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    hali emberek, egy kis ízelítő. A grafika nem túl szép, de a gamma csak 50 MB.

    Welcome to the exciting world of Railway Mogul. Railway Mogul lets you fulfill your childhood fantasy of model railroading on a grand scale and enjoy the fun and excitement of a challenging and engaging realtime strategy game.

    Build stations, railtracks, tunnels and bridges on varied types of terrain, ranging from flat planes to hilly and difficult terrain. Buy locomotives to ship products from one community to the other while keeping an eye on the companies finances. Help small towns grow into large cities, all in realtime 3D. Let your imagination run wild when you build your own scenarios using the powerful and innovative in-game WYSIWYG editor.


    • Amazing freedom of movement thanks to the powerful 3D game engine. Get as close to the action as possible or control everything from a bird's eye view.

    • Create complex railway networks with as many locomotives as needed.

    • Expansive 3D environments showcase richly designed factories, houses, stations and locomotives.

    • Dynamic and immersive environments with traffic, fully animated factories, aircrafts that take-off and land at airports, advanced cloud system, etc.

    • Dynamic residential system where small towns can evolve into large cities as more and more of there demands are met by the railway comapny. Players get to witness construction in fully animated sequences in realtime 3D!

    • Powerful finance system which allows the player to keep track of exactly how well the company is doing. It also enables players to make complex financial decisions like issuing bonds to raise money.

    • The game has a macroeconomic system, that effects the supply and demand of products due to economic slowdowns and booms.

    • Innovative, unique and intuitive user interface that allows players unprecedented control over their point of view in the game and let's them concentrate more on game play rather than on how to interact with the user interface.

    • Powerful and easy to use WYSIWYG in-game editor to allow users to create their own scenarios for unlimited amount of gameplay.

    • All the data in the game is fed to it via editable scripts. This will allow players to completely modify the look and feel of the game according to their desires.

    System Requirements:

    Windows 98, Windows Xp

    500 MHZ (Celeron, Pentium, AMD)

    32 MB Ram

    16 MB Graphics Card(Hardware acceleration preffered)

    50 MB Harddrive space