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  • Wreck86
    TweT is happily to announce the most anticipated role-playing LOTR Mega-Event Series is now officially started. The series will take you on a journey through the entire LOTR trilogy from multiple perspectives, with thrilling battles on maps custom-made for the occasion.

    The Fellowship of the Ring
    Chapter 1 - The Last Alliance (Mount Doom) - Numenoreans and Eldar vs Mordor - Scheduled for Sunday 30th of May at 10:00 PM [GMT] , 12:00 AM [CET] , 6 PM [EST]
    Chapter 2 - The Waning of Gondor (Gates of Argonath) - Gondor vs Mordor - TBA
    Chapter 3 - Forging of the Fellowship (Rivendell) - Elves and Fellowship vs Mordor - TBA
    Chapter 4 - Journey Through Moria (Mines of Moria) - Dwarves and Fellowship vs Mordor - TBA
    Chapter 5 - Ambush at Amon Hen (Amon Hen) - Rangers and Fellowship vs Isengard - TBA

    The Two Towers
    Chapter 6 - The Burning of Rohan (Edoras) - Rohan vs Isengard - TBA
    Chapter 7 - Siege of Hornburg (Helm’s Deep) - Rohan and Eldar vs Isengard - TBA
    Chapter 8 - Flotsam and Jetsam (Isengard) - Isengard vs Free Peoples - TBA

    The Return of the King
    Chapter 9 - The Fall of Osgiliath (Osgiliath) - Rangers vs Mordor - TBA
    Chapter 10 - Siege of Minas Tirith (Minas Tirith) - Gondor vs Mordor - TBA
    Chapter 11 - The Battle of Pelennor Fields - (Pelennor Fields) - Rohan, Fellowship, Undead vs Mordor - TBA
    Chapter 12 - For Frodo… (Black Gate) - LOTR Good troops vs Mordor - TBA
    Please note that the list of events above is subject to change in faction subclasses, times and dates. We will continue to keep you updates a couple day early before the event

    Please join us on discord for future event updates: https://discord.gg/t2xVcnyghr

    LOTR Event Series: Chapter 1 - The Last Alliance [HB-TweT] Collaboration Event

    TIME: This Sunday May 30th -- 6PM [EST]/ 12AM [CET] / 10PM GMT
    SERVER: TweT_40_Custom_Maps
    FACTIONS: Numenoreans and Eldar vs Mordor
    MAP: Mount Doom