Champ Car World Series
  • Dietrich
    iDT Simulations, LLC. and Virtual-E Corporation , are proud to announce the signing of an exclusive 3-year license agreement with the Champ Car World Series to develop a PC-based Champ Car racing simulation.

    iDT Simulations LLC is a worldwide team of racing software developers, drivers and enthusiasts dedicated to making the most realistic racing simulations possible. Over the past six years iDT has established itself as the premier developer of Champ Car software in the sim-racing community. Now, working alongside Virtual-E Corp., iDT will focus its international team on creating the most authentic Champ Car racing experience.

    Designed for both race training and home entertainment, Virtual-E Corp.’s VirtualGT Personal Racing Simulator is a premium product offering precision controls, high resolution graphics, and an astounding sound system that delivers the most complete virtual racing experience possible. “It’s the perfect combination of hardware and software to make the racing experience as realistic as possible.” says iDT CEO Pierre Pelonero. “We received an outstanding reception to both the VirtualGT and our simulation software at the recent 2006 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Our team was founded by Champ Car World Series fans so we want to represent the experience of driving a Champ Car as accurately as possible and we are proud to be a part of the finest racing series in the world.”

    The simulation is slated for an April 2007 release to coincide with the opening month of the 2007 Champ Car season and will incorporate all the drivers, teams and circuits of the 2006 season. An add-on is scheduled for later in the year which will update the simulation to 2007 specifications, including the new Panoz DP01. Both the VirtualGT Personal Racing Simulator and iDT’s simulation software can be experienced first hand at Champ Car events throughout the 2007 season.

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