Multiplatform Trading Card Game
  • Murmur
    "Viszont úgy tűnik, nincs valami nagy _magyar_ rajongói tábora. :/"
  • Murmur
    Pár hónapja találtam rá a játékra, játszottam vele egy kicsit, most megint előszedtem. Bejövős, a Magic mellett megfér. :) Viszont úgy tűnik, nincs valami nagy rajongói tábora. :/
    Lassan kiadják papír formában is. Valaki tervez venni belőle?
  • Dr Pina
  • F1ú
    Ahh, picsába, azt hittem bannolták shadowt
  • Ry0K3N
  • Ry0K3N
    Megláttam a topicot, mondom valami tuti TB-t néz xD
  • Ariakus
    Megnéztem a videót róla és teljesen korrekt játéknak tűnik és még csak nem is egy szimpla Magic the Gathering utánzat. Jó dolog , hogy a deckekért nem kell sokat fizetni.
  • Ams
    Shadow Era is an online, multiplayer, free to play collectible trading card game. It features deep strategy, easy gameplay, and gorgeous card art.


    amazing card art to rival even the top trading card games
    currently more than 100 cards and new cards being added constantly
    cross-platform multiplayer battles
    fantastic 3d graphics and special effects
    awesome custom soundtrack
    free to play, low cost to expand

    Game Design

    Shadow Era is influenced by several other trading card games, but strives to provide a unique blend that is both easy to learn and fun to play. The basis of the game design behind Shadow Era was to provide a system that avoids mid-turn interrupts that can greatly slow down multiplayer games when played online, while still allowing for deep strategy and surprises.

    Because a lot of people are excited about the potential of Shadow Era and it\'s shaping up to be a great game, there is a natural tendency to compare it to the top existing trading card games. For a more detailed comparison between Shadow Era, Magic: The Gathering and World of Warcraft TCG, please see the featured article, A closer look at Shadow Era.
    Cross Platform

    Whether you choose to play on the web right in your browser, or with your iPhone on the go, your game progress will carry over. Since the battles are designed to be quick, it\'s the perfect way for sneaking in some play time at work or during boring meetings.
    Active Development

    Shadow Era is available now, but development of the game is ongoing. We are constantly adding new cards and new features, and we rely on our active community to provide feedback and great suggestions.