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    'Falcon 9 and its smaller sibling booster Falcon 1 are named in honor of the Millennium Falcon spacecraft flown by Han Solo in the sci-fi classic film "Star Wars," Musk has said.'

    Az osszes spacex-es cucc kulonbozo scifikbol kapja a nevet, meg a leszallo uszalyok is. A Teslanal meg a regi Ford modellek neveit hasznaljak, kisse megcsavarva. Igy lett a model T-bol model 3, azaz model Three.


    'Model S
    Two Model S styles were produced, a runabout and a roadster. The S runabout first appeared in late 1907 model year, and was similar to the Model R, selling for $50 less than the R, at $700. Both models were sold for a short time before the R was discontinued for model/fiscal year 1908. The S roadster, like the R, had fenders attached to running boards, and a mechanical oiler. Differences from the R included Model N-style 28-inch tires and the pointed trunk.

    The Model S Roadster was based on the same chassis as models N, R, and S runabout before it. Making its appearance during Ford fiscal/model year 1908, the S Roadster had an enclosed cowl, full fenders and fender aprons, and a third "rumble" seat. Like R and S runabouts, the SR used a McCord pressure oiler. Like Model R, the S Roadster was equipped with 30-inch tires. The S Roadster and Model K Roadster were the last models produced during the summer of 1908 as Ford retooled and prepared for the advent of the Model T.'