Champ Car World Series
  • Dietrich
    16 January, 2007

    For Immediate Release
    iDT Simulations, LLC., Costa Mesa, CA
    Formula BMW has proven itself as the premier open wheel entry level professional series on the planet. The Formula BMW program is so much more than just a race series. BMW has seen the need for training both on and off the track and stepped in to forge future champions. Alumni have gone on to race in Atlantics, Champ Car, F3, GP2, A1GP and the list goes on and on.

    Team iDT is very pleased to give the community the opportunity to campaign these identically prepared machines. You have cars from every country at your finger tips. We have strapped these cars to the chassis dyno, flogged them around countless circuits from all over the planet and given former FBMW drivers the opportunity to tell us what we have done wrong all in the quest to perfect these momentum hungry machines .
    IDT would also like to take a moment to welcome the Speedwerx team into the family. Without these guys the Formula BMW project would NEVER have come together.

    From all of us at Team iDT, See you on track!

    Oh yeah, if you happen to see a black car with a Kangaroo on the side pods behind you or a PTG car in your mirror, MOVE! These guys are extremely dangerous and can not be trusted to pass cleanly under any circumstances!


    iDT Simulations is pleased to announce the release of its long awaited Formula BMW and Lamborghini Gallardo mods for rFactor.

    Auto-Art Designs, in conjunction with iDT Racing Simulations, is proud to announce the Lamborghini Gallardo Challenge.

    After creating the Gallardo GT3, about 30 people propped their feet up on their respective desks, sat back and looked at it. We were happy, but not even close to finished! Here’s the check list that was used to finish things off.

    1. Model tweaked to the point of madness.

    2. Physics were done, then refined, then refined at least 73 more times. Obsessive Compulsiveness is a good thing in this situation.

    3. Testing was carried out on 27ish different circuits to make sure the handling was superb under all conditions. This testing was not done because we were having so much fun driving the car. We did this purely to make sure it was perfect. Yeah, that’s why we did it.

    This is the culmination of hundreds of hours poured into modeling, physics and painting. The car has gone through weeks of R&D at the hands of professional race drivers. Yes folks, we had actual real life guys that get paid to drive cars shake this thing down before handing it off to you. Amazingly enough, all of them REALLY liked it!

    The creation of this car has been an absolute labor of love and we hope that you enjoy racing it as much as we have enjoyed making it.