better matches the VFX)
    Hive Cannon: Fixed description showing actual AOE range of primary fire
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: The Hive Cannon couldn’t hit weakspots with its initial blast, so we fixed it! We also updated the size of the primary fire projectile. It should be much easier to hit targets!

    Curse of the Jungle God Alt-Fire (Tentacle Shot): Added lifeleech on Tentacle hits
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since we removed the interaction of minions and leech ember (and minions interacting with specific rings in general), we decided to make the Tentacle lifeleech an actual intended mechanic. We added an innate lifeleech to tentacle strikes in a more official capacity.

    Sporebloom: Increased damage from 160 to 200
    Sporebloom: Increased pellet count from 7 to 12 (less dmg loss on a single pellet miss)
    Sporebloom: Increased reticle size for better spread coverage
    Sporebloom: Increased ideal range from 800 to 1000
    Sporebloom: Reduced reload speed
    Sporebloom: Spore Shot projectile damage increased from 50 to 100
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: This is my bloomstick.

    Worldbreaker: AOE Blast now affects breakable objects
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: It made no sense that the “Worldbreaker” couldn’t break world objects. This was a drastic oversight and we are all ashamed. Now we are not!

    Ring of the Admiral (NEW): 300% bonus incoming damage, +15% Ranged & Melee damage
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: Added a new ring for those that like to make things more challenging. While this is a best-in-slot ring for damage, it’s also a worst-in-slot (by a longshot) for defense. It’s a great choice for making Normal and Hard “faster” experiences because you chew through enemies, but it’s also solid in Nightmare because most things already one-shot you! Give it a try!

    The Ring of the Admiral can be purchased at Reggie for 2 (TWO!) scrap at the start of the game.

    Cleansing Jewel: When used with Elder Armor, cleansing applies to all allies
    Ring of Evasion: Added +1 iFrame (+4 total) & 10% Evade Speed
    Leech Ember: Slightly reduced Leech amount
    Soul Anchor: Added +5% dmg per summon (wearer)
    Soul Anchor: Duration from 40% to 50%
    Soul Anchor: Removed additional charge bonus
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: These trinket changes were to help support the armor rework. We have many additional item updates coming soon!

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: We’ve been listening to the community regarding the desire for more build variety at all levels of play. We wanted to bring up all armors instead of reducing the effectiveness of the current “best” (Radiant!). This is our initial pass to help separate each armor and give them unique playstyles while also encouraging mix and matching. Each armor set now has an additional 1-piece flat bonus that does not scale. Armor Values have also been increased. We will be actively monitoring the builds and tune numbers up or down in the next update to bring them even closer together.

    Adventure (Bonus): Increases the amount of scrap picked up by 10%
    Adventure: Total Armor value increased from 10 to 20
    Hunter (Sharpshooter): Reduced range requirement from 15m to 10m
    Hunter (Bonus): Weakspot damage is increased by 15%
    Hunter: Total Armor value increased from 19 to 35
    Ex-Cultist (Bonus): Mod Power is slowly generated over time
    Ex-Cultist: Total Armor value increased from 20 to 36
    Scrapper (Bonus): All stagger damage within Challenger range is increased by 20%
    Scrapper: Total Armor value increased from 36 to 60
    Bandit (Bonus): Ammo acquired on pick-up is increased by 25%
    Bandit: Total Armor value increased from 11 to 28
    Elder (Believer): Dragonhearts increases ally damage by 20% for 10 seconds (includes Minions)
    Elder (Bonus): Dragonheart heal allies for 50% (includes Minions)
    Elder (Bonus): Dragonheart heal now works on Liz/Liz and Root Mother (at reduced rate)
    Elder (Misc): Increased Range on Armor Skill/Bonus from 15 to 30m
    Elder: Total Armor value increased from 13 to 32
    Akari (Opportunist): Perfect Dodge increases Move, Firing, Melee, Reload, Evade Speed by 20% for 7s
    Akari (Bonus): Perfect Dodge increases ALL Crit Chance by 15% for 7s
    Akari: Total Armor value increased from 21 to 37
    Drifter (Bonus): Movement Speed while in Standing Aim is increased by 25%
    Drifter: Total Armor value increased from 28 to 45
    Slayer (Assassin): Assassin Armor Skill changed to multiplicative instead of additive (stronger)
    Slayer (Bonus): Reload Speed is increased by 10%
    Slayer: Total Armor value increased from 29 to 43
    Twisted (Bonus): Melee Hits steal health from enemies (original Leech Ember values)
    Twisted: Total Weight value increased from 33 to 55 (50 with Twisted Mask)
    Twisted: Total Armor value increased from 30 to 74 (62 with Twisted Mask)
    Osseous (Bloodlust): Ranged/Melee hits against same target increases damage to that target
    Osseous (Bonus): Fire Rate & Melee Speed increased by 5%
    Osseous: Total Armor value increased from 35 to 47
    Radiant (Bonus): Reduced recoil by 10%
    Radiant: Total Armor value increased from 51 to 62
    Void (Power Transfer - NEW): Gain a damage stack every 10s (3 max).
    Void (Power Transfer – NEW): Taking damage removes a damage stack and adds defensive stack (3 max).
    Void (Bonus): Slightly increases iFrames on evades (+2)
    Void: Total Armor value increased from 70 to 120
    Bomber Hat: Total Armor value increased from 2 to 10

    Summons (Seed Caller, Beckon, Iron Sentinel, Tentacle Shot): Reduced to 2 charges per mod
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: To better facilitate summoner build, balance, and performance, we reduced all summon mod charges to 2 (each summon by the caster counts towards increased damage for them only while wearing Soul Anchor). This also helps with summons blocking the paths of enemies. In our next update, we will be looking at powering up the effectiveness and identity of the individual summons.

    Explosive Shot: Projectile damage increased from 60 to 130
    Explosive Shot: AOE damage increased from 120 to 170
    Explosive Shot: Increased range from 3.5m to 4.0m
    Explosive Shot: Increased minimum dropoff damage from 65% to 80%
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: In our ongoing endeavor to increase the effectiveness of each mod, we powered up Explosive Shot for those that really love AOE damage. Enjoy!

    Swarm: Fixed bug where projectile lifetime was limited to 12s
    Swarm: Fixed projectile duration to 20s (and not 12 or 25)
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: In the last update, we realized a bug (no pun intended) in the behavior of Swarm AFTER we submitted the update but before we finalized the update notes. We originally intended to increase the time and we mistakenly thought 25s would rectify the issue. We’ve since fixed the issue that forced Swarm to remain at 12s and capped it at 20.

    Mender's Aura: Nor works on Liz/Liz and Root Mother (at a reduced rate)
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: This is more of a Quality of Life change, but you can now heal NPCs in combat at a reduced rate by using Mender’s Aura.

    Iron Sentinel: Will no longer target enemies that it cannot see
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: If a turret loses line-of-sight on enemies and has no target, it will stop firing.

    Wasteland Goodboy has been buffed from Goodboy to Very Goodboy
    DEVELOPER COMMENT: I mean, he is a very goodboy.

  • MerlinW
    Én általában repeater pistol/jungle god + beam/ruin/2 shotgun párossal tolom. Kimaxolt karakterrel kb 3 óra alatt végigszaladok a játékon hard-on, 1-2 halál beficcen néha pár boss-nál a rohanás miatt, de nem vészes. A holnap érkező armor skill rework-el valszeg a nightmare sem lesz különösebb gond.
    Utoljára szerkesztette: MerlinW, 2019.09.11. 22:06:19
  • Droughert
    Jó fegyver+mod választás és sima fight soloban is (eddig normalon csináltam csak). A kis addokra smg nagyon jó, szépen darálja őket, a bossra meg mondjuk az assault rifle+swarm mod. Ha ki van traitelve a mod töltés, akkor nagyon gyorsan tudod ráküldeni a swarm-ot, ami szépen eszi a boss hp-ját, amíg lerendezed az addokat. A fight elején azonnal le szoktam szedni a négy nagy mobot a boss mellől, pár sorozat még a boss-ba+swarm, és már szedem is a többi nagy addot akik közben jönnek. Ezután smg-vel a kis addokat ritkítom+amikor csak lehet megy a bossba a dmg+swarm. Mikor először voltam ott, első vagy második próbálkozásra le is ment, volt ott több másik boss amivel többet szívtam.
  • darkSectorxxx
    Köszi. :)
  • MerlinW
  • darkSectorxxx
    Majd egyszer beugorhatok érte, ha mindketten online leszünk? :D

    Sikerült tegnap megszereznem egy hiányzó fegyvert, már csak elvileg a Chicago van vissza. :)
    Utoljára szerkesztette: darkSectorxxx, 2019.09.11. 20:02:57
  • MerlinW
    megvan jaja
  • darkSectorxxx
  • lostprophet
    Jah, este én is két másik ismeretlennel kipróbáltam a coopot, de a Nightmare-rel megszenvedtünk.
  • darkSectorxxx
    Én is így vagyok, rohadt nehéz leszervezni, a melo meg családi dolgok...:S
    De max nyisd meg publikra és akkor jönnek ezrével segíteni.
  • Myselor
    elég erősen igen :d coopban gondolom nem gáz de nekem nincs coop társam meg annyira nem is szeretem az összeegyeztetés miatt.
  • darkSectorxxx
    Mindegyik boss tulzás a rád ömlő gecikkel, szinte belekerget a coop-ba. :)
  • Myselor
    úgyis ugyanaz :D amúgy még talán nem is lenne gondom annál a bossnál hogy folyamatosan idézi a lövős geciket.de mikor tölti a szaros életét és utána kb végig jönnek azok a csapkodós kis gecik is közben de ömlenek 4-5 egyszerre mindig na az már gusztustalan túlzás.
  • darkSectorxxx
    Egyedül agyrák a játék sajnos, a kis mobok miatt, hacsak nem vagy felfejlesztve és nem normálon mész.
  • Myselor
    nekem ami sok az az undying king.ott hagytam.néztem coopban sem könnyű de legalább az egyik tankolja a dögöket a másik lövi azt a faszt de egyedül hát nem is tudom...meglehet csinálni de pusztulat sok add van és ezen látszik talán a legjobban hogy coopra van direkt csinálva az egész.
  • darkSectorxxx
    Megvan esetleg még a Chicago mentésed?
  • darkSectorxxx
    Ez oké, coopban megoszlik a figyelem, de amikor pl solozol és nincs terel3és akkor olyan vagy kb mint a virág mod :)
  • MerlinW
    Stream-ben mutogatták, 2x több armor értéke lesz, bizonyos nyaklánccal és gyűrűvel komoly tank lehet. Alapvetően co-op armor természetesen.
  • darkSectorxxx
    Hááát, láttál már játszani? :D
  • AntiHero
    Gurulni úgyse kell. Elég ha mindig hàtra lépsz 1-et. :D
  • darkSectorxxx
    A nyaklánc nélkül kb használhatatlan az armor.... :D ez így jó is lesz. :P
  • AntiHero
    Leto armor set
  • lostprophet
    Hol érné meg most megvenni a játékot? :)
  • MerlinW
    Adventure mode stream live
  • MerlinW
  • AntiHero
    Announcing the first AND second free content updates for Remnant: From the Ashes!
    Sep 12 - Adventure Mode
    Sep 19 - Leto's Lab

    More info more info
  • AntiHero
  • MerlinW
  • MerlinW

    We have some good stuff coming really soon (tm)... but before we get into it, it's important to mention that the vast majority of the time we are working on performance, crashes, stability, and bug-fixes. We know this is important to players, both new and old, even though NEW CONTENT is the most exciting. That being said, as you probably know, we are working on getting Adventure Mode locked down! On top of that, we have a host of really fun balance/tuning stuff coming along for the ride.

    I can't give an exact date, but it's definitely soon (tm). The unofficial goal is within 7 days or so... BUT DON'T QUOTE ME (pls) on that because sometimes we find an issue or two that has to be nailed down before we can submit... or release times need to be adjusted for any number of reasons. This is NOT an official announcement, just giving you the best guess I can. For more official release dates, always refer to Perfect World announcements!

    As for what to expect from the next patch, besides Adventure Mode (which will allow you to reroll a specific biome as many times as you want... so you can get the loot you are missing!) we have the aforementioned armor update which going to be very interesting and fun to experiment with. The goal is to make armor more valuable (the actual armor value / damage reduction) but also give you more ways to mix and match. We want to provide a really interesting tradeoff between mix-matching or going all-in one one armor. So while the 3 piece bonuses will always be the stongest single-effect, mix-matching will allow you to create some really fun synergies.

    The way we are doing this is by adding an additional 1-pc bonus (that does NOT scale with multiple pieces). This is active on every piece of armor, but again, it doesn't stack. As an example of how this works: Hunter Armor retains its "Damage Increase beyond xRange" but also gets a flat 15% Weakspot DMG (from any range). You can get this 15% from the head, the chest, or the pants... but it does not stack with itself. So, with this setup, you can wear 2-pc Bandit to get the +2 Set Bonus, then enjoy the +1-pc Hunter range bonus, and then on top of that, the new flat 15% Weakspot bonus that comes with any single piece of Hunter Gear.

    As a heads up, with these armor changes, we are using Radiant armor as the gold standard (no pun intended). We are not nerfing Radiant to bring it down to the other levels but instead bringing up every armor closer to where Radiant performs. The only noticable tweak we would make to Radiant would be to ensure the 1-pc and 2-pc are considerably weaker to entice you to wear all 3-pc (for the current / unchanged bonus) but also give it the special new any-piece bonus. Well, as we mentioned, we also want to increase the actual armor value (damage reduction) too, so that would actually be a buff!

    The goal with these armor changes is to allow more freedom and more creativity. Radiant was a best-in-slot / mandatory for harder difficulties. The other armors, while super cool looking, didn't live up to the power (or utility) fantasy that Radiant does. We want to fix that!

    On top of the armor stuff, more weapon enhancements are coming. Last patch we made a variety of tweaks to help further separate each weapon identity. We are continuing that for the weapons that didn't get touched (while still giving some final touches to previous weapons). We've heard a lot about Sniper Rifles so expect some nice additions there.

    OH, also... yes, Devastator / Bandit is getting "fixed"... but not how you think! Devastator / Bandit was super OP because the 5-projectiles each had a chance to proc the free-shot (which was 5x 35%). We are changing it to only allow 1 proc PER TARGET... which means for each target you hit, you have an additional 35% chance. If you hit 3 targets... 35% x3! This keeps the Devastator/Bandit fun... but removes the raw boss exploit potential.

    Bandit also had an issue with latency... that should be fixed too.

    ... and last but not least, we didn't forget you Summoner fans. =)

    (... ok ok, Nightmare (Boss) is also getting a few tweaks).

    Will edit the post with any additional info. For now, it's not meant to be a full patch notes or anything... just a heads up!
  • darkSectorxxx
    Normal még jó sebzésben, de amikor téged darálnak elég szépen fogy a hp.
    Te erős vagy támadást illetően, de hamar lemegy az életed ugyanúgy mint alapon.

    A templomos rész meg nekem a legutolsó nerf miatt most ugyanúgy szenvedés mint régen első alkalommal.

    Én nem mondtam hogy nincs értelme a Nightmare-nek. :)
  • MerlinW
    Ja hogy ja.
  • Moby
    "/mondjuk a hónapot ők is elírták :)"
  • MerlinW
    Hát normal fokozaton azért elég op leszel. Max karakterrel (lvl20 + minden trait maxon) 2 és fél óra alatt leszólózóm a játékot halál nélkül. Hard már kicsit trükkösebb, nightmare-hez meg alapvetően követelmény a max karakter.

    Hogy mi az értelme a nightmare-nek? Fun. Az a baj hogy sokan már képtelenek élvezni egy játékot fejlődés meg loot nélkül. Anno a Doom-ot, Duke-ot, vagy bármilyen platformert miért játszottuk végig 100x? Mert jó volt.
    Utoljára szerkesztette: MerlinW, 2019.09.05. 18:43:38
  • MerlinW
    Mondjuk lehet valamit félreértek, de Aug 20 + 2 hét akárhogy számolom sem jön ki októberre :)
    Utoljára szerkesztette: MerlinW, 2019.09.05. 18:39:54
  • darkSectorxxx
    Traint sokat segít, de op nem leszel tőle.
  • Droughert
    A traitek miatt erősebb leszel. A cuccaid max értéke 20-as lehet, ennél tovább nem nehezít a játék, de te kapod a traitpontokat, amivel egyre erősebb lehetsz. Nemrég rerolloltam a világot, a földön úgy mentem át mint kés a vajon. Volt sok olyan bossz amit most láttam először, de mind feküdt elsőre. Még mindig az smg+hunting rifle combót használom. A mostani szettel, ha proccol a gyűrűm (csak 5% esély van rajta), akkor sima mobokba vagy bossba, a weakspotra rádurrantok olyan 6500-8000 körüli sebzést.
  • darkSectorxxx
    Most beszéltük. Soha nem leszel op.
    Pláne hogy már a legtöbb op mod-ot is gyengítették a peccsekkel.

    A ReRoll arra kell hogy farmolni tudj anyagokat mert akkor a map megint tele lesz felszedhető bogyeszokkal.

    De semmi nem fog könnyebb lenni. :)