Bloodline Champions
  • Jeffjohnson
    Úgy néz ki újraéled a játék.
    "The Bloodline Champions servers are being moved. The new servers will be run by Stunlock.

    The move will be done on January 28th!
    Log into the game within 2 weeks and get a “Welcome to the new servers” -Reward!

    You will need Steam to play Bloodline Champions now. We are working with Steam to remove any regional restrictions currently active. All game accounts will now be connected to a Steam account. New accounts are automatically bound the the Steam account you are using at the time. If you want to play on an existing Bloodline Champions account you will need to use your unique key-code found below, to bind it to your Steam account."
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    Steamen is elérhető a game
  • lolSL
    The patch notes for patch 2.0, to go live tomorrow, have just been released. The patch will bring many significant changes and features, including:

    New non-rated matchmaking queues have been added for both 3v3 Arena and the Scenarios, the alternate game modes Conquest and Capture the Artifact. Players can create parties to easily join these queues with their teammates. Additionally, the EU and US regions no longer have separate queues; instead, players can assign priorities per region.

    Account progression
    Levels now matter. The new level cap is set to 25, but worry not, your current level will be recalculated into the new system; if you are already a veteran, you will likely be set to level 25 on launch. The level progression is designed to slowly introduce new players to the newest features: traits and medallions.

    Traits and Medallions
    To answer the popular demand for character progression and customization, a new Trait system has been added. Trait points are unlocked every level and can be spent on passive trait bonuses, similar to talent trees.
    Medallions offer all bloodlines three additional skills: two active, and one more passive. The active Medallions have a high cooldown and energy cost, making them rather situational abilities.
    Together, Traits and Medallions also change the base statistics of your bloodline, from his health to his energy gain and energy cap, allowing you to either cover your bloodline's weaknesses or capitalize on his strengths. A fully Traited bloodline is estimated to do 15-20% more overall damage than one without any traits.

    Balance changes
    Too many to even start listing, highlights being significant reworks to the Ravener, Guardian, Herald and Seeker, and long overdue nerfs to Grimrog.

    Whether all these changes will turn out to be beneficial to Bloodline Champions along the road is a hot topic in the community, but only time till truly tell.

    To read the full patch notes, click here!
  • lolSL
    BLC versenyről stream
  • lolSL
  • Kry
    Igen játszhatod anélkül hogy real moneyt bele ölnél, vagy ha van zs-éd áldozhatsz is rá. Nyilván ha free-n tolod, akkor grindelni kell h meg vehess ezt azt, de evan, legalább akkor jobban értékeled.
  • Cat 02 #63
    Ingyé' van ? :!
  • Kry
    Halihó, látom kicsit inaktív a fórum, pedig marha jó játékról van itt szó, 1 hete kezdtem el újra játszani ,anno még bétában is voltam, de azóta meglepődtem mennyit fejlesztettek rajta, sztem naon jó játék lett.

    A lényeg h keresek magyarokat, Gumimaci néven megtaláltok ingame, vegyetek fel friend listre nyugodtan :)
  • lolSL

    DreamHack announce $10,000 Bloodline Champions tournament - Lots of online qualifications and also on BYOC at DHS http://goo.gl/Eg3lC
  • Cat 02 #60
    Milyen sivár lett a játék :o
  • lolSL
  • lolSL
    BLG TV, rendszeresen közvetítenek versenyeket esténként
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  • Jeffjohnson
    Kavics néven szoktam játszani.
  • Feverke
    Nemrég kezdtem játszani, már pár nevet fel is vettem friendbe ha nem baj:) jólenne egy teamet csinalni ladderre, ha van kedvetek. Sztem elég király a játék. Jó addiktív:)

  • Jeffjohnson
    de ennek ellenére már megy :D
  • csana83
    Ja igen, írja is.
  • Jeffjohnson
    11:00 től elvileg 2 órás leállás lesz mert akkor jön a patch.
  • csana83
    Már izzítom is a klienst :).
  • Jeffjohnson

    Ma jön egy patch:

    • You are now able to see the latest patch notes in-game using the menu button on the top left in the Blood Gate.
    • The amount of players online is once again visible in the Blood Gate News and Information Box.
    • You are now able to see the Account Icon of players in your friends list, in the scoreboard and when you are searching for other players.
    • A bug that appeared when scrolling in the friends list has been fixed.
    • It is now possible to see other player's mouse cursors when observing them either after death or in chase cam mode as observer. You can turn this off in the options menu.
    • Fixed a crash caused by disconnecting from a game server during loading.
    • All timers should now be more in-sync with the server.
    • A couple of server list filter bugs have been fixed.
    • A bug causing observers to not get the reward window after a team forfeits has been fixed.
    • All particles will now fade when they go in/out of line of sight.
    • Matchmaking status is now displayed even when you are in a matchmaked lobby or ingame. This is to better prevent queue dodging.
    • Increased the max zoom distance in observer mode Free cam and Smart cam.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Bloodgate to go down.

    • Fixed a bug causing the "Win x amount of matches with a 2v2 team" to only be achieved when logging in.

    • Name Change service added to the marketplace.
    • Team Slot service added to the marketplace.
    • Convert Funcom Points to Blood Coins service added to the marketplace.
    • Added weekly packages. You can now buy the last week's bloodline rotation for a discounted price.
    • New items section added to the marketplace.
    • Special Sales section added to the marketplace.
    • Fixed a bug where the player became unable to select a newly unlocked bloodline if it was unlocked while in a game lobby.

    GUI Updates
    • The Team Statistics page in the Scoreboard now has a much bigger font size.
    • Cast time in ability tooltips now displays 2 decimals.

    • Capture time up to 7s from 5s.

    Bloodlines & Abilities
    • Fixed a bug causing all ground target AoE abilities to not reapply the debuff after a target had become invulnerable or immaterial inside the AoE after turning back to normal again. This affects Crippling Goo, Dead Roots, Frost Arrow, Chronoflux, Fire Arrow and Earthstorm.
    • Energy gain from heals now scales with the healing amount, this means that healers no longer gain full energy from heals that are not a perfect hit.
    • Fixed a bug with slows and control value, slow effects should now properly award control value.
    • Knockback range now reduced properly by CC reducing buffs.
    • A couple of ability effects have been updated with new graphics.



    Harpoon now has priority over other abilities that throw targets into the air, this means that the Spearmaster will fly towards his target even after being hit by abilities such as Crude Strike and Stalagmite when the Harpoon hits his target.

    Whirling Blade
    • Now breaks incapacitating effects.

    • Spearmaster can now become affected by Crippling Goo and Dead Roots during Whirlwind.

    Ranid Assassin

    Venom Dart (EX)
    • Direct Impact damage down to 15 from 20.
    • Casttime up to 0.3s from 0.2s.
    • Leech Factor up to 66% from 50%.
    • Fixed a bug causing the Ranid to teleport to the target hit with Venom Dart if being stealthed.

    Toxin Bomb
    • Consume damage down to 130/160/190% from 140/180/220%.

    Blade Flurry
    • The second strike of Blade Flurry no longer triggers the stun effect and third hit from Camouflage, this means that a Ranid can no longer use his Camouflage during a strike to proc stun, it will instead proc on the next attack.


    Earth Shake
    • Damage up to 38 from 35.

    Bone Crush Rush (EX)
    • Bonus damage down to 16 from 18.

    Spike Shield
    • Damage Reduction up to 50% from 40%.


    Puncturing Strike
    • Now dashes 3 times back and forth and ends up at a new position instead of the same position.
    • Damage per dash down to 5 from 6.
    • Incapacitate duration down to 1s from 1.5s.

    Shadow Strike
    • Casttime down to 0.3s from 0.4s.

    Shadow Hunt
    • Now reduces negative effect durations by 50%.
    • Now reduces Deviate cooldown down to 3s during the Shadow Hunt effect.



    Boomerang Storm
    • Slow Factor down to 30% from 50%.

    Wind Thrust
    • Casttime down from 0.3s to instant.

    • Movement speed up to 155 from 150.

    Seeker’s Strike
    • Range down to 100 from 105.
    • Energy Gain down to 9 from 10.

    • Fixed a tooltip error stating that the incapacitate lasted 1.2s, the incapacitate effect lasts for 1s and the Blitz effect lasts for 1.2s, this is now stated in the tooltip.
    • Now breaks incapacitating effects.

    Fire Arrow
    • Now grants 6 extra energy when hitting an additional target with the same arrow.

    Lightning Arrow (EX)
    • Velocity down to 300 from 350.
    • Range down to 114 from 130.
    • Lightning Shock duration down to 1s from 1.5s.

    Seeker’s Grace
    • Duration down to 6s from 10s.

    • Range down to 101 from 117.

    • Now drops artifact when triggered.


    Flame Thrower
    • The channeling effect is no longer interrupted by spell block and silence.



    Sweeping Strike – Reworked (M1)
    Deals 14/16/18 damage on consecutive hits. Consumes Judgement if the effect has stacked 4 times turning the Sweeping Strike into a powerful 180 degree cone attack dealing 16 damage plus 6% of target's lost health.

    Cleave - Removed

    Decapitate (EX) - Removed

    • Effect stacks up every 2.5s, stacks up to 4 times.

    Boomerang Axe
    • Moved to Ability Slot 2 (Mouse 2).
    • Damage down to 16 from 18.

    Thrust – Reworked and Renamed into Intervene (Space)
    Deals 8 damage and inflicts Armor Break on enemy impact. Heals self and ally for 10 health, grants the Guardian full stacks of Judgement and resets cooldown of Intervene on allied impact. Guardian is unable to intervene the same ally target again during the next 3s. Duration of Armor Break increases with distance dashed.

    Judgement Strike – New EX (Space)
    Jumps towards target location and strikes in melee dealing 24 damage and inflicting Armor Break when touching ground.

    Disperse - New Ability (E)
    Negates the next projectile, melee or direct area damage attack directed at the Guardian within 1s. Negating an attack removes all negative effects and resets the cooldown of Intervene. Additionally deals 6 damage and inflicts 1.2s Silence on nearby enemies.

    Chain Heal
    • Healing from lost health down to 50/35/20% from 50/40/30%.

    Sanctuary – New EX (R)
    Infuses the ground at target location with holy energy. Allies that enters the area are affected by Sanctuary. Enemies that enter the area are affected by Disgrace. The area effect last for 3s.

    Sanctuary Buff
    Reduces damage taken by 40%, heals for 2 health every 0.5s.

    Reduces movement speed by 33% and attack speed by 15%.

    Cyclone Charge
    • Damage on impact up to 30 from 28.
    • Area down to 18 from 28.


    Stone Shield
    • Max Absorb down to 46 damage from 56 damage.
    • No longer deals 9 initial damage when used.
    • Now deals 9 additional damage when the effect ends.
    • Can now only proc the AoE damage once every 0.3s up from 0.25s.

    • Global cooldown up to 0.5s from 0.3s.

    • Incapacitate duration down to 1.5s from 2s.

    • Healing per tick down to 12 from 14.


    Sol Bolt
    • Now triggers cooldown on Ohm bolt.

    Ohm Bolt
    • Now triggers cooldown on Sol Bolt.


    Nurturing Roots
    • Duration down to 2s from 2.5s.
    • Max Absorb up to 46 damage from 44 damage.

    Fertilize (EX)
    • Range down to 108 from 132.
    • Area down to 16 from 28.

    Healing Spores (EX)
    • Healing up to 32 from 28.

    Mushroom Spore
    • Immobilize duration down to 1s from 1.3s.
    • Spore Duration down to 2.2s from 4s.


    War Strike
    • Damage up to 14/16/18 from 13/15/17.
    • Casttime up to 0.47s from 0.45s.
    • Rage Damage down to 5 from 10.

    War Axe
    • Damage now depends on range traveled, dealing 10-20 damage instead of 14 damage flat.

    Leap Attack
    • Minimum range removed.
    • No longer incapacitates target.
    • Now inflicts Slow; 33% for 2.5s.
    • Damage up to 14 from 12.
    • Now slightly knocks targets back and interrupts casting.

    Battle Shout (EX) – Reworked
    Heals self and nearby allies for 14 health plus 10% of target's lost health. Inflicts Slow on nearby enemies and applies one stack of Rage plus one additional stack for each enemy hit by the Battle Shout.

    • Now grants 3 stacks of Rage up from 1.

    Van’s Guard – Removed

    Shield Slam – New Ability (R)
    Melee cone attack, deals 8 damage, knocks target back slightly and inflicts Demoralize.

    Reduces damage and healing done by 50%, the effect is reduced by 25% for each direct attack that hits the wearer. Lasts up to 4s.

    Piercing Axe (EX) - Removed

    Intercept – New EX (R)
    Charges at high speed towards target location, deals 10 damage, inflicts a 0.7s stun, grabs the enemy and pulls it to the target destination, additionally grants one stack of Rage.

    Heroic Charge
    • Incapacitate duration down to 1.5s from 2s.



    Moon Stone
    • Delay before impact increased to 0.9s from 0.8s.


    Mind Transfer
    • Range down to 120 from 143.


    Temporal Lockdown - Reworked
    Casts 3 projectiles over 2.6s, each projectile inflicts Lockdown on nearby enemies upon impact.

    Incapacitates target for up to 1.6s and increases damage taken by up to 40%. The damage increasing effect is reduced by 16% for each Temporal Lockdown that hits the target. Damage breaks the incapacitate effect, the amplify effect lasts 8s. This effect cannot be dispelled.

    Blood Priest

    Dark Prayer
    • Fixed a bug causing the Blood Priest to be able to kill himself with Dark Prayer in CTA and Conquest.

    • Now knockbacks target on impact, the knockback effect becomes weaker the farther the projectile travels.

    Corpse Explosion
    • Slow Factor down to 40% from 75%.
  • Jeffjohnson
    Tegnap a Bltv-s streamen azt az infót mondta a kommentátor ,hogy márc. 16 jön egy nagy patch persze addig is lesz kisebb bugfix de a nagy patchben sok minden benne lesz tournamentek, guardianon változtatni fognak meg gondolom sok más.
  • csana83
    Nekem bejön a game. Igaz még csak ismerkedem a bloodline-okkal, de úgy érzem, hogy jól összerakták az egészet. Ami tetszik benne az az, hogy nem kell farmolni, meg egyebek, és így akkor is jól elvagyok vele, ha csak kevés idő jut játékra.
    Viszont szerintem azért van sok kezdő a MM rendszerbe, mivel ők is tudják, hogy több bc-hez jutnak MM alatt még akkor is ha vesztenek, mintha simán gyakorolnának botok ellen.
  • Jeffjohnson
    Ez így van majd ha lesz lehetőség össze kellene szervezni a magyarokat egy nagy klánba.
  • Murder3
    baj h az alapvető first kill the healert dolgot se képesek felfogni....
    blood priestel meg aztán nagyon győzelmi esélyes a játék ha a csapattársaim degeneráltak...
  • Jeffjohnson
    Jah elírtam természetesen új champion.
    Szerintem a játék nagyon jó. Persze nagyon új is és mivel nincs komolyan reklámozva ezért kevesen vannak. Mondjuk azért ha akarsz játszani 1 percnél nagyon nem kell többet várni SMM-ben. Nemrég volt ladder reset még kell egy kis idő mire mindenki a helyére kerül.

    Nekem semmi gondom nincs a noobokkal valahol nekik is el kell kezdeni :) de azért játszhatatlannak nem nevezném a laddert. A legnagyobb probléma ,hogy nem igazán kezdő barát a játék persze minden lehetősége megvan annak aki infokat akar a classokról de pl ha egy új játékos kapásból ladderrel kezd vagy olyan custom game be kerül ahol tapasztaltak vannak és az első 10-20 meccse az lesz ,hogy rommá verik akkor ahogy itt lentebb is írták 20 perc múlva törlik a játékot. Ezért is kellenének a klánok ahol az újoncok tapasztalt játékosoktól tudnának tanulni.
  • Murder3
    Inkább új champ nem?:)
    Classok már vannak healer,malee,ranger,tank ide nem hiszem h lesz új:D

    amúgy ami baj a játékkal h egyszerűen kevesen és nagyon kezdők/noobok játszák.
    pl ezért a ladder szinte játszhatatlan.
  • Jeffjohnson
  • Jeffjohnson
    ja és lehetséges új class:
  • Jeffjohnson
    Klán valószínűleg lesz de még nem rakták be a játékba az opciót a klán fül már ott van csak nem aktív.
    Ingame : Kavics
  • Murder3
    A gémbe még klánok nem is elérhetők.

    Én Murder3 vagyok

    őket ismerem akik aktív magyarok.
  • kokaa
    Hali,azt szeretném kérdezni h van-e magyar klán?:)..
    meg ha kérhetném,aki akarja leírná in-gamében a nevét?..jó lenne magyar játékosokkal együtt játszani,eddig még eggyel sem találkoztam.:(
  • Jeffjohnson
    Hétfőtől új rotáció indul ezentúl nem szerdánként váltanak az ingyenes karik között hanem hétfőtől.
  • Jeffjohnson
    Meg persze hetente más-más karakterek elérhetőek ingyen.
  • koocos
    Letöltöttem ma a játékot:) Diablo2 és Dota után nekem tetszik, vannak benne nagyon jó ötletek:) Ha másnem, Diablo3ra gyakorlás, kattintós-skill kellhet még :)
  • Pio
    Ez mondjuk teljesen igaz, szép lassan összegyűlik az. Az ilyen kocajátékosok, mint én, akik heti 1-2-szer játszanak 1-2 meccset úgyse unnak rá ennyi idő alatt az adott héten járó 4 bloodline-ra, pár hét után pedig megvehetik a kedvencüket.
    Aki pedig komolyabban rákockulna a játékra az szerintem úgyis megveszi, a coinokat pedig gyűjtheti a jövőben megjelenő bloodline-okra.
  • Jeffjohnson
    9000 a heti limit ahogy hallottam de ebben nincs benne az achievementek után kapott összeg meg szerintem a ladderen elért sem és igen 17k egy új karakter de szerintem nincs azzal baj akinek tetszik a játék az 2 hetet tud várni.Meg úgysem fogsz 10 karival játszani egyszerre mert akkor egyikkel sem tudsz majd igazán jól.
  • Pio
    Azt jól láttam, hogy 600 a napi bloodcoin limit és 17ezerbe kerül egy bloodline? Nem könnyítették meg az ingyenélők dolgát... :)
  • Jeffjohnson
    Nekem tetszik csak jó lenne többen játszani.
  • BoneDragon
    Na 3. pass változtatás megoldotta. De a game elég gyenge. 20perc után törlés.
  • BoneDragon

    Engem egyáltalán nem akar beengedni a játék. Már reseteltem pass-t is de semmi eredmény. Másnál is van ilyen vagy csak nálam? Ha mégse sikerülne bejelentkezni, csinálhatok új accot és azzal beléphetek simán? Igazából nem vágom ezt a játékot :)