Stalin vs. Martians
  • Rundstedt17
    Vopros: Is that true that the game is developed by three studios?
    Otvet: Yeah. Not one, not four, but exactly three. Its a long story why it happened this way and, what is important, you don't really need to know it.

    Vopros: Stalin was a terrible tyrant with bloodstained hands. How can you make such a game around that?
    Otvet: We can talk for hours about Stalin and all the controversies that surround him. We're Russians and we possibly know the subject better than you. But all this talk doesn't make any sense, you know, at all. Accept Stalin vs. Martians as a montypythonesque humor or get out.

    Vopros: Can we play as Stalin himself?
    Otvet: Yes, but not from the start. Stalin is our commander and he gives us orders. Closer to the grand finale he will appear on the battlefield as a playable unit - a huge colossus, five times higher than any other creature. Just like it was in the real life.

    Vopros: Is that a late April Fool's Day joke?
    Otvet: We used to make jokes not only at the first day of April, but all the time. We do understand that you can't understand how anything like Stalin vs. Martians can exist. But the game is real. It is in development, it will be released, you can buy it and drool on it for months. That's what makes the project THAT important. It is here and now, and it is absolutely unique.

    Vopros: You say that Stalin vs. Martians is probably the best real-time strategy title of the year. Are you serious?
    Otvet: C'mon, don't be so boring. Of course we're serious.

    Vopros: I can see that some of the Martian units resemble the characters from other games.
    Otvet: It is no coincidence. Well, most of the time. Stalin vs. Martians is not only a kitsch (check Wikipedia for this word if you're from Iowa), but also a parody. Sort of.

    Vopros: What's your inspiration?
    Otvet: Vodka, samovar, borscht and pirogi.

    Vopros: If you were Stalin for one day, what would you do?
    Otvet: Your mom!

    Vopros: I've heard from somewhere that this game is actually funded by KGB.
    Otvet: If it was funded by KGB, we'd be millionaires without even releasing anything! That's how the government funding works in Russia.

    Vopros: Are you communists?
    Otvet: Don't be stupid, all Russians are communists!

    Vopros: How would you spend your money if the game is a tremendous commercial success?
    Otvet: Well, like all the rich Russians do. First, we'd buy a property in London. We really like Kensington and Knightsbridge.

    Vopros: Your game is basically like Red Alert 3. The same shit. What's the difference?
    Otvet: Since our production budget is 1 zillion times lower than the budget of Red Alert 3, we think it is actually a compliment.