• j0nNyKa
    van kedvetek segíteni? elkezdtem összeírni bugokat meg javaslatokat, egészítsétek ki légyszi, aztán egyben feldobom hivatalos fórumra, itt tartok:

    - untargetable flying minions in act1 and act2 caves
    - destroyable objects don't drop gold in certain areas
    - destroyable objects have weird hitboxes, for example sometimes they wont get destroyed when I shotgun them from close range
    - dungeon "doors" are weird, there's no indication that I clicked on them successfully, and after a few seconds I find myself in the dungeon (something like a quick loading screen would be an okey solution)
    - in green dungeons the reward popup comes in the middle of fights, and it overlaps half the screen
    - I couldn't see any indication of what kind of shrine buff is on my character, it should be clearly shown
    - sometimes (if you hover too fast) when you hover over an item when the shop is open, it won't show the item, only what it compares to (what's on the character)
    - some fps drops in certain areas
    - in some areas there's little to no music

    - option to always show item labels on the ground
    - option to always show monster health bars, even on full hp
    - on the item comparison it would be nice to see how the new item affects my damage per second, and my general defenses
    - hardcore mode
    - some clearity on some of the aspects of the game would be nice, for example damage types, or primary - quaternary stats and the bonus damage they give, or what affects certain spells (for example what makes the turret stronger? what won't affect it?) what affects how strong my aspects are? can I do anything to make them stronger? individually or all of them at once?
    - it feels like items don't really matter, most of the time during the campaign I don't care about what stats an item gives, the item drops feel.. unimportant (not sure what's the solution here, but probably a bit more niche yellow items (like something with tons of agility + material damage + attack damage + attack speed + crit chance = I know that's an assassin / ranger item), and more (or... any really) legendary and unique item drops would make this matter so much better)
    - all the conversations should be skippable, after the 3rd and 4th and so on finished campaigns we shouldn't have to wait for conversations, it breaks the momentum of the game
    - some clear indication of buff, debuff, and spell cooldowns would be nice, the icons now are too small, no way we can track them in the middle of a fight
    - search input in the passive skill wheel (for example if I wanna highlight everything with "attack speed", I should be able to search it and it would highlight those, aka Grim Dawn)
    Utoljára szerkesztette: j0nNyKa, 2020.02.23. 17:21:50