• Sir Cryalot

    Nem kell n-djére is magyarázni ezt, meg ósdi szabványokkal jönni:

    All LED LCD TVs have an inherent problem with motion resolution. For this reason, HDTV makers adopted higher refresh rates, namely 120Hz and 240Hz. These faster rates reduce motion blur, but at a price premium over “standard” 60Hz models. LG claims the 55LM6700 has 120 Hz refresh. After extensive testing, we find this claim very misleading. The 6700 failed to show any improvement in motion resolution compared to any 60 Hz HDTVs we’ve tested.

    60 Hz LCDs sample a frame and keep the same image about 16.67 ms. This allows little time for the pixels to move to create the next frame. The panel holds the image and then repositions the pixels quickly for the next frame. Our eyes and brains are programmed for seeing continuous motion, not sample and hold, change and repeat. The result is we see smear know as motion blur.

    LCD-ken nem csak hogy a motion blur/resolution nagyon problémás , de még a response time is, amivel úgyszintén trükközés/kompenzálhatnékok folynak.