Neumann János, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein
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    Time Crystals to Tetraquarks: Quantum Physics in 2017
    2017 jelentősebb kvantum fizikai eredményei. A lapozgatós résznél csak egy rövid kedvcsinálót találni, a kék linkeken lehet elérni az eredeti cikkeket. Hát van benne pár meredek cucc. Az én kedvencem ez itt:
    A time crystal

    Time crystals sound like talismans from a fantasy novel, but they're actually real quantum objects, generated for the first time in 2017. A time crystal is a unique state of matter, a group of ions lashed together with quantum links such that they shake, or oscillate, together at a repeating period. As long as the conditions they need to exist remain, time crystals become locked into a single moment in time; no matter how much energy gets pumped into them, they don't heat up or increase in entropy — effectively suspending the laws of thermodynamics as they're typically understood.