• Darkon
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    Difficulty: Superstar
    Quarter Length: 8 - 10 Minutes
    Fatigue: On
    Injuries: On
    Clutch Factor: OFF
    Real Player FT%: On
    Game Speed: 45 (45 if you want accurate stats)50 for better gameplay
    Free Throw Difficulty: 50(ireccomend 45)

    User Settings/CPU Settings

    Close Shot Success: 46/15 (46/18)
    Mid-Range Success: 48/43(47/45)
    3PT Success: 50/44
    Layup Success: 50/44
    Dunk Success: 50/50
    Dunks in Traffic: 20/15
    Screen Success: 55/50

    Steal Success: 50/50
    Help Defense Strength: 55/55

    Stealing: 40/40
    Blocking: 42/42
    Ball Handling: 50/50
    Dunking Ability: 50/50
    Offensive Awareness: 65/60
    Defensive Awareness: 75/60
    Offensive Rebounding: 41/40
    Defensive Rebounding: 65/65
    Clutch Factor: 0/0
    Speed: 55/55 (or 50 for both)
    Strength: 50/50
    Stamina: 45/45
    Durability: 50/50
    Vertical: 46/46
    Quickness: 50/50
    Hustle: 80/55
    Hands: 25/25
    On-Ball Defense: 60/55
    Injury Severity: 25/25

    Take Close Shots: 18/13
    Take Mid-Range Shots: 26/41
    Take 3PT Shots: 24/38
    Attack the Basket: 27/22
    Finish Strong Inside: 28/25
    Look for Post Players: 25/20
    Use Triple Threat: 28/30
    Use Fadeaways: 26/26
    Use Hookshots: 13/13
    Attempt Putbacks: 27/26
    Throw Flashy Passes: 5/5
    Commit Fouls: 35/35
    Play Passing Lanes: 36/35
    Go for On-Ball Steals: 26/27
    Contest Shots: 30/27
    Use Sizeup Moves: 26/25

    Charging: 75 (if you are playing on gameplay speed of 45 make charging 85)
    Blocking: 70(If you are playing gameplay speed of 45 put to 80)
    Reaching: 60
    Shooting: 75
    Loose Ball: 100

    for anyone who looks at these do yourself a favour if your a true gamer and like realism in your games and are up still for the challenge of playing a pretty tough computer this is a must... totally different game i was sick of it till i used this

    on another note mabe add a little to shot close scoring and mabe
    for anyone who reads this you must also make the coashing changes they are a must it adds such a great flow to the game and yes my friends this makes the game a 9.5 in my books and id have to say with the changes this is a true realistic basketball game make sure you play on superstar great work im very impressed thanks for wasting all that time lol