• Tyler1
    Tomasz Rosicky for "Al Jazeeru"papers:
    "I swear I gave my vote to Cristiano Ronaldo,
    but surprisingly Lionel Messi's name was on my paper!"

    Gianluigi Buffon for "Gazetta dello Sport": "I voted for Cristiano Ronaldo and my vote was given to Pirlo. I don't know what happened!"

    "I voted for Cristiano Ronaldo, but according to FIFA my vote went to Messi. It's a petty
    these things happen."
    — Thiago Silva (PSG)

    A journalist from Indonesia claims he voted for Xavi, Barcelona midfielder, but his vote
    was given to Messi.

    José Pekerman, Colombia coach tolocal news:
    "I gave maximum points to Radamel Falcao, of course. According to FIFA, I gave it all to Messi, I don't know what happened but it is not how I voted."