Lex Mortis
  • Ironman2
    Szerintem ez inkább egy horror kalandjátéknak felel meg,mint kajagyüjtögetéses túlélüjátéknak
  • sirpalee
    Az nem indok arra, hogy minden szerencsétlen ilyet csináljon... Olyan dömping van belőle, mint 1 éve a zombis cuccokból. Sőt, ezek is ugyanarra, a DayZ-re épülnek, csak zombik nélkül, vagy más szörnyekkel... Ki kéne már találni valami újat.
  • lammaer
    Van ebből a kategóriából már olyan képviselő akit nem prealpha/alpha/early access?

    Tagadhatatlan hogy elég sok versenyző van, de sztem még egy sincs végleges állapotban...
  • sirpalee
    Open world, survival-horror game, micsoda kreativitás. Annyira eredeti, hogy azonnal meg is veszem.
  • Caliph
    aszfalton már kint is van
  • Ironman2
    CryEngine 3 van alatta!
  • Ironman2
    Game Features:
    A fully open world
    Multiple types of enemies
    A large variety of unique side quests
    Full Day-Night cycle
    Dynamic weather, including seasonal changes (From summer to winter)
    A plethora of animals, such as: fish, tutles, birds, butterflies, frogs, chickens, rats and snakes.
    Detailed urban and rural environment
    Summer-Winter changing
    Detailed indoor environment
    Interactive and usable items
    Inventory system
    A variety of melee and ranged weapons.
    Cars, a railway system and other vehicles
  • Ironman2
    Lex Mortis is an open-world horror game set on a fully explorable island.
    The game’s atmosphere is directly affected by the time of day. During the daytime you will study the island and it’s mysteries.
    But at night the enemies reveal themselves, and the worst nightmare becomes real!

    June 28, 2017, you return to your birthplace, Berdwood island, which is located in Northern Europe.
    After spending a night on the island, you will discover that there aren't any living people, despite the fact that the population of Berdwood is about 2000.
    You will stumble upon the frightening reality of what exactly happened to the inhabitants of Berdwood.
    Eventualy, you will get a difficult choice, which will influence on the fate of inhabitants of the island Berdwood.
    The game has two endings.

    Berdwood island is a fictional island, which is located in Northern Europe. Berdwood island is the site of action of the game's story.
    And you don't need to pass the main story as quickly as possible. The island is completely open from the beginning of the game, and it's filled with the history of its inhabitants. This island is quite big. It contains: forests, fields, abandoned villages, mines, mountains and more. There are also working vehicles which will help you to navigate faster through the island. You won't get bored!

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  • Ironman2
    Open world,survival,horror game,minden jóság benne van ebben az indie fejlesztésű játékban.Nem is tudom mit irjak róla,inkább nézzétek meg a videót:

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