• cateran
    "Droidon utólag lehet tiltani, alapértelmezésben engedélyezve van."
    Marmint mikor lattal utoljara Androidot? 5 eve?
    "Tap Install.
    Some apps will install right away. When you use an app, you can allow or deny individual permission requests before the app uses that type of data.
    For other apps, Google Play shows you all of the permission groups an app will be able to access before you install. This information can help you decide whether you want to install the app."
    Ez 6.0 ota van igy..az meg..2015-os
    Ellenben iOSban, ahol
    "Apple has added an increasingly sophisticated app permission system to iOS over the years. It’s up to you whether an app gets access to everything from your device’s sensors and personal information to notifications and cellular data.

    The first time an app wants to use something that requires permission, it has to ask you. You can see which apps have various permissions and manage them later, too."
    Ja nem, ez kb ugyanaz....