• kvp
    Azt kijlenthetjuk, hogy sokkal olcsobbak mint az osszes tobbi lehetseges kormanyzati beszallito, lasd pl. United Space Alliance, Boeing, stb. Raadasul a piacon levo megoldasaik mukodnek is, mint privat, mind kormanyzati celokra.
  • cateran
    "SpaceX is, after all, primarily a government contractor, racking up $15.3 billion in awarded contracts since 2003, according to US government records. Its most important businesses are launching astronauts and scientific missions for NASA, and flying satellites for the US military.

    Musk may quibble that payments for goods and services aren’t government subsidies but he owes the existence of the company to NASA. If the US space agency hadn’t backed the rocket-maker with a critical contract in 2008, the company likely would have failed.

    Moreover, SpaceX’s business model has been working with NASA to develop space vehicles like the Falcon 9 and Dragon that it can then offer to private customers. These public-private partnerships have saved money for the government while helping to create a surge in private space activity; they aren’t the result of an entrepreneur acting alone. Meanwhile, SpaceX sought and is still seeking $885 million in government funding to support broadband access in rural communities."
  • Cat #3
    Nézz utána, rengeteg közpénz van benne.
  • Omega
    Szerintem ez nem igaz, mert a legnagyobb megrendelője a Nasa.
  • AndReWsss
    Elképesztő ez a SpaceX...
    Nem ám közpénzből, full haténytalanul, gyakolratilag egy államigazgatás: hanem full piaci alapon működő ultra hatékony cég, MAGÁN pénzből.