• Mihoock
    Legends never die!

    You all read the news - Operation Fastlink struck hard to the heart of the scene and hit the FairLight ISO section, but mind that the demo activities on the PC and C64 are still naturally untouched, as there is nothing to complain about from a legal point of view on what they are doing. So, let me underline it for you again: FairLight's ISO section is lethally wounded, but the group as such is still alive and kicking! FairLight is built stronger to last longer. FairLight is bigger than one and even all of the sections. FairLight is and you can rely on the fact that FairLight will continue to be!

    Respects to the Fastlink people for finding the core of the scene, which is not an easy thing to do. They are doing their job and we're not whining! In war, people take bullets - we are aware of this! If you can't stand the sight of body bags, then stand back and let the real men do the work for you. We attack, adapt, improvise and survive! We are FairLight and will continue to be FairLight. FairLight IS the delight of ETERNAL might!
    /Bacchus on Behalf of the FairLight council

    Reading up on the izonews.com is very distressing. People tend to think that there will always be another cracker and that getting the games early is star quality here. It's not! Protections of today are ones that *very* few can penetrate and those who do, should be worthy the respect. Downloading them fast is just a matter of a fast line in combination to access to a site. Skills stay, whereas the access can be revokes instantly! So admire the striker of the ruling football team and don't not feel proud about being the beer bellied lardass, who managed to get a ticket to watch unless you don't stand amongst the supporters, singing praise. You have no idea of what it's like to play and what it takes to excel! We do it for the thrill, joy and the fans, but don't take us for granted without showing justified respect.

    More On FairLight

    FairLight as a group enjoyed it's 17th birthday in April 2004 and is amongst the oldest on the scene, and possibly the only one this old having a unbroken line of reign on several platforms since it's birth. Our council has a common scene experience exceeding 50 years. We've proven the group on the Commodore 64, the Amiga, Super Nintendo and the PC, with a modular approach to forming the group. Current vivid activities still includes demo production on the PC and one the Commodore 64. /Team FairLight