• Ironman2
    Még occsóbb lett! Most csak 2 euro! Ma estig!!!
  • lammaer
    Én ma kipróbáltam egy public szerveren. Aztán egyszer csak azt vettük észre a sráccal akivel játszottunk, hogy fejlesztőgyerek is csatlakozott a szerverre, aztán beszédbe elegyedett velünk. Mondta hogy benéz minden nyitott szervere hogy tetszik a játék, mi a véleméyünk, van e javaslatunk... beszélgettünk, aztán a végén megköszönte hogy játszunk a játékkal, és reméli hogy a jövőben is követni fogjuk a fejlődését.

    Szóval lelkesedés az tényleg van.

    Amúgy a koncepció nem rossz, bár a harcrendszer - ami fontos része a játéknak - elég bénácskára sikeredett...
    Utoljára szerkesztette: lammaer, 2019.09.07. 14:37:55
  • Ironman2
    Bocs,3.27 euro,már csak 2 napig,de most meg is veszem,mert megéri árban,aztán később majd tolom.
  • YMan
    Wow! Megnézem köszi!
  • Ironman2
    Megállás nélkül fejlesztik a játékot,nagyon lelkesek a fejlesztők,és most augusztusban is rengeteg tartalom,és frissítés jött hozzá!
    A build71-nél tartanak jelenleg,és most le van árazva 3.71 euróra a steamen.
  • YMan
    kurva jo szerintem, de nem mai gyerek
  • lammaer
    Early access és az a kérdés hogy MÉG játszik e vele valaki :)
  • YMan
    játszik még valaki vele?:)
  • Ironman2
    Most 60 százalékkal olcsóbb a játék a steamen
  • Ironman2
    Game Update 8: Version 0.6.0, Build 17382

    Lots of bug fixes (thanks to the community for finding and reporting these!)
    Lycor's spawner has been fixed - for realz
    Item spawners in villages have be tuned based on area
    Issues with rock colliders in center of the island
    Additional SFX for player
    Corpse moniker UI distance increased by 3X
    Ragnok drop no longer crashes game

    Bestiary now unlocked
    Something has been busy around the monolith as though preparing for something…
    Additional camps have been added to the map
    Old Ruins props have been removed and replaced with new versions that better fit the world
    Repair materials needed for weapons and armor have been rebalanced
    Players now react to taking damage and landing blows
    Rotation speed on structures increased by 75%

    Structures built by the player can now be destroyed and decay over time. Players will get back some of the components they put into the structure they destroy
    Durability – Defines how strong the structure
    Repair: How long a structure has (in game days) before it requires materials for repair

    AI system has been revamped
    Creatures now longer run into the water
    Creatures should no longer get stuck on objects
    Creatures will do a better job of attacking a player that is moving backwards
    Creature attack ranges have been tuned
    Proper animations are now being used for each creature (cycle through different attack animations making creatures look more unique)
    Forest Giant:
    New SFX added for Forest Giant Death
    Two new additional attacks
    Tortured Skeletons now come in two flavors (armed and unarmed)
    Armed versions will drop the weapons they carry
    Undead Furies have two new attack types
    Wolves have small and large bite attacks
    Hill Stalker general attack cool-down increased by 10%
    Dire Wolf damage increased by 10%
    Dire Wolf health increased from 60 to 75
    Dire Bears:
    Dire Bear now use multiple attacks
    Dire Bear damage reduced by 30%
    Special Creatures have been revamped:
    Ragnok textures have been updated with a new look to help him stand out among the other Tortured Skeletons
    Lycor textures have been updated with a new look to help him stand out among the Undead Furies.

    Small bushes can now be chopped with swords

    Rotted Oak Smasher (Ragnok's weapon):
    Rotted Oak Smasher texture updated
    Rotted Oak Smasher stats increased
    Savage Steel Cleaver:
    Damage increased to 40
    Durability damage increased to 380
    Golden Reaver:
    Damage increased to 50
    Durability damage increased to 430
    Flesh Ripper:
    Now uses correct model
    Flesh Ripper damage increased to 43
    Flesh Ripper durability increased to 400

    Dedicated threads for Feedback and Bug on the following topics:
    Demoltion System: Bugs & Feedback
    Creature AI System 2.0 - Bugs & Feedback!
    Decay System - Bugs & Feedback

    Utoljára szerkesztette: Ironman2, 2015.05.16. 13:56:05
  • Ironman2
    SPOILER! Kattints ide a szöveg elolvasásához!

    Savage Lands 0.5.0

    Repacked (extracted, ads deleted, installation leftovers deleted, redist deleted). Password: 9esferas.


  • Ironman2
    kezd érdekes lenni!
  • Ironman2
    Early Access Update #5: Version 0.4.0, Build 17082
    Game Update #5: Version 0.4.0, Build 17082

    An Important Note About PVP:
    Currently, the option for the Host to switch the server settings between Hostile and Friendly remains possible after a game has been hosted. We are very aware that this could present opportunities for griefing, and as such we will address this. Thank you for your understanding!

    PVP Added!
    Game Hosts can choose to set their servers to Friendly (Co-op) or Hostile (PvP)
    Player Sprint speed increased by 10%

    Art, Visual FX and UI:
    Reduced ambient volume on the Pike of Resurrection

    Lower quality ore can be smelted Into higher quality ore
    Pine Strong Box
    Slots increased to 30
    Medium Quality metal ore requirement changed to Low Quality ore
    Sinew material requirements changed to strong sinew
    Charcoal added to game
    Individual arrows can now be crafted.
    Flesh Wrapped Bag now uses correct icons
    Decayed flesh drop rates on skeletons have been reduced
    Cloth Shreds
    Drop rates on skeletons and in villages has been reduced
    Sundered Cotton can now be collected from plants in the world
    Cloth shreds can now be made from Sundered Cotton
    Reduce the amount of hits required to mine ore from larger rocks
    Coal now drops in stacks of 3
    New Buildable Items Added
    Banner of Conquest
    Wooden Crucifix
    Wooden Cage
    Weapon Rack

    Enemy creature spawners have been rebalanced in the areas of Argo.

    Start locations redesigned (now closer to each other)
    More camps added to the world
    Three giant rock pillars have been added to the west end and east end of the start locations. These signify players are leaving the borders of relative safety and heading out into more Savage lands
    Trees now catch on fire and burn
    Burned trees have will now drop charcoal

    Torches will now decay when dropped on the ground
    Armor and weapons now have piercing values
    Wolfsbane coal material requirement reduced
    Reckless Edge material requirement reduced
    Blackened Ebon Steel Sword
    Blackened Steel Sword renamed to Blackened Ebon Steel Sword
    Blackened Ebon Steel Sword set to rare
    Blackened Ebon Steel Sword damage increased from 24 to 32
    Blackened Ebon Steel Sword recipe material requirement rebalanced to compensate for changes to rarity
    Savage Ebon Steel Cleaver
    Savage Steel Cleaver renamed to Savage Ebon Steel Cleaver
    Savage Ebon Steel Cleaver damage increased from 36 to 38
    Savage Ebon Steel Cleaver durability increased from 350 to 360

  • fantomvampire
    majd tudsz dobni linket az ujabb javitott valtozathoz ? Version0.3.0,
  • Ironman2
    ja bocs,én is most szedtem le a legujabb 0.2.8 verziót
  • fantomvampire
    nemszoltam megtalaltam :D
  • fantomvampire
    hali valaki tud virag verziot ? :)
  • Toni85
    Ezzel a verzióval nagyon jó lett a játék.
  • Ironman2
    0.2.6 kijött!

    Early Access Game Updat 1: Version 0.2.6, Build 16625
    Lots of bug fixes (thanks to the community for finding and reporting these!)
    Frost fern will now properly spawn in ruined areas
    Props should no longer float in ruined areas
    Town Halls should no longer lose mat after logging off and back into the game
    The Forge in Argo should no longer trap players who jump on and slide off it
    Animation bugs have been slain which prevented armor pieces from rendering
    Fixed issue with torch not providing heat

    Additional Resolutions now supported: 3840x2160, 2560x1440, 2048x1152, 1680x945, 1536x864, 1440x810, 1400x1050, 1440x810, 1360x768, 1280x960, 1152x864 (Want to see more added? Make a request!)
    Trees/bushes have a chance to drop berries and nuts when chopped
    Torch duration increased by 50%
    Player base sprint time increased from 15 to 20 seconds
    Text has been updated for buildings in the Player journal
    Revamped fences and props in Argo

    Camp fires can now be re-lit and can also be refueled while active
    Recipe Components for Common and Uncommon armor have been rebalanced

    Deer health has been reduced making them easier to kill with starting weapons
    Female Deer health reduced by 10%
    Dire Bear health reduced by 20%
    Dire Bear bite and claw damage reduced by 30%
    Dire Wolf and Forest Stalker bite damage reduced by 20%
    Defiled Skeleton damage reduced by 20%
    Defiled Skeleton health reduced by 10%
    Tortured Skeleton damage reduced by 20%
    Undead Fury damage reduced by 20%

    Removed item decay from boots while sprinting
    Durability Increased for all leather armor by 30%
    Durability Increased for all chain/plate armor by 40%
    Weapon durability for all common/uncommon weapons increased by 40%
    Weapon durability for all rare weapons increased by 60%
    Barbed Skull Mace is now a rare weapon, damage increased
    Flesh Bound Hammer can now be used to mine rocks
    Savage Steel Cleaver can be used to cut trees
    Studded Iron Mace is now Uncommon
    Forged Obsidian Blade is now Uncommon
    Gloves, when equipped, now do additional damage to creatures in hand-to-hand combat

    Utoljára szerkesztette: Ironman2, 2015.03.12. 22:42:25
  • Ironman2
    Nagyon klassz,hogy nincs permament death,engem visszaspawnolt a házamhoz,de a cuccaim elvesztek.Kötelet nemtudom hogy kell csinálni,majd meglesem valahol.Házikóm tök jó lett
    Utoljára szerkesztette: Ironman2, 2015.03.08. 15:08:53
  • Ironman2
    Ja,és 6 nap múlva már jön a következő patch!
  • Ironman2
    Nekem is ez lesz a következő vétel! Nem szarakodok wirággal a multi miatt.8 embert birnak el a szerverek amúgy!
    SPOILER! Kattints ide a szöveg elolvasásához!

    másnak meg ott a mastercard!


    Utoljára szerkesztette: Ironman2, 2015.03.07. 13:49:14
  • Diopapa
    Jah, az AC: Unity kész volt és milyen szuper lett nem?
  • b-type
    Detto belemásztam, de nem vettem meg (még) ...összeraktam egy kökunyhót, levertem pár csontit, de vadászni még nem sikerült.
    ..pedig kellenének az ínak.
    A parton elkolbászolva belebotlottam egy elhagyott faluba, ott levertem 4 csontvázat, és találtam göncöt, kaját, meg kökapalácsot amivel tudtam követ csapkodni a kőböl :D (kicsit a nagyból)
    Találkoztam farkasokkal is, kemény volt..voltak négyen. Meg király a sárkány a sziklán...remélem ott marad.
    A kőkunyhó jó a hideg ellen (gondolom a fakunyhó is), megy felfelé a melegség, nem kell cseszkődni a tűzrakással.
  • Toni85
    Én is ki próbáltam és nem rossz játék multiban lenne jó játszani.
  • Ironman2
    Épül a kunyhóm,de jó kivágtam miatta jó pár fát:

  • Ironman2

  • Ironman2
    már most rohadt jó a játék,kipróbáltam,igaz inventory az kicsi,nagyon meg kell gondolni mit csinálunk,de hát egy szakadt felsőben,és gatyában mászkáló ember mit cipeljen annyit? könnyítés viszont hogy egy kőfejszét kapunk az elején,és némi almát is,vannak benne küldetések is hogy könnyű legyen beindulni.a forest rajongók örülni fognak,mert a craft könyvet,és menüt onnan koppintották egy az egyben
  • Ironman2
    elég baráti ára van steamen,most 40 százalékkal olcsóbb,és 13.75 euro
  • Ironman2
  • Ironman2
    Még megjelenés elött dobtak egy patchet!

    Alpha Patch #8: Version 0.2.3, Build 16539

    Broken props not showing up in the world
    Fire Pits now last 20% longer and provide 15% more heat
    Fixed bug with deer and wolf meat stack sizes
    Null crash related to spawers with conflicting creature types
    Heads no longer go missing when Leather Helmet is equipped
    Issues with day time sky cube horizon
    Removed debug weapons from world (You guys didn’t find them all! - Chris)

    Added new Updater timer and news ticker to main menu screen
    The Bestiary in the Player Journal has been changed to "Coming Soon"; this will be fleshed out properly in Early Access

    Art, Visual FX and UI:
    Additional UI Visual Improvements

    Compass recipe has been added for navigation

    Attack ranges have been readjusted (attacks have less of a chance to miss)
    Forest Giant:
    Has been retextured
    Loot table has be retuned
    Damage has been increased

    Utoljára szerkesztette: Ironman2, 2015.03.07. 00:13:18
  • lammaer
    Kéne má egy nem early access....
  • Ironman2
    Ismét egy early acces túlélőjáték,méghozzá a brutálisabb fajtából,a sziget ahova kerülünk tele van szörnyekkel,de inkább olvassátok el az eredeti szöveget,a játék ma jött ki,és a videó alapján nagyon jó lehet:
    Fejlesztő:Signal Studio and Digital DNA Games

    Savage Lands
    A játékról
    A New Land, A New Life
    Savage Lands is a gritty, brutal, first-person open-world fantasy survival game in which players have only one goal: Stay Alive. Explore a world where days and nights are spent slaughtering vicious creatures, gathering scarce resources, building shelter and crafting powerful weapons needed to survive. Every decision counts, because one mistake can lead to an unfortunate encounter with deaths cold embrace.
    Early Release Features
    Unforgiving Fantasy World – Savage Lands is bursting with a variety of twisted and hostile creatures ranging from the minuscule to gargantuan scattered throughout the island.
    Brutal Combat - Each encounter, regardless of size and power, has the potential to end fatally.
    Freedom to Explore– The world of Savage Lands is yours to explore with no restrictions.
    Robust Item Crafting - Almost limitless options to create unique armor, weapons, food, and more that will greatly increase your odds of survival.
    Intuitive Build System - Build unique fortifications sheltering you and your allies from the hostile creatures that roam the island.
    Day/Night Cycles – Many creatures walk the day, but take refuge from the night as the freezing cold is only one of many things that will tear away at your humanity.
    Advanced Creature AI– Every creature in Savage Lands will be powered by a unique AI system complete with line of sight, collision avoidance, situational awareness, and pack mentality designed to bring the world to life.
    Multiplayer – Fight alone or team up with other exiles, hoard crafted supplies and gear, and take refuge from the unforgiving environment. Be on guard, as those you think are friends can quickly turn to foe and loot your rotting corpse.
    Character Customization - Personalize your character with a variety of gear to create a one-of-a-kind look.
    Persistent Player Profile – Character data is persistent across all servers making it easy to play with friends.

    Steam oldala
    Utoljára szerkesztette: Ironman2, 2015.03.07. 00:11:36