• cateran
    "sztem aki nem vette meg az ne ugasson es foleg ne nyigjon (mint itt teszik sokan) hogy igy szar ugy szar :d"

    Amugy meg:
    "Speaking with Kotaku, creative director Tim Willits agreed with Carmack, stating that when the game was submitted to the “build system,” for testing, the console versions were “solid and bug-free,” but there were issues on the PC end.

    “We have had video drives issues that have caused problems and frustrations with our PC fans,” he said. “Everyone at id Software is very upset by these issues which are mostly out of our control. We are working with both AMD/ATI and Nvidia to help them identify and fix the issues with their drivers.

    “We’ve had assurances that these problems are being addressed and new drivers will be available soon.”"

    Szoval istentap vagy, hogy mar az updateolt driver volt meg neked, mikor megvetted..No, de akinek meg regebbi volt? Az kiadott 1 csomo penzt 1 kalap szarra....(azt meg sem kerdem, hogy Carmack szerint bugfree volt a jatek, akkor megis mi a halal faszan teszteltek? Mert IRL fostengerre valtozott..)