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  • Szabi #102
    Version released, welcoming DX11

    SPOILER! Kattints ide a szöveg elolvasásához!

    This update took us longer, since we were working on bigger changes that needed time to mature enough to be released with quality in mind.

    DirectX 11
    We have switched from DirectX9 to DirectX11. The benefits are improved performance, future proofness and a good step towards modernizing the game engine core. The downside is that DirectX 11 will not run on Windows XP any more.

    Moved some calculations to the GPU, speeding up the flexmeshes considerably
    Implemented realistic Electronic Stability Control with multiple switchable configurations: Use CTRL+Q to switch. The Hirochi Sunburst is currently the only vehicle modern enough to have ESC support.
    Small startup time improvement
    Added force-feedback defaults to Fanatec and T500RS wheels
    New main menu background images replacing the blurry video - Higher quality and more appealing
    Added new vehicle Lua API: getYawAngularVelocity, getPitchAngularVelocity, getRollAngularVelocity
    Added brakePressureDelay to simulate delay of air brakes on heavy trucks
    Changelogs in the start menu and the info tab
    Improved debug visualization for sounds.
    Windows 10: Tested and found to be working well, fixed version reporting

    Mouse wheel, axes, and some buttons can be bound now, enabling you to have mouse steering
    Improved bindings: now faster and more direct: calling VLua, ELua, JS or TS directly
    G27 steering wheel RPM LEDs working
    Fixed setting bindings of high-end controllers that can fire rapid events (such as Fanatec CS or Saitek X-55)
    Fixed inability to add and save bindings after the last one has been removed
    Right mouse button "look" is now a binding like the rest (and can be replaced by mouse steering, accelerate & brake, and many others)
    Add filtering options to mouse controls (deadzone, linearity, inversion)
    Show controller name next to axis/button identifier when editing a binding (to help those with many controllers connected at the same time)
    Show device type icon (keyboard, gamepad, etc. icons) next to most binding assignments
    Minor GUI improvements in Controls menu to improve usability
    "Advanced Functions" mode now also disables certain hotkeys used for debugging and alike.

    Vehicle loading optimized making it 3x faster
    Using average wheel speed for speedometer instead of the speed of one of the wheels
    Fixed physics core loosing beams under rare circumstances
    Differential improvements
    Fixed crash when loading dead island mod with "Direct Sound" enabled
    Removed all sound providers except one for now.
    Fixed an issue where users could not define an audio device properly
    Fixed negative values in colorpicker
    Fix for suspension replacement disabling steering
    Prevent CEF console from being enabled at the same time as full screen mode
    Fixed sorting of rendered objects to reduce pixel fillrate, GPU state changes and to improve instancing
    Fixed crash when more than 16 sounds are playing at the same time
    Fixed default water density being far too low

    User Interface:
    Added Electronic new Stability Control and ABS UI debugging apps
    New and improved colorpicker in the vehicle selection
    Several minor fixes to the UI: dashboard selection/highlighting, vehicle selector sizing too far
    Improved auto-hiding of the dashboard: after 30 seconds and only when no tab is open
    Vehicle Selector performance problems fixed: showing up much quicker now
    Fixed Problem in the UI with duplicate audio devices making the UI stop working
    Fixed Tacho2 up when engine values were missing: "NaN" is not shown but instead hiding the value now

    Jungle Rock Island: Airfield progress, AI improvements, new materials/textures, added a fort, fixed dirt road suddenly ending, also now released and stable
    GridMap: Added an ice patch, extended existing terrain samples
    East Coast USA: Improved materials and LODs for buildings for improved performance
    4 new Scenarios: Moose Test, Jungle Rock Island Shortcut, East Coast USA Jumps, Heavy Machine Delivery
    Updated colmesh for striped concrete barrier
    Fixed "Supercar Rally" scenario
    Fixed "Island Tour" scenario

    T75: Added new Cement Mixer upfit. Continued optimizations. Redesigned front jbeam to better simulate leaf springs. Fixed missing hood and fender cams, rear spotlights. Fixed slow onset instability problems.
    Sunburst: Added new rally parts and non-ABS brakes to the Hiroshi Sunburst Rally
    200BX: Added new spoilers (XType and Small Lip). Tierod stiffness increased, fixed LSD diff being locked
    D15: Added new off-road parts and "D15 V8 4WD Flatbed Custom" config. Fixed ABS settings for steelwheels, increased front suspension damping
    D15/Roamer Small Trailer: Improved trailer wheels, collision and suspension
    Roamer: Added new roofrack objects, spare tire, carry bag
    Sunburst: Stiffened door hinges, headlights, tierods
    Improved ABS system, also tuning (to suit new system):200BX, D15, Grand Marshal, Sunburst
    Bolide: Fixed normalmap artifact, fixed doors colliding with fenders, stiffened chassis
    Covet: Added new rally parts to the Ibishu Covet Rally. Increased HP of base model
    Grand Marshal: Stiffened chasssis and rear door hinge, fixed dashboard mesh stretching
    Pigeon: Increases suspension damping
    Van: Fixed rear view mirror mesh stretching, increased front suspension damping
    Concrete Barrier: Remade nodes/beams, replaced with an updated model
    Added a "Kick Plate" prop (scenario to use it will come)
    Flexbody binding improvements/fixes: 200BX, Bolide, Covet, D15/Roamer, Grand Marshal, Sunburst, T75
    Improvements to glass strength: 200BX, Bolide, Covet, D15/Roamer, Grand Marshal, Moonhawk, Sunburst, T75
  • pedobear

    Version released
    Utoljára szerkesztette: pedobear, 2015.06.16. 11:52:37
  • Skypack
  • Szabi #99
    Version released

    Added NodeBeamEditor by masa: We are working together with him to integrate it better. You can find it in the 'editor' subfolder.

    Many stability fixes in the physics core
    Fixed cache file loading: prefer non-cached version
    Fixed bug where vehicles could not be dragged around in the editor
    Pressure wheels support hubcaps again
    Disabled action menu for now until it is completely working
    Fixed cache file loading: prefer non-cached version
    Better deflation behavior for pressure wheels

    Vehicle Content:
    New cubemaps for car reflections
    Thumbnails for all vehicles
    Minor changes to sunburst body kit and rally lights mesh

    Terrain Content:
    Overhauled skybox cubemaps for better reflections
    Minor improvements to ECA
    Updated palm trees and textures on DRI
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    Nem tud valaki Play Station 2-es joystickhoz input mapot???
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  • Szabi #96
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    hát ez arra jó max, ha autós jeleneteket készülsz forgatni a való életben, előtte a játékkal lemodellezed :D :P
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    Így legalább nem felejtem el frissíteni. Bár nagy változások nincsenek. Mikor lesz ebből valami? (Költői kérdés).
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    Kikuldozgetgtek a Steam-es kodokat, most mar be lehet (kell) huzni Steam ala is.
  • Skypack
    Update Changelog :
    SPOILER! Kattints ide a szöveg elolvasásához!

    Vehicle updates:
    Added vehicle: Ibishu Pigeon
    Global improvements to handling and top speed (tire tuning)
    Roll cage optional part added to Covet for Race and Rally models
    New Covet Sport as a factory model (+10 hp, sportier suspension and wheels)
    Added fender flare parts, engine variants, and 2 new sets of wheels/tires for Bolide to create 2 new factory variants (320 and 390 GTR)
    Adjusted shift points for all automatic transmissions
    Added 5-speed manual transmission to D-Series and Grand Marshal
    Enabled steel wheels for D-Series
    Recalibrated speedometers
    Revised torque curves for Gavril I6 and V8 engines (230 hp for the standard V8)
    Engine tuning stage parts added to Gavril V8 engines (stage 1 = 270 hp, stage 2 = 420 hp)
    Factory sport models added for the Grand Marshal and D15 using stage 1 engine tuning
    Added optional welded differential to D-Series, H-Series, and Grand Marshal
    Drift Missile variants added to D-Series, H-Series, and Grand Marshal
    Repaintable decals for the H-Series (put your own fancy logo on it!)
    Fix for brake lights only coming on at >50% pressure
    All gauges now glow when the engine is running
    Various tweaks, fixes, and improvements to all vehicles
    Revised some vehicle part weights
    New default colors
    Added flares and spotlights for all lights (incl. brakes and signals)
    Terrain updates:
    Improved road materials
    Improved textures
    Improved roads
    Improved terrain
    Improved lighting and color
    Improved sunflare effect
    Improved skybox texture for reflections (reflections now have greater contrast)
    Improved objects
    Improved shadow render distance (renders to 1600m now instead of 400, same closeup detail)
    Added a lot of detail to Small Island (tunnel, many new decals, more varied road surfaces, ditches, drains, etc)
    Added several new objects/areas to Grid Map
    Fixed suspension test object grabbing wheels on Grid Map
    Improved mud visuals on Industrial
    New objects and vegetation
    New Cliff map
    Small Island and Cliff can do proper day and night transitions now (for now the others use the old system still)
    Physics updates:
    The whole physics core was reviewed. Many fixes for the physics. Optimizations
    Around 25% performance improvement
    Faster collision subsystem
    Static collision optimizations: terrain objects are faster and reload quicker
    More stable and accurate collisions (fixed a lot of bugs - less shaking and getting stuck)
    Heightmap bugfixes and optimizations
    Improved 3D mesh performance
    Friction and ground model improvements
    Brake and parking brake greatly improved and extremely effective
    Fixed water density
    Engine reaction torque added
    Automatic transmission launch behavior greatly improved
    Realistic automatic transmission mode implemented (manual PRND21)
    Removed ability to manually shift an automatic transmission as if it were a manual
    Differentiation between automatic and manual transmissions added
    Removed auto-clutch while changing gears
    Added auto-clutch on stalling
    Increased wheel and beam limits
    Fixed physics-crashing problem with beams with 0 spring deforming
    Added warning for zero-sized beams
    More fault tolerant drivetrain initialization
    Spotlight fixes
    Particle fixes
    Added new prop mapping method
    Mud/sand improvement
    Increased accuracy of the physics core
    Added real-time gravity modification
    Added wind
    Added slidenodes
    User interface (UI) updates:
    New main menu
    Completely rewritten UI using HTML5 developed in an open source manner: https://github.com/BeamNG/ui (see also: more-work-on-everything)
    Modular and flexible customizable system with widgets
    Rewritten debug functionality
    General updates:
    Per-vehicle Lua system added
    New Lua mod extension system: hooks that vehicle's Lua can use
    Added RPC-alike call for vehicle Lua
    Added Lua functions getDirectionVectorUp, getBeamLengthRestRatio, inWater, setBeamLengthRatio, setBeamLengthRefRatio, getBeamLengthRefRatio
    Implemented vehicle-specific input maps
    New prop placement system
    Prop breaking via deformGroup added
    Added flares to spotlights
    Added more electrics sources for animated props
    Fixed some Torque3D terrain and vertex buffer locking crashes
    Improved performance of scene rendering (faster sorting of rendering objects)
    Added render distances for BeamNG vehicles
    Fixed crash on truck deletion
    Fixed crash on spotlight deletion
    Fixed crash report date/time
    Fixed up slow motion
    Improved triggers: rendering depending on distance, new trigger improvements (see Race-triggers-accuracy)
    Fixed Lua error levels being set at lots of places, now only once at system start
    Fix for particles disappearing randomly (see Little-Update-Particles-disappearing-randomly-Fixed)
    Improved particles and added normal force
    Added dynamic loadable prefabs: ability to change the level on the fly
    Fixed camera control inversion for interior vs. exterior
    Limited up/down camera movement - no more flipping over
    Camera focus fixes: use the right mouse button to rotate the camera
    Fix for most collision sounds being missed (was mistakenly using beam ID as node ID to emit sound)
    Tire rolling sound now only plays when a tire is contacting asphalt
    Fixed and improved tire slipping sound logic - now only plays on asphalt
    Xbox 360 controller input map reworked (D-pad is now used to operate signals, headlights, and hazards)
    Fanatec 911 Turbo S wheel input map improved/reworked
    Steering wheel now remains 1:1 on cars where it turns less than 900 degrees (for 900 degree wheel users)
    Removed Oculus Rift support
    Removed Skia (previous debug drawing method)
    Added benchmarking tool - test performance with multiple vehicles and output data
    Currently known problems that we are working on:
    GPU will still sometimes crash on some maps
    Flat tires are not really flat anymore due to the tire tuning we did
    Lots of other stuff on our bug tracker right now

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    1 hét múlva jön az update!
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  • Szabi #83
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    Törni-zúzni nem lehet benne, de jól mozognak az orosz vasak...
  • Zero 7th
    Azt nem tudjátok, hogy az ilyen crash teszt videók az most csak ilyen kötetlen baromkodás, vagy tényleg a "fejlődést" láthatjuk?

    Csak mert az eleje környéként, úgy #4-#9 közt már érzésre elég fasza volt az elemek merevsége, tök jó hatást keltett. (Azt nem mondom, hogy realisztikus, de mindenképpen jobb, mint eddig bármi, ami játékban volt)
    Aztán úgy #25 környékén megint hirtelen papírrá váltak az autók. A legdurvább a falnak frontálisan nekizúzás, vagy az egymás tetejére pakolt tucatnyi kocsi leejtése. Gyakorlatilag semmi nem marad belőlük, egyetlen síkba redukálódnak az autók.

    Nagyon remélem, hogy ilyen nem marad benne a végén, nagyon szarul néz ki. Igazából szégyen, hogy egy ilyen fasza kis szimulációt ilyen balfaszul paramétereznek be...
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    Hello, 2 kérdésem lenne.
    1.Hogy lehet váltani, hogy automata vagy manuális legyen (régen q-val lehetett)
    2. Hogyan lehet másik autót (Ai)-t betenni a pályára?
    A válaszokat előre is köszi !
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  • Szabi #74
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    Pigeon is done! Race update progress is progressing. Stay tuned.
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    b+ :D a mankó/kitámasztó kerék ütős :D
  • Szabi #70
  • Szabi #69