eRepublik - the new world
  • Zheka
    The medal will be achieved when you fight for your citizenship country in a direct war or a resistance war.
    The reward for each medal is 5 gold.
    You can see your progress to the next medal on your citizen profile.
    You will receive your first medal when you deal 100k for your country and then in the following order:
    The number Influence
    1st medal 100.000
    2nd medal 500.000
    3rd medal 1.000.000
    4th medal 2.000.000
    5th medal 3.000.000
    6th medal 5.000.000
    7th medal 10.000.000
    8th medal 15.000.000
    9th medal 20.000.000
    10th medal 30.000.000
    11st medal 40.000.000
    12nd medal 50.000.000
    13rd medal 100.000.000
    14th medal 150.000.000
    15th medal 200.000.000
    16th medal 300.000.000
    Next medals 100.000.000 more than the previous one
    Once you deal 100k damage, you can check your profile and you will already have the medal.
    You cannot receive multiple medals for 100.000 damage, you can only receive ONE medal for each interval, as this is a progressive achievement.
    If you change your citizenship, the counter will be reset, however you will not receive another medal for the same interval that you have already achieved.
    The damage you deal for a country will be added instantly and it doesn't matter if you change citizenship, the damage made before changing it will remain made for the original country.
    For example, if you deal 40 millions damage for eRomania and you then change citizenship, the progress will start from 0 and the new medal (for the country you changed citizenship to) will be awarded at 50 millions of new damage.