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    OEM: Acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. The original manufacturer of a hardware subsystem or component. Fore example, Canon makes the print engine used in many laser printers, including those from Hewlett-Packard; in this case, Canon is the OEM and HP is a value-added reseller(VAR)

    Original Equipment Manufacturer. A company that sells products (including software) under its own label that include technology licensed from another vendor. The original product name may or may not be retained.

    Abbreviation for original equipment manufacturer. The manufacturer of any device that is designed and built to be distributed under the label of another company.

    Original Equipment Manufacturer. It refers to a component which is supplied without full consumer packaging at a lower cost

    n. Original Equipment Manufacturer. 1. n. A manufacturer of unbranded products. 2. A reseller that brands unbranded products. 3. adj. Unbranded. 4. v. To brand and resell an unbranded product. By definition, no post-sale support or driver updates are available for OEM products.

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