Egy magyar horror Christopher Lambert-tel, és Ganxta Zolee-val
    Hogy ebből mi fog kisülni azt nem tudom , de mindenesetre az usában 20 nap múlva mutatják be.Csak azt nem tudni hogy MO-n bemutatják -e Valaha.

    "Metamorphosis" is a grab on to your seat thriller that takes us on an unforgettable journey exploring life beyond death through a passionate and dangerous love story between a young American writer and a gorgeous and exotic vampire. Through the power of myth, we uncover the lost details of medieval history and the legend of vampires to discover a new reality. Unpredictable and mesmerizing, this film will take us to a space of unknown terror leaving us questioning our own eyes...

    Summary written by Jeno Hodi

    Along the lines of Roman Polanski's "Rosemary's Baby," METAMORPHOSIS deals with the supernatural in an innovative, edgy way. This love story between a young American and a beautiful and seductive vampire transcends time and space while it explores the strength of the soul and the heart. It's been said that if something doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger. METAMORPHOSIS creates a paradox: even if something kills you, it will make you stronger. When three young and carefree Americans on an Eastern European trip pick up an attractive stranger, Elizabeth, they can't foresee that she'll take them on the journey of their lives. As Keith, a novelist fascinated with ancient mysteries, and the exotic Elizabeth, fall in love, they set off a series of events that puts them all in mortal danger. The group ventures through the mountains to a medieval castle, where they soon discover that their survival depends on outwitting and eluding supernatural forces. As the fast-paced, horrifying action accelerates, sections of the story's Rubik's cube begin to lock into place. Then, with a surprising twist, along the lines of the "Sixth Sense" and "The Others," the plot takes a sharp, mind-bending turn. Some people have a fascination with the paranormal; others have a passion for horror and action. METAMORPHOSIS offers something to whet anyone's appetite... even a vampire's.