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WARBAND Gépigény

  • Wreck86
    EVENT Minas Thirith - ULTRA HARD BOTS *improvement of the citadel, remove some gate *

    TIME: 16th March - 9pm CET - 3pm EST - 8pm GTM
    SERVER: TweT_57_New_Maps
    HARD BOTS : ON + No Stagger boss
    FACTS: Gondor Only vs Mordor
    Map : Minas Thirith 3.1 (Anoki)

    REVENGE OF MORDOR : After long hours of work, the men rebuilt Minas Thirith and made improvements to make the white ore more resistant. The city shines brightly, the citadel is open, 2 tunnels meet in the mountain.
    But hardly the time to finish, that an orc horn sounds on the horizon. The black door opens. Osgiliath is razed in a few moments. The violence is unheard of. While the men were improving their citadel, Sauron improved the intelligence of the Orc and troll fight. They pretend, kick, block. And the WORTH, boss & Trolls only take head shoot stagger. The power of the ring fell into Sauron's hands. Is this the end? Is there still hope? Will the men be able to unite in a common strategy of helping each other to face the power of the Hard Bots enemies? Or, once again, the Middle-earth will sink into chaos and darkness. It is when each one seeks to save his own skin, that one digs his grave. There is no greater love than giving one's life for one's friends. Let us save each other, or run away like poor fools.

    1°) Hard Bots: ALL THE TIME
    2°) NO MONEY, Yay we are poooor since Mordor hold months of siege arround the white city.
    3°) Event recorded by Anoki and posted on YouTube: "TweT Warband"