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    segitenel ertelmezni egy wikis cikket?
    "2007 estimates have considerable uncertainty in overnight cost, and vary widely from $2,950/kWe (overnight cost) to a Moody's Investors Service conservative estimate of between $5,000 and $6,000/kWe (final or "all-in" cost).[17]

    However, commodity prices shot up in 2008, and so all types of plants will be more expensive than previously calculated.[18] In June 2008 Moody's estimated that the cost of installing new nuclear capacity in the U.S. might possibly exceed $7,000/kWe in final cost.[19]"

    kerdezd meg a jo edes strichelo anyadat aki a neten hirdeti magat, hogy mutassa meg a gugli hasznalatat a nagyfeju hulye fiacskajanak, ha mar megszult teged...