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    Updated Memorial plaque to include the following people:
    Paul Winfield.
    William Marshall.
    Percy Rodriguez.
    Madge Sinclair.
    Ray Walston.
    The Platinum Discovery Era Sniper Rifle from the Cryptic 20th Anniversary Pack can now be reclaimed on all characters.
    Resolved an issue that was causing weapons to be on cooldown for up to 50 minutes when equipping them from the inventory.
    Resolved an issue during the Episode “Khitomer Discord” that prevented credit from being given for saving all 15 civilians.
    Resolved an issue during the Episode “Downfall” that was causing enemies to be more difficult than intended at lower levels.
    All missions in the journal for all factions involving queueing up and playing a TFO have been removed.
    Removed “Vigilance” story arc from Delta Recruit requirements.
    Resolved an issue that was causing “The Centre Cannot Hold” and “The Khitomer Discord” to be out of order when granted to the player from J’mpok.
    The Fleet Logo on the revamped T6 B'Rel has been moved to its correct position, and the impulse trails have also been adjusted to be in the correct spot.
    Adjusted Cannon hardpoints on the Negh’Var to better match the ship art.
    Sentry Mode Updates:
    Resolved an issue that caused the damage of this console to scale excessively with damage buffs.
    Resolved an issue that caused FX to play on targets that were out of range of the console's damage.
    Resolved an issue where Fragment of AI Tech wasn't properly scaling Energy Weapon Damage.