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    Közben kijött ez is:
    "Hello everyone,

    Here is a list of some known critical issues we’re already working on:

    Players can sometimes lose items in their personal chest.
    Players can lose dyes and appearances previously unlocked.
    Some players still can’t enter the Monolith during Fury’s Ascent quest.
    Some Offline characters don’t appear on the character selection screen.
    Act I Boss can sometimes become invulnerable.
    Act III Boss can sometimes freeze.
    Unwanted behaviors from stackable items, trading, productivity, and magic find in specific situations.
    Players can have their quest progression locked if they join a friend who is further in the progression.
    Players' animations can be desynchronized in Multiplayer.
    Fixing multiple passive skill nodes issues (Attrition Strategist, Static Transferral, Safe from Afar, Intravenous Neural Cord, Eagerness, Mass evasion, High Evasion, Sparking Dart, Blessed Silver, Captured Velocity, Academic Fieldwork, Primordial Insights, Faith Leach, Plague Bringer, Virtuose Stance…).
    Summoners need some love and they will have some.
    Uniques can be altered.
    Helmet and Boots can have 2 sockets at certain item levels.
    The Block Efficiency cannot be rolled on shields after level 90.
    Some skills (ex: Bleeding Edge, Winter’s Grasp, Bulwark of Dawn, Flight of Gaavanir…) deal much more damage than they should with some modifiers or don’t function the way they should.
    Genesis unique item can malfunction and lead the game to freeze
    Crash reports.

    This is a non-exhaustive list of critical issues that we’re currently working on for Patch and Patch
    We are aware of many other issues that need fixing and we’re also working on them. If any other critical issue is raised, we'll start working on it as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your support. "