• BlackRose
    54353534534534534534534 ???

    Gyakorlatban hányszor láttál (a Win2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Win7, 2008 R2 esetében) ilyen valamit:

    "A Required DLL File, xyz.dll, was not found" vagy "The procedure entry point abc couldn't be located in zyz.dll"

    Elméletileg mondjuk igazad van, de gyakorlatilag nincs...

    A Microsoft állítása a Win2000 esetében (és azóta csak javult még a helyzet):

    "Is DLL Hell Really Over?

    The huge increase in robustness WFP and private DLLs provide is one more significant advantage Windows 2000 provides over other operating systems. You now get the resource savings of DLLs with the robustness of static linking. While DLL Hell won't be completely eliminated, it is far less likely to occur. Using DUPS to find the problematic DLL and side-by-side DLLs to fix the problem, DLL version problems will be much easier to find and fix."