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  • Screenracer #228
    "Replay controls

    At the moment, replay controls are very limited. This is a big issue for organising fair Championships, since the only way to monitor actions from players is through replays.

    In my eyes there're some changes and little things that should be added or implemented without -gold command.

    1. A working way to switch between cars on the fly. This works with the -gold command, so I don't think it's that big of a deal.
    2. A working free camera. At the moment, Ctrl+K doesn't work, but Ctrl+F works with -gold command. Since the retail game will not feature Ctrl+F and -gold command seems like it will not be usable, the change here would be allowing Ctrl+K to work. I would really wish the retail version would include Ctrl+F though, since monitoring conflictive spots is hard with Ctrl+K.
    3. An easy way to navigate the Replay. Making the bar clickable would be sweet. Having to monitor a 45 mins. race through FF or clicking on next every 2 seconds can be a bit of a time sink.
    4. Add in a way to make the HUD working in replays, at least a way to show the names of the players.

    I really don't think these changes are hard to implement in the retail game, specially the first two, as they are mostly there already. Please, consider including them, because otherwise doing serious Championships will be imposible, since there's no way to monitor actions and the penalty system at the moment is far too permisive and ignores a lot of things. "