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  • Zheka

    "Dear eRepublik team,
    You implemented new changes in daily recoverable health and gave me only +50 hp recovery building, despite the fact that i almost received 13 workskill.
    It's very bad for me also,because taking Battle Hero achievements one my biggest fun ingame(big disadvantage missing 5 strike), so please if you could change my +50 building by +100 recoverable,it will be an excellent option for you and for me.

    Thank you in advance)
    Best regards"

    Válaszuk a ticketemre

    Dear xy,

    For the moment we cannot make any change because every citizen received those buildings according to their skill level. But in the near future we will provide a way to gain health buildings through loyalty program so that you will be able to acquire this buildings

    Kind regards,


    eRepublik team