Fire Department 3
  • PLackó

    * Real-time 3D strategy game that puts the profession of firefighting in the spotlight!
    * The scenario will take you to the four corners of the globe: you'll go on missions in France, England, Germany, Ukraine and the United States.
    * Thirteen solo missions are playable in multiplayer cooperative mode or shared-unit mode.
    * Three "Bonus" missions are specially designed for multiplayer mode.
    * You'll command a brigade of nine fire specialists: firefighters, doctors, dog handlers, search-and-rescue specialists, biochemistry experts, technical officers, and many more!
    * Fifteen vehicles and reinforcements are on call, including a turntable ladder, ambulances, pumpers, helicopters, firefighting planes, fireboats, airport pumpers, and a bulldozer, among others...
    * The uniforms and vehicles change depending on the country where the action takes place: France, the USA, England, Germany, or the Ukraine.
    * There is a dynamic and realistic fire propagation system that faithfully reproduces different types of fire, smoke, and explosions (Backdraft, Flashover, Metal Fires, Gas Fires, Toxic Fires, and Chemical Fires).
    * The game has three modes of increasing difficulty: arcade, realistic, and extreme.
    * Up to four can play in multiplayer mode on a network or the Internet.