GTA klón , WildSummer
  • grebber
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    Enter Sun City, a peaceful, charming seaside village facing a small problem: you! Enjoy the beach, parties, skating, fighting and dating girls - lots of girls! - in this hot do-as-you-please 3D gaming experience! Join a sixteen-year-old kid spending his school break having a Wild Summer!

    This free-roaming third-person adventure allows you to enjoy almost all the pleasures Sun City has to offer. Whether you are meeting new friends, playing beach volleyball, getting dates, fleeing from a duped boyfriend or buying the latest skating gear, in Wild Summer fun is just a shot away.

    You choose the adventure, and the whole city reacts. Get ready to experience the best summer in your life!

    Annyt legalább már tudunk hogy Sun Cityben játszodik és menekülünk vmiért de hogy miért azt nemtudni majd kiderül :D