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WARBAND Gépigény

  • Wreck86
    Full Invasion 2 Event.

    EVENT: Desperate defence of the Black Gate
    TIME:Saturday 20/02 at 21 PM CET/3 PM EST/12 PM PT/8 PM GMT
    MAP:Black Gate Defence (Cathedral of the Grey)
    SERVER: TweT_52_New_Maps
    After the defeat of Sauron's army at Minas Tirith he called all of the evil men that he could:Golden infantry from the distant land of Rhun,Cataphracts from the steppe of Khand,Guards of the king from the desert of Harad and formidable marines from the Umbar the city of corsairs.He even managed to bring back from the deaths the usurper of the Gondorian throne,Castamir.Now they have to make a desperate defence at the Black Gate against the army of Free Men of Middle Earth.
    1. 25k will be given at the start of the game,because Sauron summoned the best elites that his allies could muster.
    2. ONLY EVIL MEN CAN BE USED. If we admins see someone using another type of class he will have a warning:He/She needs to change before the wave ends.If the player doesn't change,he/she will be put in spectator mode.
    Regarding heroes:NAZGULS AND WITCH-KING CAN'T BE USED The Witch-King is supposed to be K.O. and the other Nazguls are guarding Minas Morgul.Only men heroes of the evil men can be used.
    3. All boxes are allowed.
    I hope that I will see many of you there!!
    P.S. I know that Khamul is a Nazgul,but he is human in the game so he doesn't technically count as a Nazgul in-game.