• remark #118
    Az ujszeru es az ujszerunek nem szamito energiatermelesi modok 1-1 listaja:

    “New and unconventional approaches to energy generation” may include, but are not limited to, energy generation systems based on:

    * Manipulation of electric and/or magnetic fields with novel circuits, materials, or fluids with reciprocating and/or rotating platforms or solid state designs
    * Catalytic activation of electron energy levels in hydrogen, noble gas, or molecular gas plasma
    * Zero-point energy conversion and/or Casimir effect nanotechnology engines, Van der Waals force devices, zero-bias diodes and/or non-thermal rectifiers
    * Non-radioactive, aneutronic, or minimally radioactive low-temperature fission or fusion reactors
    * Thermal gradient-to-electricity processes
    * Hydrogen production through water splitting using catalysts, resonant frequencies, plasma arcing, and/or other novel processes
    * Novel waste-to-energy processes
    * Novel biochemical/bioelectric processes

    Energy generation technologies that do not qualify as “new and unconventional approaches to energy generation” include the following well-researched and presently supported energy technologies:

    * Combustion of petroleum-based fuels
    * Combustion of natural gas
    * Combustion of coal and its derivatives
    * Hydrogen derived from petroleum, natural gas, or coal
    * Uranium and plutonium fission-based nuclear reactors that emit neutrons
    * “Hot fusion” (Tokamak-related) technologies supported by Department of Energy research programs
    * Wind-based generation systems
    * Solar-based generation systems
    * Geothermal-based generation systems
    * Biofuels (ethanol and biodiesel)
    * Biomass combustion
    * Fuel cells
    * Anaerobic digestion of waste to biogas
    * Conventional hydroelectric generators
    * Any other technologies currently supported by DOE Offices or research programs

    Meg ugy is erdekes ez a lista hogy nem sokat ertek a temahoz.
    Nekem ugy tunik hogy eleg sokan vannak a Foldon akik szerint leteznek olyan energiatermelesi modok amikre egyelore "valamiert" nem iranyul figyelem... Es bar nem olvastam vegig az osszes hozzaszolast, de nekem ugy tunik hogy ugy altalaban nem nagyon beszelunk masrol mint a "hivatalos" megoldasokrol.