A Fantasy Tavern Simulator by Greenheart Games
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    Tavern Keeper - a Game Dev Tycoon alkotóitól
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    When will Tavern Keeper come out?
    There is no estimate for a release date yet. We aim to get to a solid Beta stage some time in 2018. We will decide what form the Beta will take (open/closed) when we get closer to this milestone.

    What will the gameplay be like?
    At its core, Tavern Keeper is a business simulation management game. You don’t have direct control over any character. Instead, you lay out rooms, outfit them with items, hire staff and then manage their activities and workflows to make your tavern work. It is inspired by games like Theme Hospital and Startopia among others. The focus of Tavern Keeper is very much on the inside workings of a tavern; there is no dungeon crawling, no wars to fight and no armies to control.

    Can I get my hands on the game? I’d like to test/review/buy it!
    Sorry but the game is not available yet.

    Why are you taking so long?
    This is not an unusual time-frame for a game like this at all and we would rather deliver something worthwhile for you to enjoy, instead of rushing a mediocre experience. If you want to follow our journey please check out the twitter, facebook and newsletter options on our main page but if you prefer to be notified only when big news is announced, you can sign up to our company newsletter here.

    Will you do a Kickstarter?
    No, we don’t have plans for a Kickstarter.

    Is the game coming to Steam?
    Yes, once it’s battle-tested and ready.

    Will the game come out on mobile or consoles?

    Will the game run on Mac and Linux?
    Mac probably, Linux possibly, but we will have to wait and test this closer to a Beta stage.

    Will the game be available in my language?
    We will consider translations once we get closer to a release. We value the different cultures and languages around the world and would love to localize the game.

    Will there be modding support?
    Eventually, yes, but first we are focusing on getting to Beta and then we will re-assess whether modding support is best implemented before or after the initial release.
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    Gondolom sokaknak jó pár óra örömködést okozott a Game Dev Tycoon, nos ha minden igaz jövőre itt az új játéka a stúdiónak, ahol egy klasszikus fantasy kocsmát menedzselgetünk.

    Azoknak, akik nem akarnak várni, ott az Epic Tavern, ami már early accessben fent virít Steamen.

    A good tavern is the heart and soul of a community - a place for drama and intrigue, shoddy deals and outrageous meals. A place for peasants to relax, travellers to rest and heroes to plan their next daring adventure. But what of the unsung heroes of it all - the tavern keepers?

    In Tavern Keeper you manage a tavern, building, bartering, cooking and cleaning your way to success in a humorous fantasy world. Starting out with a shell of a tavern in the backwaters of the kingdom, you build rooms, place items, stock the larder and hire staff to satisfy the demands of the oddball locals and misfit heroes that stumble through your door. Run your business well and you’ll progress to larger taverns with more demanding patrons where you’ll need to expand your offerings to include new meals, drinks, rooms and services.

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