The Long Drive
  • Ironman2

    Alakulgat a játék,újabb nagy frissítés jött:

    Saves, Screenshots, Settings are now stored in the documents folder
    if you want to continue your old save, you have to move it there, previously they were stored in the data folder inside the game's install folder
    Added Paint Cans to paint cars
    Added Wire Brush to remove rust
    Added Sponge and Polisher Liquid to make your car shiny and to wash off blood
    (it no longer disappears after reloading the game)
    Added Compass
    Odometers now move smoothly instead of snapping
    Trip meter is now saved correctly
    Engine Cooling and Liquid pouring is now faster while sleeping
    The weight of your piss (inside you) is now simulated!
    (it affects your overall weight)
    Doors are now easier to open (you can look at the glass parts too while opening them)
    You can now tune things while zooming
    (like the radio)
    Fixed reflections on mounted car parts being black sometime
    (especially hubcaps)
    Fixed trunks and hoods having regular door opening sound
    Fixed an inventory bug
    Fixed save button disappearing
    Fixed a few collider issues on cars
    Fixed a collider issue when putting down stuff from right hand
    Fixed rear doors not spawning
    There are now news about the updates in the main menu
    Added A New Vehicle {-.-}