• yamato41
    Köszi a Sony cuccát, nem ismertem, finoman szólva is felkeltette az érdeklődésemet.
    Érdekes kérdés-válasz itt:
    "I am very much inclined to buy this device because of the 13,3'' display. As a Humanities scholar I am working a lot with book scans, so the resolution should be fine.
    However, the file size could be a limitation. Some of my files easily get to 20 or 30 MB. Can the reader handle that, even with annotations, say on every page?"
    "Those are "small" files. Most of the things we tested were like 200 MB, and they worked more than fine."
    Ez az első e-inkes e-book olvasó a 10-es Pocketbook óta, amit komolyabban megnézek.