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  • Pyotr

    CD1-01 Catscan - Clone 1
    CD1-02 Art Of Fighters - System:Reload
    CD1-03 2 Men Kartel - The 2 Men Kartel
    CD1-04 Phenomena. & The Hallucinator - Exclusive Words
    CD1-05 Tommyknocker ft. MC Justice - Nocturnal Rituals
    CD1-06 Nosferatu - Disease
    CD1-07 Evil Activities - Extreme Audio
    CD1-08 Hellsystem - Ex Inferis
    CD1-09 Human Resource - Dominator (Outblast & Angerfist Remix)
    CD1-10 Nosferatu & Endymion vs. The Viper ft. MC Alee - Project Hardcore (Anthem Mix)
    CD1-11 The Stunned Guys - You Will Die
    CD1-12 Korsakoff - Pendeho (Simple Mix)
    CD1-13 D-Spirit - The Demon Touch
    CD1-14 Tieum - What
    CD1-15 John-Core - Overclock (Hellsystem Remix)
    CD1-16 Evil Activities & DJ Panic ft. MC Alee - Never Fall Asleep
    CD1-17 Chosen Few - Chosen Paradize (Producer's Era Of Terror Rebuild)
    CD1-18 Unexist vs. Tommyknocker - Step Into Our World

    CD2-01 Catscan & DJ X-ess - Phil-O-Mania (BBB Mix)
    CD2-02 Moleculez - M-Pire
    CD2-03 Carnage & Skully - The Sign
    CD2-04 Fracture 4 - Soon... (Almost Gone Re-Edit)
    CD2-05 Life Runs Red vs. Tommyknocker - Technoire Overdrive
    CD2-06 Zanthrax - Children Of Hell
    CD2-07 Unexist - Reknocked
    CD2-08 Mute. - 10.000 Needles
    CD2-09 The Outside Agency - Oscillation Overthruser
    CD2-10 DJ Niel - Rebellion (OpA_Calypse Remix)
    CD2-11 Chaosbringer - End Of Days
    CD2-12 100 Kilo Maarten - Common Noise
    CD2-13 Ophidian & Tapage - The Mine
    CD2-14 Ritchie Gambino & Marciano Gambino - Enemy Of All Gangs
    CD2-15 Partyraiser vs. Lunatic & Miss Hysteria - Don't Get Stuck
    CD2-16 Lenny Dee & Tieum - A Better World
    CD2-17 Enzyme X - God's Child
    CD2-18 Drokz - Stealing Yo Shit

    tavalyi,de nem elavult:)