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  • s1lkforrent
    There is a 1942 recording (linked here) which purports to be the only known recording of Hitler’s regular speaking voice. How is this possibly the case, and what might be the context of this conversation (and it’s contents?)

    "The circumstances around this recording are well known.

    On Marshal Mannerheim's 75th birthday 4th of June 1942, Hitler made a surprise visit to congratulate the Finnish Marshal and was well recieved, despite Mannerheim not appreciating the spectacle himself.

    Mannerheim took his personal train to Immola airfield, where Hitler landed, rather than meeting the Führer at his headquarters in Mikkeli and greeted Hitler together with Finnish officials, including President Ryti. It has been speculated that Mannerheim showed his displeasure by not removing his gloves when shaking hands with Hitler, as can be seen in this image, a faux pas in Nordic culture that the old nobleman Mannerheim would be aware of. However, there's no solid evidence for this, so it might just be that they shook hands with gloves on since they were outdoors.

    After the greetings and an official speech by Hitler, the Germans and Finns retreated to Mannerheim's train for lunch and cigars (where Mannerheim reportedly ignored Hitler's displeasure with tobacco smoke to smoke a cigar).

    Here the Finnish state radio, Yle, continued to record the conversation between Mannerheim and Hitler (mostly a monologue by Hitler) for 11 minutes until the SS guards noticed and ordered the Yle radio technician Thor Damen to kill the recording. The guards demanded that the recording be destroyed, but Damen managed to save a copy in a sealed container.

    Hitler was for his time very media-savvy and he and his staff, including the Ministry of Propaganda headed by Göbbels carefully orchestrated his public appearances, his speeches and any recordings, both film and sound, made of him. The Finnish recording is the only known survining recording we have of Hitler where he is unaware that he is being recorded and the whole thing is unorchestrated, unedited and not made with any purpose (such as propaganda) in mind."