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    az új album letölthető innen
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    ÚJ KLIPP!!!!!!

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    Maximum The Hormone announce on their official website that the new maxi-single "Greatest the hits" will include bonus!!!!!!

    Tehát új album, hamarosan!!

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    Uehara tetkói
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  • Bulykin

    "Nawo announce that she is pregnant ! Nawo announced her mariage in January '09 on her blog. Nawo worked a lot with Maximum the hormone since few month for "inferno lives"but her health was not great and she was tired. The doctor said that it was dangerous for her and her baby to continue like that. Now it's the bad news, Maximum The Hormone decided to report or cancel all lives. "Inferno lives" of the 9th November was reported and Maximum the hormone will probably not participate to the "Soundwave Festival" in Australia."

    lulz, Nawo-chan terhes o.O
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    Play or sing any Maximum The Hormone songs and upload the footage
    to YouTube. And apply the URL from this form.
    you can apply your air-vocal (lip-sync), home mosh as well ! Any unique ideas
    are appreciated ! But nothing dangerous though...

    Maximum The Hormone members will check all the footage and pick
    great performances occasionally. The selected footages will be put up
    on the official english website !

    Only NON-JAPANESE people can apply to this competition.
    There is no due, so apply anytime !

    check this out!!!
    vannak egész jók is:)
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    Maximum The Hormone will take part soon to the Mongol800 Ga festival "What a wonderful world". This fest will be probably the last for this year in Japan. It will takes place in Naha (Okinawa/Japan) the 3td and 4th of October 09. Many bands will be there like "Rip Slyme, Dragon Ash, Doberman, Majestics and Mongol800".

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    a legújabb koncertjükről...még több kép
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    ez már nem:D
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  • Bulykin
    hát igen, de ez csak trailer:D meg gondolom lesz olyan rész a filmben ahol a Tsume Tsume Tsume szól majd:) még nem láttam
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    Pedig ez Linkin Park :o
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    Maximum The Hormone announce on their official website that they participate to the movie "Crank : High Voltage 2" with Jason Statham (The Transporter, Snatch...). The Last Single's track "Tsume Tsume Tsume" which has been successfull will continue because it's that track who has chosen to animated one of actions scene. For the cast, Jason Statham, Amy Smart, David Carradine. Le film was released to the United States and in England the 17 of April 2009 . Distributed by Sony, this movie will be release on DVD and Blu-Ray the 26th of September is already available in pre-order here. 6,5 million people went to watch this movie in United Stated of America.

    a film trailere:

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    Yesterday, Maximum The Hormone won the "MTV Best Rock Video Award" at the Saitama Arena. They were very happy !! That's the second prize for the band this year (with the Space shower Award). Maximum The Hormone won that award against others very greats bands (Acidman, 9mm Parabellum, Franz Ferdinand, Fall Out Boy).
    Get all photos, informations and winners of that "MTV Best Video Award '09" on the official MTV Japan Website.

    ezt a klippet még nem is láttam:S de örülök h nyert az MtH!!!!
    elég fura hangja van a dobosunknakXD
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    száánalmas, owáá...nagyon gáz ahogy utánozni próbálják az MtHXD
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    Maximum The Hormone won a "Special Prize" for the "Music Video Award" of the japanese Space Shower. Maximum The Hormone wasn't nominate for a Music Video but they won a Special Award maybe for Daisuke and Nawo's work on the channel. Just one thing to say : Congratulations !

    asszem érthető;)
  • Picar77
    tök jó hogy nekem mást ir :DD

    Your musical compatibility with Clinkers is Low

    Music you have in common includes Teriyaki Boyz, Fort Minor, BoA, Maximum the Hormone and Aqua Timez.
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    Your musical compatibility with Neji_ is Low

    Music you have in common includes Fort Minor, Teriyaki Boyz, An Cafe and abingdon boys school.
  • Cat 02 #105
    Ahogy nézem először neked is szarul volt tagelve :D
    Maximun The Harmone
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    MtH 2x van??XD
  • Cat 02 #103
    Hja, én is kimennék, nem érdekel h leszakadna a karom a koncin, de akkor is :D

    ám :P

    Your musical compatibility with Clinkers is Super

    Music you have in common includes ELLEGARDEN, Maximum the Hormone, Atreyu, Maximun The Harmone and ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION.
  • Picar77
    ムック, Versailles, Maximum the Hormone, 9mm Parabellum Bullet and the pillows.

    nálam ezeket irja :DD
  • Bulykin

    btw. az MtH mostanában nagyon felpörgött, japánban majdnem minden nap koncerteznek! fúú de rohattul kimennék:P
  • Cat 02 #100

    Your musical compatibility with Neji_ is Low

    Music you have in common includes MUCC and Versailles.

    Na de hol a Maximum the Hormone ? :D
  • Picar77
    megvagytok :D
    enyhén LOW a kompatibilty X'DD
    na mindegy
  • Bulykin
    enyém Clinkers:)
  • Cat 02 #97
    Cat02 ^^ Bulykin meg ott van friend listben, keresd azokat akikkel "super" a compability :D
  • Picar77
    akkor neveket pls :P
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    már vagyok^^ miért?
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    Bulykin, last.fm-re nem jössz?
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    Today MTV choose to nominate our greatest band for "the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2009". So 爪爪爪 Pv is nominate for the "Best Rock Video" against others very greats bands (Acidman, 9mm Parabellum, Franz Ferdinand, Fall Out Boy). That will be difficult for Maximum The Hormone but we hope that they will win this award ! This event will be in live on MTV Japan, the 30th of May. You can look all videos nominated on MTV Awards website.

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  • Bulykin
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    oldalt linkelj ha van:) nézelődök majd:D
    de a végén lehet h tényleg itthon csináltatok majd...igazad van
  • Picar77
    ja de amúgy szerintem ha itthon csináltatsz egy ilyen polot olcsobban meguszod, elég geci szar most a forint :S
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    hát van elég sokféle milyet akarsz ?
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    nemrég akartam rendelni MtH-s pólót, de az angol fanos oldalon elfogyott...tud vki más oldalt?