• Kojiro
    Ez pont ma találtam egy fórumon, sztem épp ide illik:

    "i am an android user, but i also work with embedded system and microcontrollers and straight facts here does not include one more point software to hardware intergration.
    samsung one ui + customization + android source has only around 75-80% hardware intergration
    while the iphone xr has close to 95% hardware/software integration
    just calling things as they are.
    ios has more control over the iphone xr compared to android os having control over the s10 hardware. as much as the s10 obviously having superior hardware compared to the xr, the os is the limitation.
    all android OS's are not that well optimizesd, iOS is perfected. Also, Android apps run on Java, iOS run on Objective C and Swift.
    I think Android NDK is in C++, however 95% of the apps and services don't use it.
    indeed, on iphone you pay more for the software! but there are more authistics people who blame apple for their products b’cause they can’t but it"