This Is The End
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    Hali! Szerintem a grafika miatt nem fognak rá sokan szavazni,mindenesetre én adok neki esélyt.7 Days is így kezdte
  • Norbertboy
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    Rövid kedvcsináló:

    This Is The End, is an ambitious Survival game set in a post epidemic world ravaged by disease. Your goal is survival. Team-up with friends or go it alone in this sandbox open world with a unique and very beautiful art style! The game is currently pre-alpha and we wanted to submit our concept to Steam Greenlit to get feedback on the overall idea. (The game IS in development)

    About us;
    We're a very small team with the goal to break into the industry providing quality, user-driven games. We hope to push this game into alpha and get officially greenlit for an early release! We're working 7 days a week to bring this game to everyone and hope it goes all the way!

    The Game;
    The game is called "This Is The End." which is only a placeholder name so you might see it released under a different name in the future.
    The world saw a mass decline of health due to disease and has near obliterated all life on Earth. You were one of the lucky ones. Your job is to survive, alone or with help!
    Challenges you face will be gathering food, building shelters, exploring our infinitely generated world and thriving in the world. Throwing some hostile items into the game makes the whole experience a nervy one and keeps the player on their toes.

    The game is still pre-alpha so of course the features that are complete are few and far between but we have developed some considerably great features thus far!

    - Terrain - Our own programmed and custom built terrain system is only a beta but it already allows for infinite generation of land, hills, trees and villages.
    - Resources - On the resource front you will need to thrive in order to constantly have weapons and other items at your disposal for when you need them. Tree harvesting, getting stone and food are all current possibilities with the idea to continually further this feature throughout the game.
    - Enemies - Wild dogs, NPCs, various other wildlife and unmentionables are all a risky business and will definitely prove so within the game.
    - Inventory, Weapon System - We've developed our own very in depth systems respectively, each taking time to master and become aquintated with.
    - Visual - Our game is already beautiful and that is a guarentee.
    - Multiplayer - Everything in Singleplayer will be even better with friends and a great multiplayer is one of our greater goals.