• Breki33


    Written on an XP, designed for other people with XP.

    1) Remove Anti-Blaxx off your comp.
    * This part's easy, just uninstall it. Add/Remove Programs -> Uninstall. Hopefully, V4 will include blacklisting alt. so people won't have to install crap like this.

    2) Restart
    * Start, shutdown, restart...

    3) Remove Daemon Tools off your computer
    * Easier than it sounds, Add/Remove Programs -> Daemon Tools

    4) Restart once more!
    * Get used to this step...

    5) Back into Windows, go to Device Manager...
    * Start -> Run -> devmgmt.msc

    6) Go down to SCSI and RAID controllers
    * near the bottom, can't miss it.

    7) See that nasty bugger that starts out D347....

    8) Right click -> Uninstall

    9) DO

    10) NOT

    11) RESTART

    12) YOUR

    13) COMPUTER

    14) Now, run down to System Devices...

    15) Find PnP BIOS Extension...

    16) Right Click! Uninstall!

    17) Make sure everything so far is the same way it was with me...go to CD/DVD Drives (near the top) and make sure that no DVD-ROM Generics are in there, that's a sign of Daemon Tools and should go away when you deinstall the SCSI devices.

    18) If you don't uninstall the PnP BIOS extension, the SCSI device will come back, then the virtual drives you had set with Daemon Tools before you ran Anti-Blaxx will come back too. So make sure you do 15 and 16. Jesus, that part is important, don't forget it.

    19) Double check. Seriously, make 100% sure you did everything right up until now.

    20) Now, carefully, restart...

    21) Run over to /WINDOWS/system32/drivers/

    22) look for d347 (or whatever you named your Daemon-Tools drivers upon last install) and DELETE. Usually, it's d347prtbus.sys and another d347 driver by default. Delete all d347???.sys in there. Anything that starts with d347. Clear?

    23) Restart. Clears XP driver cache.

    24) OK, now download and install Daemon-Tools, but at the spot where it asks you to name the drivers, go ahead and add a 1 at the end of the default driver name.

    25) Follow the install (restart basically), and check it out, working Daemon-Tools! Exit it and open it a few times, no messed up errors or anything, enjoy.